Board Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 4:32 by President of Board Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer. Also attending was Pro Amy. Minutes of the previous meeting approved as written. Email voting for the clubhouse rental for Telford anniversary party at no charge, one time use by certificate holder was entered into the minutes.
Marshall reported he has a new email address and internet service provider. Board discussed changing the club to this provider (Starlink). Questions regarding price for business, referred to budget committee for more information. Tabled. Marshall will not take charge of September Friday Night Social he is out of town. Angie Hoffman CPA noted she needs the name of the donor of the $10,000 donation who helped fund an equipment purchase to finish the form 990 tax statement for 2020.
Miller submitted a grounds and equipment report which will become a part of the minutes. He cleaned the irrigation screen and stressed the need to keep it checked and cleaned in the future.
Anderson reported he had repaired the mobile home door, Pence did not want the new solid door installed. He has the materials to repair the damage to the buildings from the wind storm, it should take a couple of days to do the project. He has reviewed the insurance claim and payments of $26,898.19 and recommends the checks received be deposited. He will contact Precision Electric to check on electrical problem in the mobile home and secure the thermostat in the clubhouse.
The shop financial was reviewed.
Glow Ball tournament will proceed for Friday September 17th. Member-Member tournament is scheduled Sunday September 19th for 18 teams.
Miller made a motion on November 11th allow Veterans play with greens fees not collected for 18 holes. Thayer seconded. Motion carried.
The financial and membership report were reviewed and discussed. The tiered rate structure appears to be growing the club and encouraging younger players as was intended. The tiered membership structure has also allowed the club to remain on budget.
Melissa Tarwick has been hired to work with James on grounds she is learning the game of golf and her new job and appears to like both.
Pro Amy reported problems with members starting on other holes, without permission. She suggested warning letters sent to specific members. Anderson made a motion letters be sent. Gallagher seconded. Miller suggested the motion be amended to send letters to all members. Motion carried. Miller would write the letter for the Board to sign and will go to all members regarding protocol on Thursday, and starting with holes other than #1.
Board discussed the Certificate holders meeting for election of officers. All current directors agreed to continue. Miller will write a letter for the President to sign notifying certificate holders of the meeting to be held October 10th at 1:00. Email nominations and voting will be accepted and must be received on or before the meeting. A quorum must be received for action.
Marshall will contact cover/course for a bid on insurance before the budget meeting.
Quick books set-up discussed. Thayer reported Janet was building a spreadsheet that would allow for GGC ledger to be compiled. Marshall reported Angie Hoffman CPA has concerns regarding the transition. Referred Thayer to talk with her. It is still the Boards direction that the pro shop and club financials will be run on Quickbooks.
Lorton bench, Legacy bench, Mower muffler were all tabled.
Treasury allocations were discussed. Anderson reported the check has been processed. Custody of the bitcoin will comprise of a 2 of 3 multi-sig solution. Two board members will be in control of two hardware wallets and a trusted third party custodian will hold the other wallet. Marshall recommends the safety deposit box at Umpqua Bank as an appropriate place to secure the wallets.
Miller reported Jason Bischoff, of Les Schwab was able to remove the rough mower blades with the use of the air wrench. They had been installed without the use of Never Seize grease and were very difficult to remove. Miller made a motion we use Thank you certificates and give them to Les Schwab Tire Company for use of play including use of carts. Motion seconded. Carried. Referred to Pro Amy.
Next scheduled meeting will be Sunday October 10th at 1:00.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30.
Sherrye Morrison
JUNE 14, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:33 by President Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, and Thayer. Also attending was Pro Amy. The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.
Ben Rising submitted a rental agreement and $200 check and requested to rent the club house for a graduation party June 19th. The agreement was reviewed and needs to have no alcohol will be served added or proof of liquor liability insurance and signed before the rental. Miller made a motion to allow the rental. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Amy was given a copy of the current rental agreement to enter into the computer.
A letter was read from Juli Rising requesting to hold the cross country meet at the golf course on October 21, 2021. No dinner will be served. Miller made a motion to close the course at 2:00 and allow the meet. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Miller submitted a written grounds report to add to the minutes. He asked for authorization to allow Richard McCulley to have the surplus blade no objection. Misc. screws and parts need to be ordered to have on hand for the rough mower.
The shop financial report was reviewed. There was discussion on the cart rental fleet, options are being reviewed and will be presented when confirmed. Thayer suggested the 50/50 be held tonight and in the future be a part of the tournament events.
The Fiesta and Glow Ball Tournaments were well attended. The Lowell Erland Tournament summary was presented for review showing 70 players and $4221 added to the scholarship fund. 2021 scholarship recipients were Olivia Erland and Nick McKune each receiving $1000. The US Open Tournament will be June 19th. The Dalles won the Columbia Cup.
The financial and membership report were reviewed and discussed.
The website has been updated and 500 advertising cards were designed with the help of Matt Anderson and Nancy Mains, cards were printed with monies from the lodging tax grant.
New employee Elizabeth Fullmer has been hired to work the shop and grounds. Dema Thayer and Felicity Mains are no longer working. Board authorized the purchase of a battery operated weed eater, referred to Matt Anderson to buy. Extra $15 fee added to GHIN for non-members will be reviewed during the budget process.
Thayer reported the wood carver he was thinking about for the #9 stump is out of business. He did remove 2 dead trees and ground the stumps.
The placement for the Frank Lorton granite bench has been selected and flagged between the road and #3 tee box.

The bunker on #8 was discussed. Consensus was to fill it in with top soil and make a grass bunker.
Insurance claim has been approved and a check will arrive soon.
Cover Course, profit sharing, quick books, attic ducting, legacy bench all were tabled.
The board discussed treasury allocations. Miller made a motion Anderson be authorized to work with a broker to purchase Bitcoins and hold, in trust , 30% of the treasury allocation in bitcoin in the name of Goldendale Golf Club Inc. Gallagher seconded. Marshall asked three times, is there more discussion. Motion carried.
Ray Thayer name was drawn by Amy for the 50/50 raffle winning $141 and equipment fund $141.
The next scheduled meeting will be July 19th at 5:30. Miller will take minutes.

Sherrye Morrison
March 16, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order by President Rich Marshall at 5:01. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, and Thayer, Pro Amy, Bob Turner, and Ted Wilkins.
The minutes of the February meeting were approved by email and posted.
Ted Wilkins requested approval for the location and installation of the granite tee marker map of hole #14. Miller made a motion Wilkins can proceed with installing the granite. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Wilkins Families will be billed the $100 next year for 2022 advertising.
Bob Turner addressed the board regarding conflict resolution for an incident in 2021. Resolved and mutually moving forward.
Leah Lewis and Justin Fields presented a rental agreement for July 10, 2021 and check for $900 they want to have the course closed from 3-9 and will set up and clean-up before and after those hours. Anderson made a motion to allow the rental. Deposit check and liquor liability insurance need to be received before the rental. Thayer seconded. Motion carried.
The dedicated funds CD's will mature March 21, 2021 with 10 days to either move the monies or roll over the CD at an interest rate of 0.15% for one year. The board discussed options. Anderson made a motion the funds be moved over to the money market account at Columbia Bank. Thayer seconded. Motion carried. Referred to Anderson to present treasury allocations, at the next meeting.
Jodi Bellamy cancelled July 31, 2021 clubhouse rental request.
Authorization was given to the Men's club to start up the hot dog machine.
Donna Silen questioned the single membership fee only being $15 less. She was billed at the single rate.
Black tie and Blue jeans requested to rent the clubhouse for $300 for a fundraiser event on July 31, 2021 or Sept. 18, 2021. Miller made a motion to save those dates. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Rental agreement, liquor liability insurance, and checks need to be received for action.
Ted Anderson voiced concern regarding winter play and winter course condition. Referred to Miller.
Miller reported he will be planting 2 Norway Spruce trees and roping off and reseeding areas near greens on #1 and #2. He rerouted water, to the drains on #9 underground pooling problem. The out of bounds stakes along the ditch on #1 were discussed. It will become a red line penalty area. The rough mower needs a new battery. Battery cables need to be removed in fall to prevent draining the battery. The reels have been put back on mowers and adjusted thanks to Anderson. It is recommended the rotary reels be swapped and sharpened every other month. The pump restart and filter were referred to Miller.
Thayer reported there is no Pro Shop financial ready for this meeting he has talked with Angie Hoffman and will work with her on adopting a simpler profit sharing formula. The quick books project is moving forward.
Anderson reported a new front door needs to be purchased for the mobile home. Board authorized the expense. The tournament and event schedule is ready to be posted. Thanks to Bob Moco for installing new floor protectors on the chairs.
The club financial report was reviewed and membership report shows 24 people have not paid or made payment arrangements. This will be reviewed at the April meeting.
Pro Amy suggested a legacy member of 40 years be honored with a dinner and gift basket. Board agreed. Garbage collection issue has been resolved with Republic Services. $55 fee for non- member GHIN discussed. No change . Merchandise display racks not is use will be disposed. Music for Friday night socials discussed. The liability waiver for rental carts and maintenance records are being implemented. Verticutting and top dressing the greens monthly will be the plan for controlling the thatch in the greens. #8 sand trap needs to be assessed repair or remove. Marty Hudson will be contacted for weed spraying fairy ring and dandelions. Gary Hackett will clean up and repair bench on #6 if brought to clubhouse.
Miller reported on the accounting session meeting.
Surplus equipment tabled.
Pro Amy contract signed and filed
Pro shop heating and cooling, tabled.
The next meeting will be Monday April 19, 2021 at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

Sherrye Morrison
FEBRUARY 15, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:30 by President Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, Thayer, and Gallagher by phone. Pro Amy Wilson attended by phone. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
Rob Rising notified the Board he will not be joining this year and will surrender his certificate. Anderson made a motion to redeem certificate 223 and issue Rising $500. Miller seconded. Motion carried.
The high school wants verification the Erland Scholarship will be given 2021 and no changes are needed in the application or deadline for applying. Board authorized the application process to proceed as previous years.
Moco email report and requests were reviewed.
Thayer reported David Enwards will not be joining this year. Bob Hutton was authorized the remove the fallen tree behind the carthouses.
Miller presented a prioritized list of grounds improvements showing 22 items he would like to see completed. Fairway mower needs to have all four reels replaced approx. cost will be $1490. All reels sharpened and new should be delivered by March 1. When the snow is gone Miller recommends the greens go back to one hole and the temporary tee boxes moved to the established tee boxes.
Thayer reported he has not received a Pro Shop year- end financial report.
Anderson reported a possible issue with the electrical panel box in the mobile home. Jim Pence will begin paying rent Feb. 1, 2021 and Thayer will see that the power has been transferred to Pence. The draft event schedule has been completed when dates are confirmed it will be published.
The financial statement was reviewed. 42 members have paid in full, 2 are making payments.
Guild Golf Carts and Equipment solicited our business. Referred to Pro Amy.
Marshall reported Gorge Magazine requested the club advertise in the 2021 issue for $169.25. Miller made a motion the ad be authorized. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.
Pro Amy reported Mike Grady, Janet Smith, James Williams, and Dema Thayer will be hired at $13.70 per hour. Grady, Williams, and Thayer to begin March l. Steering arm was replaced in rental cart for $177.21. She is working on the implementation of liability sign in and out, with inspection for rental carts.
Miller and Anderson are working on getting a list of surplus equipment to get rid of.
Marshall reported he has completed Pro Amy contract and it will be signed February 16, 2021. Hoffman was consulted set up looks good.
Bonus incentives were discussed. Tabled.
Board discussed posting the agenda and meeting minutes. Consensus was to put the agenda out a week before the meeting. Minutes will be approved a week after the meeting. You may be added to the agenda by contacting the Board President with your topic, five minutes will be allowed for discussion. Marshall will take charge of posting either, on web or bulletin board. The web site has not been updated. Anderson offered to have Lucus Anderson work on it.
Marshall recommended e-mail voting be reported on the agenda after correspondence. Items approved by e-mail this month were emergency repairs for the mobile home and authorization for $1490 for mower reels.
Miller recommends March 1 a course evaluation with employees, noting areas of concern fir cones, wet areas etc.
Miller and Thayer will work on heating and cooling system for the Pro Shop. The $1000.00 spent on electricity for December and January is a concern.
Miller made a motion the high school golf team not be charged for club storage. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Profit sharing referred to Thayer. Tabled.
Quick books set-up referred to Thayer. Tabled.
Northwest Golf play books were reviewed, possible use as incentives and promotion.
Next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday March 16, 2021 at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25.

Sherrye Morrison
January 10, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 4:35 by President of the Board Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher (by phone), Miller, and Thayer. Also attending was Pro Amy Wilson. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
Marshall called for nominations of officers for President and Vice President. Miller made a motion Marshall continue as President and Miller continue as Vice President. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Anderson made a motion Sherrye Morrison be the Secretary Treasurer. Miller seconded. Motion carried.
Jodi Bellamy requested to rent the club house for a memorial service for Doug Green on January 16, 2021. Marshall approved. Bellamy withdrew the request.
Marshall made committee appointments: Grounds Gallagher and Miller
Equipment Miller
Financial Thayer
Buildings Anderson
Tournaments/Events Anderson and Thayer
Board discussed the minimum wage increase to $13.69 for 2021. Miller made a motion the minimum wage for club employees will be $13.70. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. Bonus incentives will be discussed at the Feb. meeting.
The dues statements will be mailed with a President letter on Tuesday January 12, 2021.
Miller reported the original estimate for sharpening the reels was increased by $400 because the reels were so dirty and had not been maintained. They have been paid and will be delivered before Feb. 15 opening date.
Miller made a motion the check signers at the bank will remain the same. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.
The depreciation schedule for equipment was referred to Miller for recommendations on what should be disposed of.
Anderson reported Jim and Shirley Pence will be renting the mobile home on a month to month basis. The rental agreement has been prepared and will be signed soon. The PUD will be notified to transfer the power.
Miller reported a problem with purchasing. He recommends the policy ADM 10 be changed. Authorization must be received before the purchase is made. The invoice must be signed and detail of which piece of equipment the part is for noted on the invoice. Thayer made a motion the policy read Grounds Employees making purchases for the club must have approval by the Pro or Board President. Pro or President can approve up to $500. Board must approve amounts over $500. Miller seconded. Motion carried.
Amy’s contract was discussed. Miller made a motion Marshall be authorized to make corrections concerning wage, profit sharing and dates for a one year contract. Contract will be ready to sign February 15, 2021. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Thayer reported accounting records need to be taken to the Hoffman and Company soon. Sherrye reported all club maintenance and operations records have been delivered. Shop records need to go. Marshall would like the Board included in a work shop concerning the quick books set-up.
Marshall will see that meeting minutes are published after they have Board approval.
Next meeting will be February 15, 2021 at 4:00.

Sherrye Morrison
January 10, 2021
The annual budget meeting was called to order at 4:00 by President Rich Marshall. Board members in attendance were Matt Anderson, Jeff Thayer, Pat Gallagher (by phone), and Doug Miller. There was a quorum of 25, 11 by confirmed e-mail and vote and 14 at the clubhouse. The membership report shows 100 members, 12 out of area, 4 student and 2 social. 79 of the 89 carthouses are rented.
Betty Zesiger made a motion to hold a moment of silent for Bruce Holcomb. Tim Furlong seconded. Motion carried. All was quite.
Art Mains made a motion the budget and financial statement be accepted and approved as presented. Chris Barthlow seconded. Bob Moco requested explanation of line items in income. Bob Turner questioned labor expense increase in the budget. Mains called for the question. Moco continued questioning: regarding PGA dues, grounds labor, equipment and maintenance. Miller explained the budget was well thought out before it was presented. Mains called for the question again. Motion carried.
President Marshall opened the floor for nominations of 2 director positions those held by Pat Gallagher and Jeff Thayer. Gallagher and Thayer both will accept nomination. Moco made a motion to nominate Gallagher and Thayer. Turner seconded. Motion carried. Marshall called for other nominations. There were none. Gallagher and Thayer were elected to continue their board positions.
Comments from the floor started with Marshall. With the crazy year of Covid regulations he was astonished with the good results and expects 2021 to be even better. Other comments were concerning the mobile home and costs with updating and maintenance. Work parties will be called for the buildings and grounds and help will be appreciated, general thank you to the Board and Pro Amy.
The meeting was adjourned 4:20.

Sherrye Morrison
September 13, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:00. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, Thayer and Pro Wilson by phone. The minutes of the previous meeting were corrected to add the designation of Toro mowers, they are Greens, Fairway, Rough, and Verti-cutter/Roller. The minutes were approved with addition.
Thank you notes from the Erland Scholarship recipients were presented.
President Marshall has reports of building lights being left on and encourages members to make sure they are turned off when leaving. Two items from the executive meeting will be added to the new business on the agenda.
The carthouse list was reviewed showing 9 open units available for rental if cleaned out. Tires on some of the carts was discussed. Pro Wilson has not seen any problems and will continue to monitor.
Pro Wilson reported the irrigation system continues to be a problem Miller is hand mowing areas because of drainage issues. Three pieces of equipment were down but have been repaired by James. The verticutt reels had to be switched to the John Deere mower, she recommends Jason Bischoff look at the Toro verticutt/roller mower.
Thayer reported the shop financial report will be e-mailed and he is expecting a good report. The revised event schedule has been sent out showing the dates for US Open, Kiwanis, and Erland Scholarship Tournaments.
The budget income and expense statement was reviewed showing a checking account balance $54,111.21. Membership report shows 101 members and 12 out of area members with only $85 past due at this time.
Pro Wilson reported the kozzies and shoes are selling well. The outdoor adventures program for juniors is starting. Lisa Whalley did not work out and is no longer an employee. The year- end maintenance will be completed without hiring another person.
There were ten cats on the trailer porch on Thursday, referred to Pro Wilson to give them away.
The Erland Scholarship Tournament was discussed. Safety of players will be a priority with social distancing in effect and precautions taking for serving the lunch and the silent auction.
Marshall thanked the men's club for repairing and remolding the bar-b-que he would like cigarette disposal containers used and not the bar-b-que. Miller made a motion to purchase two containers for cigarette disposal. Thayer seconded. Motion carried. Referred to Pro for purchase.
Concrete sand storage bunkers tabled. Tree policy given to Miller and will be taken of the agenda.
Thayer recommended a safe be purchased. Referred to Thayer to research options and costs.
Thayer recommends the club be doing financial accounting at the club using the club software and computer. Work sessions will be scheduled with Angie Hoffman, CPA to help with the best way to accomplish this.
A letter of reprimand will be finalized signed by the board and delivered by Marshall and Miller.
Thayer made a motion the board adopt the drafted Code of Conduct as presented into the policies. Miller seconded. Motion carried.
Next scheduled meeting will be October 19 at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 6:05.
Meeting reconvened at 6:13.
The certificate holders meeting October 4th for election of new board was discussed. Miller made a motion this meeting should be cancelled. New board members will be elected at the January 10, 2021 budget meeting. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried. Certificate holders will be notified by email or mail concerning this change. Two positions will be up for election they are Gallagher and Thayer.
Meeting adjourned at 6:15.

Sherrye Morrison
July 13, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:00 by President of Board Rich Marshall those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller,Thayer and Pro Wilson by phone. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
Rentals for Mains and Hedges/Kayser were discussed. Consensus was rentals will be allowed if in compliances with the state mandates regarding gatherings.
A memo from John Lee was read regarding the Pete Lee Mentoring Fund CD. It will be renewed for one year at 0.03 percent interest.
Brad Fahlenkamp requested to join as a half year family membership this year with plans to continue his membership in 2021. Miller made a motion the request be granted with the understanding he will pay full membership in the future. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Anderson reported the back storm door was damaged beyond repair and removed. The door was repaired and no plans to replace the storm door.
Miller reported the drain project on #9 was fantastic with board volunteers working quickly to complete the project timely and members considerate, causing few disruptions. Miller recommends the entrance be made wider so large vicheles can enter and exit safely he will move the red rock and boulders over to allow safer access. He reported it appears valves and sprinklers are being changed by someone besides employees this will be monitored. The gator and ATV have starter problems Bert Oswald has been contacted to look at them. A written equipment report will be submitted later.
Thayer reported on the shop financial report and feels it is in good shape. Inventory is turning and sales are increasing.
Anderson reported The Fiesta Tournament had 16 teams with a payout to 10 teams, this was well received. The tournament was very well run. The Club Championship is coming up July 18-19 and will have a Men's, Ladies, and Senior division. Deadlines for tournament entry are making it possible to plan and proceed with organization. The Member Guest entry form will be out next week.
The semi- annual financial report was reviewed showing income $130,215.84 and expenses $102,784.47 leaving a month end balance $49,336.97. Budget proposal looks achievable. Membership is 97 playing members, 10 out of area, and 4 students. Balance due for 6 members were reported.
Pro Wilson reported JR.Camp has 25 students the last day will be July 28th. Thanks to the volunteers for helping and Darren Hoffman for donating pizza for the year end party. This was a very successful program.
Pro Wilson reported Austin Miranda has quit and Lisa Whalley has been hired.
Mobile home rental agreement needs to be signed ASAP. Referred to Anderson and Wilson.
Anderson made a motion the policy amendments/additions as presented be approved. Thayer seconded. Motion carried. Referred to Anderson and Wilson to update the policies.
The PUD bill including the mobile home was approved for payment. The rental agreement will reflect the electric meter for 1903 North Columbus, must be in the name of the tenant.
The Erland CD matures July 19th the monies will be deposited into the Erland Savings Account showing the amount on a separate line item.
Miller suggested the tree policy be reviewed. Tabled for next meeting.
Miller made a motion the $75 initiation fee be removed from the fee schedule. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.
Code of conduct and action for members was discussed. Referred to Marshall.
Next scheduled meeting will be Sunday August 9th at 5:00. Meeting adjourned 6:20.

Sherrrye Morrison
JUNE 15, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:01 by President Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, and Thayer and Pro Amy Wilson. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as corrected.
A letter from Sally Lemley was read consensus was when Ray Lemley retires in September he may pay prorated dues for 2020 or green fees. He plans to be a playing member in 2021.
Anderson reported he had inspected and did a few things to get the mobile home ready for Austin Marinda to rent. Joel Patterson is rebuilding the brick Bar-B-Que on the patio, the Men's Club will be paying for the project.
Miller reported the irrigation system had failed and was repaired by G & L Construction and Firwood Cont. for $2,180.84. It is working now but there is potential for problems again. Miller recommends a permanent support system and HDP pipe be installed in the fall for a long term fix to the problem. Miller and Dema Thayer are installing new drains #4 now and several other places on the golf course need attention. He is evaluating how and when to do the projects to minimize disruption to the playability of the course. There are continuing problems with the equipment, he will be taking a bent reel from the fairway mower to Portland for repair appox $900. Hydraulic motors have been ordered for the green roller.
The tree replacement offered by the Beyerlin's near the #4 tee box was discussed. Consensus was with the issues of drainage, mowing, and maintenance that is not a good placement for another tree. Referred to Miller, to discuss this with the Beyerlin's.
Thayer reported he has very good communication with Pro Wilson and is watching the numbers and making comparisons this is a very different year because of closures and he thinks we are on the right path. Anderson recommends the Board be thinking of a contingence plan if more closures occur and the budget falls short.
Pro Wilson reported the Match Play tournament results, Jonas Keys was the winner, Jeff Thayer second, and Rich Holycross third. Upcoming events are the going away party for Brandy Jensen and Kickoff Breakfast and Tournament.
The Erland Scholarship recipients were announced they are Abby Hedges, Andrew Ihrig, Cameron Mains, Delaney Peters, and Ellie Rising they will each receive $400 scholarship.
The financial report was reviewed. Membership report shows 98 members, with 5 of those still not confirmed. Budget was based on 105 members.
Pro Wilson reported Nikki Hall has a new job and she will be hiring Mark Felderman to replace her and Austin Marinda has been hired to replace Brandy Jensen they will be paid $13.50 per hour.
Green fee play on Thursday was discussed consensus was this should be left at the Pro's discretion.
Pro Wilson presented several language changes to current policies regarding membership. In general, this is a restructure of dues for the promotion of golf. Board discussed proposals including a new Intermediate Resident. Several criteria regarding age and price were discussed. It was recommended the details of the amendments and additions be finalized and presented for action.
Pro Wilson recommends the problems regarding irrigation be addressed efficiently and quickly areas of concern are #5, #8, and #9. Referred to Miller to plan for materials and sod cutter. Wilson recommends the equipment problems be addressed by having a certified Toro technician come and inspect and evaluate the current condition of equipment and recommend a maintenance schedule. Referred to Wilson to get a cost for evaluation.
Anderson will get a rental agreement for the mobile home to be signed by Austin Marinda. He has paid a $200 deposit and $700 rent for June.
The party for Brandy will be a potluck on Friday June 19. The Kickoff Breakfast will be Saturday June 20. Board members will cook starting at 7:00 breakfast served at 7:30. Sherrye will have food and set-up ready.
Concrete sand storage bunkers was tabled.
Miller made a motion the equipment CD for $ 4,958.24 which matures 6-21-20 be deposited in the checking account and used towards the purchase of the new rough mower. Thayer seconded. Motion carried.
Miller made a motion the Erland CD for $626.76 which matures 6-18-20 be deposited in the Erland saving account. Thayer seconded. Motion carried.
Miller reported Ted Wilkins will be purchasing a marker for hole #14. Miller will arrange for the standard and concrete pad.
Miller recommends the mobile home be winterized if it will be rented in the winter months.
Miller wrote a letter of recommendation for Brandy Jensen.
Next scheduled meeting will be July 20 at 5:00. Meeting adjourned at 7:20.

Sherrye Morrison
May 18, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:30 by President of the Board Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, and Thayer. Also attending was Pro Amy Wilson. Miller made a motion the minutes of the February 17 and May 2 meetings be approved as written. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Mains change of rental date to Friday July 31 was approved. Kayser rental date July 11 was cancelled. Allison Coons rental date of July 25 will be approved after receipt of rental agreement and payments.
Anderson will check on the corner of the Pro Shop roof, it appears to be lifting.
Miller reported the GM4300-D 44HP rough mower with approx. 1900 hours has been delivered and tested. Purchase price was $22000.00 plus $1540.00 sales tax which has been paid in full. He recommends the mowing height be raised to 2 inches.
Thayer reported the shop has been open for 2 weeks and is running smoothly. Pro Wilson is doing a great job communicating with members. The Events Schedule is ready with many tentative dates but will posted. Match Play Tournament has 14 participants and is in progress.
Miller reported he is working on a proposal for the tree replacement, between #3 fairway and #4 tee box area.
Anderson reported the Lowell Erland Scholarship committee has selected five Goldendale High School seniors to receive scholarships and those names have been forwarded to the high school for announcement at graduation.
The membership report shows 17 members have not paid or made arrangements at this time.
Aaron Oldenberg, has moved to Glenwood, and is requesting to pay out of area dues and keep his carthouse. Since we have open carthouses at this time the request was approved.
Pro Wilson reported she has been in contact with KVH wellness program director and will provide golf programs to their employees and the program in general. She has been reviewing employment applications and interviewing, she has a potential replacement for Brandy's position. Wilson has located the patio TV and will contact dish for a quote to receive the golf channel.
Marshall would like to evaluate Pro Wilson and review the employment agreement. All board members are impressed with the excellent job she is doing and gave her high marks. Anderson made a motion the date of the agreement be extended through the 2021 season. Thayer seconded. Motion carried. Thayer made a motion the profit sharing margin amount of $16,000 be reflected in the agreement and the profit sharing calculation. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Polices for Clubhouse use by Certificate Holders and Goldendale High School Team Events were reviewed. Anderson made a motion these policies be adopted. Thayer seconded. Motion carried.
Kick-off breakfast scheduled for June 20th. Work day scheduled in fall with date to be announced.
Mobile home tabled.
Marshall reported monies were available for the purchase of the new mower without incurring a penalty by cashing the CD, dedicated funds for equipment, early.
A $10,000 anonymous donation for equipment fund was received. Board discussed 501c-7 status which does not allow the donor to get a tax benefit. Questions were raised concerning whether the charter should be changed. Consensus was further information needed before discussion. Tabled.
Tee box adoption referred to Wilson for recommendation.
Board approved the project for concrete sand bunkers. Referred to Anderson and Miller.
Wilson reported the club and employees are in compliance with the Covid regulations some members are not. She recommends if fines are incurred those members will be responsible for their fines.
The wrestling banquet was cancelled the monies will be refunded for the rental.
Miller reported with all the community events being cancelled this could be a good opportunity for promotion of the golf course.
Next scheduled meeting will be June 15 at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30.

Sherrye Morrison
December 14, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:01 those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, Thayer and Gallagher via phone. Also in attendance were Bob Moco, Janet Smith and Pro Wilson. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
Marshall reported Moco has concerns regarding posting of minutes on the web site, garbage pick-up, course condition regarding marking.
Sherrye reported Republic service had been notified to discontinue service and will issue an $89 credit for miscommunication. Verbal communication with Jim Pence was referred to Marshall and Anderson.
Miller reported Tina Larson requested a dues refund for 2020 because of health reasons Olaf and Tina were not able to play. At the September 2019 meeting the board authorized a $325 credit towards 2020 dues. The Larson's were billed $705 for 2020. Miller made a motion to reimburse Larson $705. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.
Anderson submitted a bill for domain name and web service for $236.31. Approved. Jim and Shirley Pence requested to rent the mobile home while there new house is being built starting in January 2021 for $700 per month on a month to month basis. Anderson reported the flooring needs replaced. Gary Denny Flooring gave him a quote for $4500 for LVT. Anderson made a motion the Pence's may rent the mobile home as is for $700 per month on a month to month basis with the Pence's responsible for electricity and garbage. Thayer seconded. Motion carried.
Anderson reported cart house # H-1 rented by Chuck Thomas has an issue with the roll-up door and ordering a new custom size door would be over $1300. He recommends a different door be installed and Thomas given the option of moving to one of the other 9 carthouse that are open until repaired. Referred to Anderson . Anderson will order LED replacement bulbs for the clubhouse.
Miller reported the reels will have a spin grind and should be ready and billed by year- end, the estimated cost is $3,500. The fertilizer has been billed and scheduled for delivery next week. A new self- cleaning screen and filter for the pump with blue tooth monitor has been donated. To install the new system will require about $1000 in extra parts. Board will need to decide which type of greens sprinkler should be installed. Tabled. Referred to Miller.
Thayer reported the shop financial shows a net profit of $23,000. 16 players participated in the Iceberg Open and he has begun work on the 2021 schedule.
The budget was reviewed. Anderson made a motion the tax credit monies be deposited in the money market account $6000, Equipment and Irrigation fund each to receive $3000. Thayer seconded. Motion carried.
Pro Wilson reported winter green fees $180 have been deposited. Credit on the books will either be spent or donated to junior golf before year-end. Employee Christmas party was paid for by the shop and evaluations have been completed.
Concrete storage bunkers tabled.
Thayer reported he had talked with Angie Hoffman, CPA regarding the transition to electronic accounting. She will do the set-up if she has the information in early January 2021 and will train on how to implement the process. Developing the correct process and training are keys to the success of the transition according to Gallagher. Some discussion on time line, Janet and Sherrye are both gone in January. The plan is move forward.
Thayer made a motion to present the proposed fee schedule and budget to the certificate holders for approval. Miller seconded. Motion carried.
Board discussed sending a letter and estimated year-end financial statement along with the budget and ballot for voting on the budget and director positions to the certificate holders via e-mail. 18 certificate holders will be required for a quorum at the January 10th meeting. Certificate holders will be allowed to vote only once either by e-mail or at the meeting. Sending e-mail and tracking voting were referred to Marshall.
Next scheduled meeting will be Sunday January 10, 2021 at 4:00 for the annual certificate holders budget meeting with board meeting to follow.
Meeting adjourned 6:55.

Sherrye Morrison
November 16, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:08 by President Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, and Thayer and Pro Wilson. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
A $300 donation was received from Butch and Nancy Beyerlin for the purchase of five trees on hole #5, three pines and two spruces which have been planted, mulched, and fenced.
A $6210.95 tax credit from the seconded quarter 941, employers tax, was received from the CARES employee retention program. The monies will be split between the dedicated equipment and irrigation funds.
Anderson reported the mobile home has been winterized and the breaker will be turned off. When gutter tape needs to be turned on power will come from the carthouses or clubhouse. He reported the trailer needs updating with carpet, vinyl, and paint before it can be rented. The expense needs to be researched before a decision is made to have the work done.
Miller reported eleven reels are at Western Equipment for reconditioning they plan to have this completed by year end. The projected fertilizer order is due this week for approval and should be billed by Dec. 31.
Thayer reported the Pro Shop continues to report good profit numbers. The profit sharing for 2020 is on schedule to be done as soon as year- end is complete.
The membership and financial report through October was reviewed.
Marshall reported on the executive session November 4th for the evaluation of Pro Wilson. The board gave her glory and praise saying she had exceeded expectations in every area and will continue next year. Wilson response there is always room for improvement.
Marshall presented the letter of reprimand for the communication file.
Concrete sand storage bunkers tabled. Safe option referred to Wilson. Work session for accounting tabled, Thayer will meet with Angie Hoffman and set a time line and report at the next meeting.
Wilson reported carts and equipment have been winterized and fuel additive added to the tanks.
Miller reported new business for January should include surplus equipment. Decisions and evaluation on what we use and keep versus sell or junk needs to be done and offering Pro Wilson long term contract.
Anderson spoke with Brad and Greg Fahlenkamp regarding the adjoining boundaries they have no intention of changing what now exists.
Anderson made a motion $75 bonus checks be issued to Morrison, Smith, Thayer, Williams, and Wilson. Miller seconded. Motion carried. Thayer abstained.
Marshall reported the Christmas Party has been cancelled because of Covid restrictions. Iceberg Open will be held and the Pro Shop will be open Sunday December 6th from 12-4.
Board discussed the possibility of having a zoom Certificate Holders meeting and ballot, if restrictions are not lifted by January 10th the budget needs to be approved and the election of two board positions, Gallagher and Thayer. A letter will go out to certificate holders as soon as the proposed budget is finalized and ready for approval explaining the board's position on the budget.
Bill Pantages requested to redeem certificate number 176 for $500. Miller made a motion to redeem. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
The Board reviewed the budget and made recommendations to the proposed budget worksheet. Expenses should be $178,000. Income with a 10% increase in dues , carthouse , electricity and an additional $1000 in green fees, and $4000 Pro Shop transfer will make $178,000 balanced budget.
Next meeting will be Monday November 30 at 5:00, a workshop to finalize the budget.
Next regular meeting will be December 14th at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 7:10.

Sherrye Morrison
October 19, 2020
The regular meeting was called to order by President Rich Marshall at 5:00. Those in attendance were directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer, also attending was Bob Moco. The minutes of the previous meeting and agenda were approved.
The property tax assessment for 2021 $480,590 was reviewed no appeal will be filed.
Miller made a motion the certificate of deposit at Columbia Bank $3,044.87, ear marked for irrigation be deposited in the money market saving account. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
990EZ tax return has been completed and filed. Anderson will review the depreciation schedule.
Moco requested a copy of the proposed budget be made available as soon as possible before the annual budget meeting.
Anderson reported he and Miller will winterize the mobile home. He suggested next year if a tenant is not found the board, consider renting it as an Airbnb rental with golf package. The clubhouse lights will be replaced with LED bulbs in the fixtures.
Miller reported on the equipment and would like the board to acknowledge and thank Gary Macdonald for helping fix the mowers. Referred to Miller to get a card. The Western Equipment field maintenance representative was consulted regarding equipment maintenance and he recommends after each use the mowers are cleaned and the bearings and joints greased. The pump needed the seals replaced for $527, it was suspected the pump ran dry because the filter and screen were not cleaned. Miller will begin draining the irrigation system this week and plans to put new water pipe around #9 green. Miller suggested the board consider using temporary greens after November 15th , to see if our greens will recover faster in the Spring if not used in the winter. Tabled. Miller would like cottonwood tree line along the ditch cleaned up. Referred to Thayer. Miller suggested a couple of Spruce trees be planted behind #5 green, he will talk to Beyerlin's.
The rental carts should be winterized with additive to the fuel and new air and fuel filters before storing for the winter. Referred to Amy.
The shop financial report was reviewed. Thayer will do an estimated profit sharing before the evaluation meeting.
Concrete sand storage bunkers, safe and the letter of reprimand will move to old business next meeting.
The Goldendale Golf Club Lowell Erland Scholarship Tournament was reviewed. $3,213.50 was deposited in the scholarship fund.
The Columbia Cup is scheduled for October 24th and October 25th between The Dalles and Goldendale.
The budget and membership report were reviewed.
The raffle for the equipment fund was drawn Trish Cosner will receive $37.
Work sessions with Sherrye, Janet, Thayer, and Angie Hoffman will be scheduled for transition of accounting records.
The portable toilet should be picked up in November.
Miller will meet with the Wilbur Ellis representative to get the fertilizer ordered.
Staffing will remain until November 15th.
The board will schedule a meeting with Pro Amy on November 11th at 5:00 for evaluation and contract review.
The last cut of the fairways and rough should be 3/4 inch.
Miller presented information regarding boundaries with Fahlenkamp's and Mains. Tabled.
Miller and Sherrye will look in the safety deposit box.
Gallagher reported he had received Tom Svendsen files from Debi. He turned the liquor lawsuit file over to Marshall, the irrigation file over to Anderson and the water right file over to Sherrye.
The next scheduled meeting will be November 16th at 5:00.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:30.

Sherrye Morrison