Wish List

1. That all golfers sign in and get to meet our new staff this year.

2. That all golfers use the cart paths around the greens and tees so that the grass will not get compacted. If compacted the ground will not receive water very well, the grass will not grow as well and your golf ball will not set up as well.

3. That all golfers get to know each other well by using only 2 carts to a foursome or one cart for a twosome to reduce wear & tear on the course. 
4. That all golfers consider taking a lesson so that you have some idea why the ball is doing what its doing.
5. That golfers sign up for tournaments well in advance to help our staff be well prepared; making up 4-somes, tee assignments, figuring out meals with preorders, etc.
6. That all golfers will leave a wish list for this golf course. We will respond with; yes, we can do that or a reason why we can't do your request. Also leave a list of what you would like to see in the proshop, etc. 
7. Last but not least; that you are having a good time at this silly game.