Board Meeting Minutes

Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Agenda for January 14th, 2024

1. Meeting is called to order at 1711 by President Rich Marshall
   A quorum is declared with Board Members Pat Gallagher and Jeff Thayer, along with reelected
   Board Members Matt Anderson, Rich Marshall, and Doug Miller
     By Consensus, the Board to retain duties as previously assigned.

2. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) 
   Motion to approve with an item added from the Certificate Holders meeting just completed: Review of Article II, Section 7 of the ByLaws concerning redeeming of Certificate and at what value.

3. Next meeting date set for 12 February 2024
   Workshop for 100th Anniversary of Goldendale Golf Club
   Regular meeting at 1600

4. Approval of minutes: 12/18/2023
   Motion to approve: Thayer motioned, Anderson second, motion carried.

5. Treasurer’s report --- No Treasurer Report

6. Correspondence: 
   Anderson received a letter from a Lowell Erland Scholarship and thanked the Board for the Scholarship as it helped pay for his First Quarter of School (Nicholas Bowdish)

7. Guest: No Guest

8. Report from Club Professional; No Pro

9. Board Member reports:
   - Reels are being worked on in Salem
   - Maybe purchase a larger 4 wheeler and get a snow blade

   Finance/Pro shop……Jeff
   - Will ask another Contractor for a cost to plow snow

   - Cost of plowing out snow earlier in January was $322.50
   - Cost of plowing out snow for Certificate Holder’s meeting is anticipated to be the same.
   - Will find another contractor for the remaining snow season
   - Tenant at Mobile Home may be looking at leaving
   - Bell Design has a cost for engineering, permitting, and plans of $3700
     Discussion Followed
     Building Fund depletion possible
   - Table New Equipment Building until the next meeting
     If a new building built, would cart sheds holding equipment be re-established for golf cart rentals

   - Schedule sent out by the Pro in February

10. Old business:
    - Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?)
    - Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
    - File management…. On- going.
    - Policy proposals update and approval (leftover card monies) On-going.
    - Course Superintendent – On-going
    - Refunding of dues and cart shed due to illness. On-going.
    - Whole day rate……On-going
    - Storage space……. On-going
    - List of potential sponsors for Tee Box Monuments
      A list of all sponsors tabulated
      Determination on priority for keeping or renaming the monuments
      At TurfStar Western in Salem
      Fencing by 3 Green to be built
      Keep out the deer

11. New business:
    - Election of board officer positions
      Marshall affirmed President (motion by Thayer, Gallagher second, carried)
      Miller affirmed Secretary (motion by Thayer, Gallagher second, carried)
      Wright to be retained as Treasurer by consensus
      Wilson to be retained as Pro by consensus
      Tee Box Monuments and who is first in line to obtain to have nameplate
      Certificate Holder, Replacement of Business Name?
      Article II, Section 7 and other related sections
      To be revised and sent for approval in regards to meeting the requirements of the CPA about redeemed value of certificate.
      No profit can be made on a certificate or by a certificate holder
      Article IX, Certificate Holder reduction of Dues by 10% of Certificate value
      Causes issue with creating a Dues that is applicable to either the Certificate holder or the General Membership
      Change the concept to 10 percent of the Certificate to be applied on a once a year basis as a credit to the Pro Shop


13. Next meeting date:

14. Motion to adjourn. At 1829 Thayer moved to adjourn, Anderson second, motion carried
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Minutes for December 18, 2023

1. Meeting is called to order (immediately following budget meeting) at 1550
2. A quorum is declared with Board Members Rich Marshall, Matt Anderson, Pat Gallagher, Jeff
   Thayer and Doug Miller, along with Treasurer Melissa Wright and Pro Amy Wilson
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve by Miller, second by
   Gallagher, motion carried.
4. Next meeting date after the Annual Meeting of the Certificate Holders 14 January 2024 at 1600.
5. Approval of minutes: 11/21/2023, Motion to approve: Anderson moved, Gallagher second,
   motion carried.
6. Treasurer’s report by M. Wright was delivered during the Budget meeting prior.
   a. Fund balances for shop at $18181.18 and club checking $21006.85 (excluding December
      payroll approximately $3300.00)
   b. Discussion regarding dues and if a portion of dues have to be “social” in order to maintain
      the 501.c.7 status. To be verified via CPA.

7. Correspondence
   a. Bob Moco is asking for $26.22 to purchase and install driveway reflectors for the entrance
      to the golf course
   b. Items for the emails to the Certificate Holders to announce the upcoming meeting: Letter
      from the Board President, Agenda, Minutes of the January 2023 meeting, Assets and the
      Budget. Pro Wilson to assemble and send out once the Budget and Assets are formatted
      into an Excel file for distribution via PDF.

8. Guest: No Guest
9. Report from Club Professional:
   a. Discussion regarding the Shop deadline to spend the funds accrued by players to be
      completed prior to 15 November.
   b. Consider keeping the Shop open in the “closed season” (to be discussed further at a later
      time for it becomes a budget issue)
   c. Working with Tournament Committee for next year play.

10. Board Member reports:

    Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat
       o Reels are in to be fixed at Toro in Salem
       o Fertilizer quote out with Wilbur-Ellis
       o Gas tank is now with combination lock
    Finance/Pro shop……Jeff
       o Review Pro Bonus calculation January
       o Discussion regarding fencing by 3 green
       o Metering of fuel devices and to be ordered
       o All piles of woody material have been burned
           A bunker for future burning to be built this spring
            along #1 rough
           Request that no wood be deposited for burning
            below or adjacent cart sheds or near sand pit

    Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt
       o Bell Design to look at existing rafters for new building
       o Bogey the cat is living in the equipment shed and reducing
         the mice population
           Vet bill for Bogey to be reimbursed
       o Clubhouse thermostat working as scheduled
       o Furnace repaired in the rental unit
    Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff
       o Iceberg Tournament with 18 players
       o Christmas party had 80 invitees attending
       o Future Tournament The Bloodgood to be incorporated into
         the celebration of 100 years of being a Golf Course

11. Old business:

   o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?)
   o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
   o File management…. On- going.
   o Policy proposals update and approval (leftover card monies) On-going.
      o Allow for carryover for an additional year?
      o Allow for carryover based on a limit that can be allowed?
      o Increase time at golf shop would allow more time for ordering or
        purchasing as final payouts from golf activities is not completed prior to
        the existing cut off date?
   o Course Superintendent – On-going
   o Refunding of dues and cart shed due to illness. On-going.
   o Whole day rate……On-going
   o Storage space……. On-going
   o List of potential sponsors for Tee Box Monuments
      o 1rst Security may be interested in participating on 6 tee
   o Christmas party feedback/discussion
      o Very well done
      o Need equipment to cook large pieces of meat on the outside BarBQ

12. New business:

   o Preparing for January meeting/electing board officers
      o Wilson will send out notices upon receipt of aforementioned items.
   o Lock on gas tank
      o Letter to Cert Holders and last year’s minutes
      o Marshall to forward to Wilson
   o Reels
      o In for replacement of cylinders on the fairway mowers
      o Repairs to collar/tee box mower reels and grind
   o Fertilizer
      o Wilbur-Ellis to provide quote
   o Fungicide for snow mold application
      o Completed
      o Need more on greens with large brown spotting (3,4, 5, 7)
   o Sod for greens and tee boxes
      o Build nursery in the 5-6-7 triangle area for both greens and tees
           Miller to oversee and manage
      o Rent or acquire a sod cutter
      o Sod for new tees boxes is best if harvested from local course
   o Cart requirements for Pro shop use (possible budget item)
      o Discussion about the April Cart Workshop and determining percent of cart
        rentals to be allocated to Shop Dedicated Fund for Cart Replacement. No
        decision and tabled until 2024
      o Wilson stated may have a line on purchasing replacement carts. Tabled
        until 2024.

   o Bitcoin
      o Long term investment is improving
   a. Move Pete Lee to 501.c.3 or return funds to Lee family
   b. Move Lowell Erland to 501.c.3 to increase revenue potential
14. Next meeting date: 14 January 2024 following the 1600 hour meeting of Certificate Holders
15. Motion to adjourn. Thayer moved, Anderson second, carried at 1728.
8 JANUARY 2023


    The Annual Certificate Holders meeting was called to order at 1602.

    The President reviewed the sign-in sheet and declared that the minimum number of Certificate Holders had signed in to meet the 30% requirement (26 Certificate Holders in Attendance, 3 Certificate Holders submittal of Email to vote, 1 Certificate Holder via Telephone, 2 Non-Certificate Holders, and 2 Alternate Certificate Holders out of the 47 Certificates in Circulation).

    President Rich Marshall read the minutes of the previous meeting held 9 January 2022. Motion by Jeff Furlong to approve the minutes as presented, Bob Moco second. President Marshall asked the attendees if there were any questions. Hearing no response, he asked the questions twice more, and then called for a vote. Motion carried without a Nay.

    Sherrye Morrison started a discussion about the Budget, Checking Balance, and Membership List. President Marshall reviewed the status of the Current Membership and the categories. Morrison believed that the List of Current Members was a requirement as part of the presentation. Morrison stated she felt the Payroll Tax was overstated. Jeff Thayer responded that this would be investigated, and that it would not affect the expense side in a negative manner should it need to be corrected. She believes the Checking Balance was inaccurate using the numbers compared from the July report to the end of December report.

    Sam Wilkins asked if there was a way to confirm the numbers as to being correct when using the July 2022 report to the December report. Jeff Thayer stated the numbers in the Budget were accurate, and would verify with the Treasurer the reporting of the Budget sheet. Paul Enwards asked about the loss of value in the bitcoin that is part of the funds carried by the Golf Club. Gene Hanson felt that it was an illegal use of funds and the Board made a decision to purchase without due caution. Doug Miller stated that all of this discussion has occurred without the President asking for the Presentation of the Budget, and that a motion to approve and second was required as part of the format to have the discussion and the vote.

    President Marshall asked if there was a motion to approve the Budget. Bob Moco motioned to approve, Ted Anderson second. Bob Moco asked about bitcoin and where it is. He wanted to know why it was not sold when the value reached approximately 30% more than what it was purchased for. Dave Ross stated that the values had been even greater and was steadily climbing until several months ago. He thought it was a good investment and a hedge against the loss of buying power that is being experienced by business across the country. Bob Moco believes the Board of Trustees need to form an Ad Hoc committee for the financial investment side and he had someone in mind that he thought would be a good person. Dave Ross reiterated his thoughts about the buying power, and that with the funds in the Money Market account were losing the buying power faster than interest rates on earning were replacing. Matt Anderson discussed the loss of purchasing power for equipment and the escalation of cost to purchase even good used equipment. Gene Hanson thought the purchase of bitcoin was in an unstable market. President Marshall responded that purchase of the bitcoin was in last year’s minutes and approved as such. Hanson thought more discussion should have been had. Sam Wilkins wanted to know about the Assets and Cash Holdings. Sherrye Morrison wanted more information about the Bank Balances. President Marshall responded that the Golf Course bank accounts had been hacked via the electronic communication device known as the Square. Thayer reviewed the information which has old and new bank balances and the need to hold out funds for outstanding checks. The Golf Club is solvent and has funds in the checking account. Art Mains replied that when looking at the new report, the balance was the same as what Morrison thought it should be. Sam Wilkins wanted to know the amount of funds going into the Dedicated Accounts as he thought it should be a Percent of the Budget and perhaps not the left-over funds from the previous year’s balance to be used. Thayer replied that there was money going into all the dedicated funds and the equipment fund was getting additional dollars as equipment does wear out and it is getting to become very expensive to purchase. Dave Ross asked if the Budget was able to secure the labor pool needed to operate the course. Anderson responded that the Board was going to become more active in daily operations and had met with the Pro on meeting goals for this season. The Budget has adequate dollars to hire the employees as needed. Bob Moco desires that James Williams receive an increase in wages due to his tenure at the golf course.

    Ron Ihrig inquired about the percentage the dues were going up. Thayer replied the Certificate holders were going to see a 10% increase if approved, and the other categories of members are slated to be approximately 15%. Paul Enwards inquired about the reels and payment for the upkeep. He also wanted to know what was going to be done with greens #3 and #4. Miller replied that it was a work in progress, that #4 would be in play once the season started, and #3 will be determined after the damage is assessed by the errant driver that went thru fence and drove across the green. He also requested that if members observed issues needing to be resolved to contact him directly or have the Pro pass on the request, and to not involve staff. Sherrye Morrison wanted to know if the fertilizer was sufficient for the season. Miller replied that we had purchased the remaining amount of fertilizer that we thought would be needed in November of 2022 and he had picked it up in December of 2022; with the fertilizer shed now full and should be sufficient to meet the needs of 2023. He replied to the query about the reels as he and Pat Gallagher took the reels to Salem for overhaul in December of 2022 and would pick them up in January 2023. Both reels and fertilizer billings would be paid out of the 2023 budget. Ron Ihrig called for the Question. President Marshall called the vote, Motion carried to approve the Budget as presented without a Nay.

    President Marshall opened the discussion that both Jeff Thayer and Pat Gallagher wanted to remain on the Board. That Ken Shattuck had expressed interest at a previous Board meeting but had since withdrawn his name. Bob Moco moved to close the nominations, Art Mains Second. Motion carried without a Nay vote. Jess Kaiser moved for Unanimous vote for the slate, Ron Ihrig second, Motion carried without a Nay vote

    President Marshall asked for a motion to adjourn, Jeff Furlong
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Minutes for November 21st, 2023

1. Meeting is called to order by President Rich Marshall at 1700
2. A quorum is declared: Board Members Rich Marshall, Pat Gallagher, Jeff Thayer, Matt Anderson,
   and Doug Miller, along with Treasurer Melissa Wright and Pro Amy Wilson
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve as Amended to before the
   Treasurer Report, D Miller moved, J Thayer second, motion carried.
4. Approval of minutes: 10/17/2023, Motion to approve: M Anderson moved to approve with the
   change in the word BROCHURE to YARDAGE BOOK, D Miller second, motion carried.
5. Date of next meeting: Pre-Budget meeting 12 December 2023 at 0900, Budget meeting on 18
   December at 1600, followed by Board meeting at 1700. The annual Certificate members meeting
   will be 14 January at 1600 (notices to Certificate holders to go out following Board meeting in
6. Treasurer’s report M. Wright handed out the updated Budget sheet, reviewed the future of
   having a Quick Book style report that mirrors the older Budget sheet for transitioning. M Anderson
   wants to know if we can have old style and new style available to present at the Certificate meeting
   and have it as the transition.
   a. Credit on R&R account: she will contact them to see if we can carry to next year $389.04
   b. Donation of funds for electric use in clubhouse $503.00
   c. $1435.00 Insurance for Directors is due
   d. $13,390.00 Insurance for the Club is due, and without coverage of the Bullet and Balls
      Tournament as there is a presence of Firearms.
      i. Discussion followed as there is a need to find secondary insurance for this event
         should it continue in the same venue (Prior years the firearm part of the event was
         held away from the Course)
   e. Received $1500.00 rebate for the VFD at the Irrigation Pump.
   f. If more than $500 is spent on a device, it becomes equipment and has depreciation. Less
      than that amount, the funds are deemed maintenance and without depreciation.
   g. Working on building an Excel/QuickBooks to compare with the older Budget sheet.
   h. Salary from Payroll Services divvied up the Pro’s Annual Salary into 12 months and not 9
      months. Discussion with A Wilson determined that she was acceptable to having payroll
      for herself based on a 12 month disbursement.

7. Correspondence President Rich Marshall met with the CPA and signed the taxes for 2022, and
   brought back a hard copy for the Treasurer of 2021 and 2022. Items below were brought to his
   attention when he went to sign the tax statement.
   a. Compliance Check regarding the bitcoin purchase
   b. Sales tax discrepancy continues to be an issue, expected to be resolved 2024 with only one
      person (Treasurer) to determine the taxable amount.
   c. Certificate Holders purchasing of Certificate
      i. Is an asset and must be held as such
         1. Requires funding the number of certificates outstanding
      ii. Certificates can only be redeemed for the amount they were purchased for
   d. Out of Area Member is desiring a cart shed (Second Tier opportunity)

8. Guest: No Guest
9. Report from Club Professional Pro A Wilson has completed shop inventory.
10. Board Member reports:

     Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat
        o Blue Flag use has had some abuse, to be discussed at
          the annual meeting
        o Winter flags installed and tee box placements made
        o Mat required for 9 tee location
        o Reviewed cart path panels
        o Discussed future electric use by EV Carts
            Cost if in use
            Installation of small breaker box per cart house
        o J Thayer to contact owner of vehicle parked on service road
          by #9 tee box as this is not a parking area. Required to park
          on the asphalt parking lot
     Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff
        o Financials are complete
        o Determination of Pro Shop bonus yet to be done
        o Proposal to move shop sweep to club, consensus to do so
            $25,000 sweep
     Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt
        o Renter at Mobile Home purchased small space heaters due
          to the failure of MH heating unit (Matt to follow up with Chris
          Wilde to repair)
            Board, by consensus, will pay to retain the space
             heaters or she can pay to keep them.
        o Porta Potty will be picked up
        o Snow removal to be scheduled with a contractor (Shatraw)
        o Trusses are tarped and engineering firm contacted for
          design on new mechanical shed
        o Gutters to be cleaned this week
     Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff
        o Tournaments were good this year
        o Iceberg Tournament prior to Christmas Party, weather

11. Old business:

    o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on-going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?)
    o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
    o File management…. On-going.
    o Policy proposals update and approval (leftover card monies) On-going
    o Course Superintendent – On-going
    o Refunding of dues and cart shed due to illness. On-going
    o Rebate on heat pump and water pump…… On-going
    o Whole day rate……On-going

    o Storage space……. On-going (A Wilson bringing in an efficiency of space person)
    o List of potential sponsors for Tee Box Monuments On-going
    o Don Slawson (Service Road parking) Re-visit via J Thayer

12. New business:

    o Preparing for January meeting/electing board officers
        o PreBudget 12 Dec at 0900
        o Budget 18 Dec 1600
        o Board Meeting 18 Dec 1700
        o Annual Meeting 14 January 2024 1600
            Notices to be sent out 2 weeks prior
    o Taxes discussion per Rich Marshall On-going
    o Heating clubhouse for members use (in off season)
        o M Anderson to reprogram for winter use
    o Christmas Party 10 December at 1700 with Supper at 1800
        o Bring your favorite side dish/dessert
        o J Thayer to contact Liz Ihrig for assembling decorations
        o Men’s Club providing Prime Rib, need a hard count of folks by 4 December
        o Lost or Misplaced Safety Deposit Box key
        o D Miller notified the Board he has misplaced the key
13. Comments NONE
14. Next meeting date:
15. Motion to adjourn J Thayer moved, M Anderson second, motion carried 1834.
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Minutes for October 17th, 2023

1. Meeting is called to order by President R. Marshall at 1701
2. A quorum is declared with attendance by Board Members Rich Marshall, Matt Anderson, Pat
   Gallagher, Jeff Thayer, and Doug Miller. Treasurer Melissa Wright left material from budget
   workshop. Bob Moco as guest.
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve as amended by PGallagher,
   second by MAnderson, motion carried.
4. Approval of minutes: 9/6/2023, Motion to approve: MAnderson moved to approve the minutes
   with the exception of line item 8.d.i.3, which was then struck. PGallagher second, motion carried.
5. Treasurer’s report was submitted earlier by MWright in the Budget workshop.
6. Correspondence by RMarshall regarding a brochure yardage book he received from Milton-
   Freewater Golf Course that had playing rules regarding their course and the sponsorships to
   provide it for free to those who play at the course.
7. Guest: Bob Moco had several ideas he presented.
   a. Can the Club procure a Cash Back credit card to earn additional dollars on purchases and
      reduce the number of checks written. Discussion followed and it is thought that the credit
      card was extending credit or obtaining debt, which is currently not allowed under the
      ByLaws of the Club.
   b. Thought that the Board should receive some benefit for the efforts over the last year. The
      Board consensus was that as to maintain the value of the Board, and to keep it a volunteer
      basis, they decline to look into or receive monetary value benefits.
   c. Desired to see posting of the minutes to the GGC Website. Upon review, the website has
      not been updated regarding the minutes since June of this year. MAnderson was to see
      the website is updated and current with the minutes.
   d. Noted that the Washington State Minimum Wage is going to be $16.28 for 2024. He also is
      asking that we increase the hourly rate for James to become $25 per hour. The Board will
      take that under advisement for the upcoming Budget 2024.
   e. He is willing to donate $4000 to purchase a new cart, with the caveat that he can use his
      credit card for his portion of the funds.

8. Report from Club Professional. JThayer reviewed the written report submitted by Pro Amy
   Wilson. A recap as follows.
   a. Pro Am brought in $6500 to Club
   b. Credits are being cleared out and special orders have been made
   c. Desires to have projects that the Board wants accomplished to be clarified.
   d. Wants the water left on for the irrigation
   e. Moles are increasing and need a better control agent
   f. Gene Hansen cart shed will be emptied out by the end of the year.

9. Board Member reports:

    Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat report submitted
     o Raise HOC on greens to determine if helps with limiting
       snow mold and dollar spot
     o Limit driving equipment on bare spots on greens and
       surrounding areas
     o Prepare for the end of the season with greens 3 & 4 being moved
       for winter play (perhaps purchase larger cups for those two
     o Limbing of trees/acorn removal
     o 4 Wheeler use and how it was derived, excess use of other
       equipment when the 4 Wheeler should be used
     o Purchase and build 25 new irrigation plug-ins using white
       pipe, valves and stop using all short irrigation sprinklers to
       limit future damages to irrigation system.
    Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff reviewed the Budget
     o The ProShop Sweep needs to be completed
     o Review of formula for Pro Bonus/Incentive pay
     o Follow up on Board requests not being done
    Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt reviewed
     o Roof for Club House, wait until next year
     o Tarp for trusses for (proposed) new equipment building
     o Building C needs to have an electrician look at electrical
       service as the breaker is not holding.

    Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff season is over, did very well

10. Old business:

    o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on-going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?)
    o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
    o File management…. On-going.
    o Policy proposals update and approval.
    o Can leftover monies (if on the card file) be carried over, and place a cap on
      how much can be carried per member
       This affects Pro Bonus, so will need to determine how and what to
        do regarding
    o Cart paths workshop feedback and discussion
      o Workshop went well, items to review and bring back to the table
         Cart paths with roots upheaval
         Cart paths with gravel
         Cart path entrances
    o Refunding of dues and cart shed due to illness. After discussion, it is thought a
      policy regarding is likely needed and DMiller will start on one

11. New business:

    o Preparing for October meeting/electing board officers. Matt Anderson, Rich
      Marshall and Doug Miller are up for re-election, with all volunteering to run again
    o Course Superintendent? On Going
    o Dumpster charges and locating. To be completed via the Treasurer notification to
      Republic Services to remove the larger dumpster. And the Board to determine
      what is available for recycling cardboard and aluminum
    o Policy regarding funds in shop accounts by individuals moved to old business.
    o List of potential sponsors for Tee Monuments. Needs to be updated. DMiller to
      contact First Security Bank if they wish to take over the Columbia Bank
    o Storage space On Going
    o Whole day rate. This will need to be reviewed and looked at via a policy.
    o Compressor. Received word that the air compressor is out, and after looking at it,
      JThayer will try to determine what needs fixing
    Rebate for Heat Pump DMiller is finalizing the request to go to Klickitat PUD for
    possible rebate for replacing the old heating unit with a new heat pump.
    Rebate for Pump and Motor and VFD DMiller is to ask Klickitat PUD
    representative regarding rebates for equipment and if there are other possible
    requirements known.

12. Comments Can a Task Force be created to work with Coaches and Teams to help in on course
    duties such as cleaning up acorns around certain playing areas. Possible Community Service
    Credits for doing so?
13. Next meeting date: Proposed for 1 November, will have a Board member contact the Pro as there
    is a request to have an Executive Session.
14. Motion to adjourn by JThayer, MAnderson second, motion carried at 1842.
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Minutes September 6th, 2023
1. Meeting is called to order by President Rich Marshall at 0902
2. A quorum is declared with Board Members Matt Anderson, Pat Gallagher, Jeff Thayer, and Doug Miller. Rich Marshall attending via phone. Treasurer Melissa Wright and Pro Amy Wilson in attendance.
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve the Agenda as amended. Anderson moved, Gallagher second, motion carried. (see addition in RED)
4. Approval of minutes: 8/1/2023, Motion to approve: Anderson moved, Gallagher second, motion carried.
5. Treasurer’s report by M Wright
	a. Reported the small dumpster is owned by GGC
	b. The larger dumpster is being rented by the month.
	c. Currently pay $142.62 for the small dumpster and the addition of the large dumpster is $192.62.
		i. Discussion on whether we should keep the large dumpster, and if so, locate at the shop and move the smaller dumpster to the south cart sheds (exact location to be determined). No resolution but to be discussed at the next Board meeting.
	d. Received $500 for the request to obtain a certificate from Darren Campbell or Kelley Atkinson (common household address confirmed).
	e. A member has guests that play 36 holes for a 4 day event and were charged the going 18 hole rate twice each day, plus the cart fees.
		i. Discussion regarding the whole day rate for the next Board meeting, as currently only Certificate holders enjoy the whole day rate.
	f. Delivered copies of the heat pump bill (heat pump, thermostat and labor) (air conditioner failed just prior to Member Guest, heat pump was nearly the same price, and would be better for heating the building as it was on strip heaters). $7689.32
	g. Delivered copies of the back up pump (larger pump, VFD to operate pump, line reactors and labor) (pump allows for long term opportunities and the Drive required to operate, along with line reactors to smooth out transients). $11942.17
	h. Both Heat Pump and New Pump cost to be submitted to Klickitat PUD for any rebates.
6. Correspondence
	a. Blue Flag Policies and Employment Policies added to the Policy Manual by M Anderson.
		i. Asking that a hard copy or two be made available at the shop
		ii. Updated policy manual to be put on the GGC website
	b. Refunding of Dues and Cart shed due to illness or death was discussed and to be moved to future business at the next Board meeting.
		i. As past precedence has refunded or allowed members to not pay due to illness, the determination of the Board, by consensus, was to refund to Karen Shattuck and to Molly Hansen.
			1. As Ken Shattuck played for a portion of the year 2023, it was determined to prorate his refund of dues and cart house fees at 75%.
			2. As Gene Hansen had not played any for the year 2023, it was determined to refund his entire dues and cart house fees.
	c. Rich and Laurie Marshall are requesting that the Tee Monument that has Columbia Bank be placed in their name if it is determined that 1rst Security Bank is not wanting to participate. Furthermore, if that is so, they want to be placed on a list of folks or businesses that can have their name on the Tee Monuments.
		i. A list needs to be devised and submitted.
7. Guest: NO GUESTS
8. Report from Club Professional A Wilson
	a. Golf cart repairs have been completed on 4 of the 6 carts and parts ordered to repair the remaining 2 carts.
	b. Member Guest Tournament was a rousing success with $4200 in shop credits earned.
	c. Requested information regarding extension of shop hours for next year. For the budget of 2024 the Board would like to have forecasted hours for the peak playing periods by November this year.
	d. Shop credits and spending earned credits: to meet closeout of the season, Wilson asked that the Board support her in having all credits spent or ordered by the end of October.
		i. Discussion about cash that is on the card by an individual
			1. If money was placed on card by individual, that money should be returned in November
			2. If money was placed on card as credits from Tournaments, Pro Ams or other events, that money to be spent on items ordered or at the pro shop prior to the end of October or donated to Jr Golf or the High School Golf Team.
				a. That money cannot be paid out in cash
			3. Any money left on accounts by 15 November will be transferred to Jr Golf or to the High School Golf.
	e. Looking for additional storage area to allow for employees space to work in.

9. Board Member reports:
	 Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat
		o Miller requested that the old Cushman that was overhauled by J Thayer be used for sanding the greens and not the sand machine (overloaded is stressing the equipment)
		o Plugging and Sanding on the 25 th September is pushing the date for greens to recover
		o Asked if the irrigation could be turned off on weekends or every other night
			 Or reduce the water cycles on the greens as getting soft
		o Discussed idea to cover the sand pit with fencing panels and tarp, he will follow up on.
	 Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff
		o Thanks Melissa W for her work and having ability to drill down on budget questions
	 Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt
		o Need to tarp the trusses for winter
		o Screen door for shop will be installed approximately in two weeks
	 Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff
		o Member Member Tournament coming up 24 September

10. Old business:
	o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?)
	o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
	o File management…. On- going.
	o Handicap golfer’s workshop discussion…..on-going
	o Policy proposals update and approval.
		o Miller moved to approve the policy additions as stated prior under Correspondence, Anderson second, motion carried.
	o Cart paths workshop….on-going. Workshop date 10/17/2023
		o A separate email to go out to remind members of this workshop at 1500, followed by budget workshop 1600, and then a board meeting at 1700.

11. New business:
	o Preparing for October meeting/electing board officers
		o Email to go to all certificate holders that the October meeting to elect officers will be concurrent with the January Certificate meeting to discuss the Budget 2024.
	o Accept Certificate request
		o Miller moved to accept the request to become a Certificate Holder for Darren Campbell and Kelley Atkinson, Anderson second, motion carried.
	o Dumpster charges and locating
	o Whole Day rate for guest
	o Policy regarding funds in shop accounts by individuals
	o List of potential sponsors for Tee Monuments
	o Storage space

	a. Miller requested that we consider to obtain a Course Superintendent for 2 days a week.
	b. Miller thanked Thayer and Anderson for the amount of work they have put in to keeping the golf course operational.
	c. New Business for future agenda items only.
13. Next meeting date: 17 October 2023 at 1500
14. Motion to adjourn Gallagher moved, Anderson second, motion carried at 1024.
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Agenda for August 1st, 2023
1. Meeting is called to order @ 1402 by President Rich Marshall
2. A quorum is declared with BM Matt Anderson, Jeff Thayer, Pat Gallagher and Doug Miller in attendance, along with Treasurer Melissa Wright and Pro Amy Wilson
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve by D Miller, second P Gallagher, motion carried.
4. Approval of minutes: 7/18/2023, Motion to approve: by J Thayer, second by P Gallagher, motion carried.
5. Treasurer’s report by Melissa Wright
	a. O’Leary is paid in full, Lobb has made her payment, Fritz has committed to pay.
	b. Membership is continuing to increase
	c. Shop and Grounds payroll discussed, no action
	d. An invoice from CarQuest in the amount of $19.xx has been received without a signature. M Wright has spoken to CarQuest and reminded them the need for the signature. The Board is adamant that both employees and the retailer insist on signatures. The Board directed the Treasurer to pay the bill.
	e. Printer not working properly and is not able to be adjusted easily. With the upcoming Member Guest Tournament and the ability to print start cards, it was determined to have the Shop purchase another printer and retain the older one for backup (only if can be fixed at a reasonable cost).
	f. Hand outs of reports and discussion of budget numbers with details not seen before in years past.
6. Correspondence
	a. Ken Shattuck Certificate #165 was turned in to be redeemed. M Anderson moved, J Thayer second, motion carried and a check in the amount of $500 to be sent to Karen Shattuck.
	b. M Anderson reports he has received Two Thank You Letters from the L Earland Scholarship Fund recipients.
	c. Darren Campbell is interested in obtaining a Certificate. M Anderson to follow up.
7. Guest: Bob Turner asked to speak to the Board
	a. Did not think we needed to obtain a larger pump and VFD for back up. D Miller respondedthat we as a club did not want to have a failed pump (as in a week ago, with burnt wiring being the culprit and was fixed without needing to remove pump and motor) and end up with dry and dying grass on the course (M Anderson has arranged for a water truck to at least water the greens if need be). A larger pump with the bigger VFD will allow for adequate water at a lower speed; while planning should additional piping be placed to allow for more flow.
	b. B Turner stated the installed pump was based on what the pump installers felt was the maximum flow of 120 gpm per side (based on corrosion of the existing 3 inch steel pipe that was placed originally).
	c. B Turner commented that the greens are being watered with nozzles too big and not providing a proper spray pattern. D Miller responded he could look in to getting smaller nozzles to see if there was a correction to the spray pattern. It was mentioned that the watering times have been extended on the greens.
	d. B Turner mentioned that larger pipes going to the greens would be of assistance in providing better flow, especially to 1, 5, 6 and 8 greens. Consensus was in agreement.
8. Report from Club Professional by Amy Wilson
	a. Jr Golf Camp finished today.
		i. Had an end of camp party with 30 kids and 30 parents. Very Succesful.
	b. Prepping in the shop and on the course for the Member Guest tournament.
		i. 38 Teams are signed up, and the Tournament Committee is going to hold the sign ups to 40 Teams in order to maintain pace of play.
		ii. Rules were discussed including a course marshall and penalty strokes for slow play.
		iii. Discussion about red stakes on 4 (paint a color not used in golf to denote playing area) and where to place a drop zone.
		iv. Players are not to go onto the course to scout out hole locations.
	c. Complaints about players using tee boxes and certain greens as practice areas when playing rounds of golf or beforehand.
	d. Divots not being repaired and fairways being used as practice areas with numerous divots left in the course.
9. Board Member reports:
	 Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat
		o Members are parking vehicles in cart paths and on course roadways, blocking carts and equipment
		o The metal detector has vanished and cannot be found, which is used to help locate sprinkler heads
		o Dry spots seem to be going away with the watering schedule implemented by the Pro
		o Pump outage, as reported earlier, was resolved by Chris Wilde and fixing the burnt wiring at the motor.
		o Purchased extra sprinklers for the greens at a cost of $2300.
		o The small white rings at the top of each cup is to help prevent damage from pin replacement, use of putter to remove the ball and from holes being stepped on when retrieving a ball.
		o J Thayer has rebuilt the Cushman and is placing the sanding table back on it.
	 Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff
		o Insurance claim #2 for the additional fence and post by 3 green and fairway, along with damage to mower reels from gravel has been filed
	 Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt
		o Checked under the building and did not find any leaks
			 Propose a future budget for weekly cleaning of the building and bathrooms
		o New shop door installed, screen door to be installed upon arrival
		o J Thayer purchased an air conditioning unit for the shop while the building air conditioner is out of commission. He has been reimbursed for the cost ($340)
		o For Discussion, the old air conditioner unit for the building that has failed will be replaced with a Heat Pump, as the furnace that heats the building is on heat strips only (which explains why the winter heating bill was very large)
		o Member Guest, 11, 12, and 13 August is being finalized and the Tournament Committee meets right after this meeting.

10. Old business:
	o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?)
		o M Anderson is completing plans with an engineer to have stamped.
	o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
		o D Miller need to add concrete pad for new pump and motor
		o J Thayer suggest we put in a split service to feed each pump so to not have to rewire each time
	o File management…. On- going.
	o Handicap golfer’s workshop discussion…..on-going
	o Policy proposals
		o Blue Flag Policy adopted with the change in wording from Course to Club, D Miller moved, P Gallagher second, discussion, motion carried
		o Blue Flag Agreement Signature Page adopted with the change from Course to Club, J Thayer moved, P Gallagher second, discussion, motion carried
			 R Marshall to create laminated cards for players to have regarding the Blue Flag use
		o Requirements for Employment Policy, M Anderson moved, P Gallagher second, discussion, motion carried
		o Hiring and Dismissal Policy, D Miller moved, P Gallagher second, discussion, motion carried
		o Drug Screening Policy, D Miller moved, P Gallagher second, discussion, motion carried
			 Of note, closest Lab for testing is in The Dalles

11. New business:
	o Cart paths workshop update and discussion (new workshop date)
		o 17 October at 1500
	o Payroll approval/ Timecards for employees……Jeff
	o Preparing for October meeting/electing board officers
		o Discussion about tracking for budget items, election of officers
	o Policy proposals

	a. P Gallagher noted that in the evening large groups of players are on the course, some of who may not be members
	b. Discussion about budgeting for different shop hours to include later evening hours
13. Next meeting date: 6 September at 0900
14. Motion to adjourn by D Miller, second by M Anderson, meeting adjourned at 1616
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Minutes July 18th, 2023
1.Meeting is called to order by VP Pat Gallagher at 1530
2.A quorum is declared with Board Members Jeff Thayer, Matt Anderson and Doug Miller, along with Pro Amy Wilson and Treasurer Melissa Wright.
3.Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve the agenda J Thayer, second by M Anderson, motion carried.
4.Approval of minutes:  6/7/2023, Motion to approve: J Thayer moved, D Miller second, motion carried. Minutes of the 5 July 2023 meeting: J Thayer moved to approve, M Anderson second, motion carried.
5.Treasurer’s report 
	a.Concerns regarding budget line items as several are over budget and a few are showing less expenses to date.  It was noted that the diligence of Pro Amy Wilson that 17 new members have joined the GGC which is adding to the positive side of the balance sheet.
	b.Discussed unpaid dues and that Tanner Beeks has left the Club and has removed his golf cart from the shed.  This leaves one empty golf shed available to rent.
	c.Create line items for fertilizer and seed under the category of Grounds.
	a.Scott Gray has relayed to Pat Gallagher that he has a medical and would like to maintain his certificate.  After discussion, it was determined this was acceptable, with the caveat he needs to pay his cart house rental rate for the 2023.  D Miller moved, M Anderson second, motion carried.
	b.Laura Bales sent a card thanking the GGC for support in her efforts to have a fund raiser, with the GGC donation of 2 rounds of golf for her auction.
	c.Bob Turner has sent out emails regarding the condition of the course, and the Board will invite him to attend the next meeting for a discussion. M Anderson to reply and offer.
	d.Four recipients of the GGC Erland Scholarship Fund: Gilliam, Bowdish, Conroy, and Peters.
7.Guest: None
8.Report from Club Professional 
	a.Using SQUARE to capture funds for membership via credit card has diminished and is, in effect, reducing shop income.  
	b.Shop revenues in sales of drinks and accessories has increased.  
	c.Shop revenues in cart rentals and green fees has increased, partly due to the increase in the rates.
		i.It is noted that a lack of carts to rent has an impact in total revenue, as not only is there a loss of cart rental income, but without the cart, a loss of green fees has been noted.
	d.Club Championship Tournament completed over the weekend.
	e.Preparing for the Member Guest in less than a month.
	f.Two vendors contacted the Shop regarding overdue bills.  Determined they were going to the previous payment officer, and had not been forwarded.  She was able to get the billing corrected and to drop the late fees.

9.Board Member reports:
		oAttempting to get the Greens in shape for Member Guest
		oIf temperatures are too warm, will not top dress the week before Member Guest Tournament
		oSand pit needs a better cover to keep weather off the sand and the leaves and needles out
		oTee markers are not being placed correctly and partially due to inexperience of summer help.  (Discussion regarding has that it takes a golfer to know what to expect a teeing grounds to look like and not by someone without knowledge of the course or play)
		oRetrieve the RR Iron out of old sand pit by 9 tee box and determine if can be used for new sand pit cover
		oUse of the small tin cans to determine irrigation of greens
		oBe aware of overwatering/underwatering fairways
		oBlue Flags have arrived for use by those players wanting to be allowed access to fairways and closer to greens. (Need a Policy and a sign in sheet approved)
			J Thayer moved to have the Blue Flag cost be reimbursed to Miller, M Anderson second, motion carried.
	•Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff
		oRepairs to the Cushman have been completed and will be returned to the course once all the fluids have been replaced.  New brakes, brake cylinder and motor overhaul.
		oCost of the additional 150 feet of fencing along #3 fairway and the damage to Two reels has been sent off to the driver’s insurance agency.
		oThere is a need for a part time mechanic.
		oMet with Engineer for rafter design on the proposed new building to store equipment
		oNeed to finish the road around the back of the carthouses and the water line from the MH to the carthouses.
		oNew door and storm door for the shop are in and ready for installation.

10.Old business:
	oLegacy Bench………on going
	oMaintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?) 
	oCritical Spare Pump and Motor………. Arrived and will wait till Fall to install
	oFile management…. On- going.
	oHandicap golfer’s workshop discussion…..Blue Flags arrived, need policy and sign in sheet agreements 
	oDon Slawson social membership update………Done
11.New business:
	oCart paths workshop update and discussion (new workshop date)
	oAt the next Board meeting of 17 October
		Cart Path workshop 1500
		Budget review 1600
		Regular meeting 1700
	oAmy’s eval update and discussion.  Completed
	oPayroll approval/ Timecards for employees……Jeff Completed
	oPayroll check cut for employee discussed 5 July and to be delivered by Board Member
	oPreparing for October meeting/electing board officers In Progress
	oPolicy proposals  to be carried over as old business at next meeting  
	oCourse beautification / Water hazard or fountain    

12.	 Comments None
13.	Next meeting date: 1 August 2023
14.	Motion to adjourn   Adjournment by VP Gallagher, 1715
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Minutes for June 7th, 2023
1. Meeting is called to order at 1606
2. A quorum is declared with all Board Members present Rich Marshall, Jeff Thayer, Pat Gallagher, Matt Anderson and Doug Miller, along with Treasurer Melissa Wright.
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve with changes to the Item 5 being split out as Treasurer #5 and Correspondence #6, and remaining Items being renumbered in the list as determined; Miller moved, Thayer Second, motion carried.
4. Approval of minutes:  5/10/2023, Motion to approve: Anderson moved to approve with the corrections for the spelling of Trunkey and Frame, Thayer second, motion carried.
5. Treasurer Report: M Wright reviewed income and expenses, list of dues paid and unpaid, a member who has not paid but is participating in playing golf (Miller is to write a letter to said member to pay in full if he wants to continue as a member), have not received a signature on the Umpqua Bank release from S Morrison as requested by R Marshall, Miller presented the signature sheet with all Board Members and the Treasurer signatures to have access to the Umpqua Bank Safety Deposit Box.
M Wright discussed the current CD Rates as offered at First Security Bank.  Discussion followed, with a motion by Miller to obtain 2 CD’s at the current rate of 4.5%, each at $25,000 over an 11 month period.  Gallagher second, motion carried.
6. Treasurer’s report and Correspondence: A recent member who has left as a full time member continues to be on the playing course, and to remedy the issues brought up to the Board, it is suggested the person purchase a social membership or be given a lifetime membership. Discussion followed and it was determined to go with the social membership request, with Thayer to follow up and discuss with him.  (Note: reported back after the meeting the person will pursue obtaining a social membership).
7. Guest: No Guest
8. Report from Club Professional:  A written report was submitted by Pro A Wilson.  Within this report is the need to mark out a parking spot for the renter of the mobile home.  She also wants to thank Gary MacDonald for his work on getting the 5 rental carts operational.
9. Board Member reports:
	• Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat
		o 11 new sprinklers put together using the new plug ins. 
		o Walk/Play and review of course: found near left on #3 green was not watering parts of the green, resolved.
		o #7 green had 3 sprinklers that failed to turn and will be replaced or fixed within the next few days (completed the next morning by staff)
		o #9 tee box forward left sprinkler not turning and to be replaced (completed the next morning by staff)
	• Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff
		o Need to review the labor budget for where we are and will want to report at the July meeting.
		o Schedule Review with Pro (Set for 12 July)
	• Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt
		o Ordered the new Shop door, wants to install a better storm door at a cost of $404.  Miller motioned to approve, Thayer second, motion carried.
		o Tumalum Lumber is looking at what we can do with our existing rafters for putting together a new storage building.
		o New lighting in the maintenance shop, along with a new rolling tool chest.  New bench.  Staff is to determine what items to save and what to toss as it is reorganized.
	• Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff
		o Anderson delivered to the Treasurer $185 for the power bill from the users of the club house
		o $3300 from the Lowell Erland Tournament.  Currently $16,000 in the account.  
		o Discussion about creating a 501C3 for the Pete Lee and Lowell Erland Tournament, and be removed from the GGC books as part of the income and expense statement (a New Business item for July meeting)
		o Upcoming Tournaments: US OPEN 17 June,  Columbia Cup on 9 July, Championships Men, Women and Juniors on the 15th and 16th of July.
10. Old business:
	o Legacy Bench………on going  
	o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday?) 
	o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
	o VFD is at Hermiston shop waiting for field rep to bring
	o File management…. On- going.
	o Handicap golfer’s workshop discussion…..on-going 
	o Miller to order half dozen or so blue flags and holders.
	o Art Mains fence share cost……..Jeff
11. New business:
	o Handicap golfers’ committee workshop…………. discussion  
		o Amy Wilson and Matt Anderson advisors, Dorothy Miller for Ladies Club and John Wilde for Mens Club.
			 Will need to schedule on line training.
	o Like Kind Exchange
		o Travis Heilman is to bring his equipment and help complete the back roadway and removal of stumps and rocks.  Suggested that GGC have a in like kind of exchange for his equipment and time for a ½ year membership.  By Consensus, agreed.
	o Payroll approval/ Timecards for employees……Jeff
		o Budget numbers are needing to reviewed
	o Art Mains fence share cost
	o Cart Paths
		o Members are requesting the Board to review and investigate the cost of replacing and creating new cart paths
	o Fire Pit
		o Discussion on the past use of the fire pit and the response by Rural 7 and DNR in regards to
		o The Board has determined that the fire pit used for outdoor cooking is to not be used this summer during the burn ban nor next year until arrangements can be made to have an inspection of grounds for obtaining a permanent year around approval for use.

	a. Thanks to the Ladies Club for the elbow grease in cleaning the back bar and kitchen area. 
	b. Is there a need for a Part Time Mechanic?
13. Next meeting date: 
	a. Workshop for Cart Paths at Noon to 1:00PM 12 July
	b. Pro review to follow workshop
	c. Walk the course at 1300 on the 18th of July
	d. GGC Board meeting following at 1530.
14. Motion to adjourn  M Anderson moved to adjourn, J Thayer second, motion carried at 1801

D Miller, Secretary and Recorder                                                   

Goldendale Golf Club
Board Meeting
5 July 2023

In Attendance: Board Members Rich Marshall, Matt Anderson, Pat Gallagher, Jeff Thayer and Doug Miller, along with Pro Amy Wilson.
President R Marshall opened the meeting in regards to Personnel Issues as a follow up to a previous workshop held earlier in late June.
Discussion followed regarding hiring practices and termination practices.  Among those discussed was should we require drug testing prior to the actual hiring date.  And the need to have the paperwork completed prior to the start of work.
M Anderson and D Miller to work on policies that will cover these issues and have presentable by the August Board meeting.
The discussion turned to the payment for the hours worked by a person who had not completed the paperwork until the 11th day of work.  That person was terminated as determined to not be old enough to meet our GGC Insurance requirements of being 16 to be covered by the insurance.  
Upon discovery of being not old enough, the person was let go.  However, the person had worked 11 days at 2 hours per day.  
In order to pay the person for the 22 hours, the paperwork needs to be turned in to the Pro and onto the Treasurer.  The Board agrees to pay the 22 hours at the minimum wage rate, once the appropriate paperwork has been turned in.
The meeting adjourned at 1319.
Doug Miller, Board Secretary/Recorder
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Agenda for May 10th, 2023
Minutes of Same
1. Meeting is called to order 1630 by Rich Marshall
2. A quorum is declared Rich Marshall, Matt Anderson, Doug Miller, Jeff Thayer and Melissa Wright/Treasurer and Pro Amy Wilson
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve Agenda adopted as changed by D Miller, second J Thayer, motion carried.
4. Approval of minutes: 4/12/2023, Motion to approve: Motion to approve as written by J Thayer, second by M Anderson, motion carried.
5. Treasurer’s report and Correspondence: email vote for purchase of golf cart
	a. A list of members requesting to pay Dues over time.
		i. Dottie Lobb, Chris Trunkey and Donnie/Jennifer Fritts Motion by D Miller to accept a payment plan for the above listed members, M Anderson second, motion carried.
		ii. John Lloyd has not paid any membership dues after requesting to be allowed to make a payment plan thru the month of March. Motion by D Miller to send J Lloyd a letter to make dues and cart house payments in full by the end of May, J Thayer second, motion carried. D Miller to send a letter in this matter.
		iii. Have not heard from David Frame and Pro A Wilson to reach out to determine if he was still going to be a member.
	b. Report on past payment and payment request by Donna Silen After discussion it was determined that dues are needing to be paid in full as policy does not allow for partial year payment for anyone who is not a first year member. R Marshall to contact D Silen.
	c. The Pete Lee Memorial fund is needing a signature at Umpqua Bank, R Marshall to complete.
	d. The application for a Debit Card to be used for Club purchases was discussed. J Thayer moved that we complete the application with a not to exceed monthly amount available on the debit card of more than $500.00, with a monthly review of purchases by the Treasurer. D Miller second, motion carried.
	e. Utilities are increasing, inclusive is our fees for the Garbage and Starlink.
	f. A list of expenses by Vendor is now available on a monthly basis.
	g. Bank statements were reconciled as of 9 May, and balanced.
	h. Payroll is updated, and hours and budgeted funds spent available. Discussion on hours to be tracked by position, determined all positions to be tracked except for the Pro, who is on a contract basis.
	i. M Anderson requested a review of available funds to transfer into a higher value savings or CD rate.
	j. M Anderson delivered funds of $216 to help defray PUD power cost for those using the club house for other than golf activities.
6. Correspondence
	a. R Marshall commented on the letter distributed regarding the tree removal program and the trimming, with the positive feed back regarding such.
		i. Certain trees will need to be trimmed more than usual and other trees will be left standing per request of the respondents to the letter.
	b. M Anderson reports he has an email from Jody Bellamy requesting permission to work on the flower beds at #9 tee box. Discussion followed, with a request that she contact the Ladies Club in notifying her intent to spruce up the flower beds in that area. The Board was in consensus to have this done.
	c. M Anderson reports that the DNR is going to assist in the fence rebuild as a training exercise.
	d. M Anderson reports the DNR is going to assist in obtaining a DNR permit to allow the fire piles to be burnt under one permit, and that DNR will stand by at the site when this occurs.
	e. M Anderson reports that the DNR will help in obtaining a Permanent Wood Burning Appliance permit and work with Rural 7 to complete.
	f. A Wilson was contacted by Karen Shattuck regarding cart and cart shed. As this is fully paid up for the year 2023, the cart can remain at the shed.
		i. D Miller asked if K Shattuck wanted to redeem her certificate and if so, she needs to write the Board requesting such.
7. Guest: None
8. Report from Club Professional
	a. Rental from Golf Carts to date is $2229.16 and for the entire year 2022 was $14XXX.
	b. Discussion followed about how to account and develop a shop line item for savings of funds out of cart rentals or cart plus a portion of green fees. In agreement, was to watch the line item and when a shop sweep is made, adjust a percent of the cart rentals over to a new line item for a savings for future cart purchases.
		i. The Board approved the purchase of a 1996 Club Car cart to increase the fleet to 5 carts available to rent at a price of $2000.00, which will be part of the line item in the savings available.
	c. Shop Sweep to be determined late July or early August.
	d. A Wilson reports she has 4 new outside staff, for a total of 5 employees and 3 shop employees, including the most recent hire as of today. This does not include her time in the shop or on the course.
9. Board Member reports:
	 Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat Submitted
	 Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff Completed
	 Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt
		o Replacement of Clubhouse windows to lower heat loss would cost approximately $4700 in windows and approximately $4700 in labor. To be followed up by J Thayer and determine what rebates available at KPUD.
		o Screen door and main door into shop needs to be replaced at an approximate cost of $800. D Miller motioned to have both doors replaced and not to exceed a cost of $1000.00, with J Thayer second, motion carried
	 Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff
		o Lowell Erland Tournament in two weeks with silent auction items to be posted.
		o Scholarships from this tournament to be determined out of the pool of the 10 applicants. R Marshall, D Miller and Member Darren Hoffman to review for the selection.
10. Old business:
	o Legacy Bench………on going
	o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, upcoming workday in Spring)
	o Donna Silen…..discussion
	o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going Arrived
	o File management…. On- going.
	o Carts on course during winter play Need to purchase Handicap flags
	o Cart Shed……. update
	o Maintenance…..checking oil in equipment…….update All the golf carts need to have an oil change
	o Handicap golfer’s workshop discussion…..on-going
	o Social Membership for past members wanting to be on the course. R Marshall to reach out to Don Slawson to see if he wants to be a social member at $225 a year.
11. New business:
	o Handicap golfers’ workshop…………. discussion
	o Doug’s email / additions to agenda
	o Payroll approval/ Timecards for employees……Jeff Completed
	o Art Mains fence share cost By consensus, the Board agreed to pay for half the post cost behind 3 green, with payment to be in the shop. J Thayer moved, D Miller second, that the $125 for the half of the post cost would be beneficial to the course, motion carried.
	o J Thayer asked to be allowed to use his Certificate Membership to rent the club house 2 June from 1700 to 2000, at the rental rate of $50.00 By consensus action, the request was approved.
12. Comments D Miller is appreciative of the new bench and waste container out on the 7 tee box that was donated by Dave and Alve Ross.
13. Next meeting date: 7 June 2023 with a early 1300 start for 9 holes of golf with Pro and staff. Regular business meeting to follow at 1600.
14. Motion to adjourn at 1835 by J Thayer, second by M Anderson, motion carried.
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Agenda for April 12th, 2023

1. Meeting is called to order President Rich Marshall called the meeting to order 1630
2. A quorum is declared Board Members Rich Marshall, Matt Anderson, Doug Miller, Jeff Thayer (Pat Gallagher not able to attend) and Pro Amy Wilson
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve M Anderson moved, D Miller second, motion carried.
4. Approval of minutes: 3/6/2023, Motion to approve: M Anderson moved to accept as submitted, D Miller second, motion carried.
5. Treasurer’s report and Correspondence: Donna Silen
	a. Donna Silen has requested a medical waiver for 2023. Discussion followed and the Board wants to review further and have as an agenda item for next meeting.
	b. Treasurer report accepted as presented
	c. Financial sheet to determine Pro Profit Sharing accepted. D Miller moved to accept and approve the amount of $1387.72 for the profit sharing, J Thayer second, motion carried.
	d. The list of unpaid memberships was presented. J Thayer to remind members that lack of payment will result in not being allowed to play or have GHIN active.
	e. A certificate holder is requesting to look at installing a sand bunker by practice green.
6. Guest: No guest were present
7. Report from Club Professional Amy Wilson
	a. Member Bob Moco has provided a new GGC Flag. Due to the increased size, it may be needed to shorten the flag pole one section.
	b. Members are concerned that Don Slawson may be a liability to GGC with his presence searching for golf balls, especially when members or guest of members are playing while he is on the course. Following discussion and listening to concerns regarding his presence on the course, President R Marshall will reach out to D Slawson and ask him to refrain from gathering golf balls.
	c. Discussed the purchase of metal pin cups, and she has found some similar ones seen at other courses that seem to hold the pin flags in place better than the plastic ones. The Board agreed with her and asked that she move forward in purchasing.
	d. Discussion regarding a new drag mat for the greens. The original purchase was voided due to the bank change over and the fraud issues prior to. D Miller forwarded a similar drag mat at a lower cost for her review. The Board is in favor of purchasing.
	e. She reported that there is a task list by week and the crew complete it and fill in with other accomplishments done in the week. D Miller requested that hours spent per task be accounted for and tabulated for future budgeting processes.
	f. The greens plugging and sanding will be pushed back to the 24 th as sand is not deliverable in time to do this coming Monday.
	g. The greens need to be verticutt and the existing reels are worn out. M Anderson and D Miller will attempt to find replacement reels or parts to repair.
	h. Forward tee box for #5 has been staked out. Concerns this will lower course difficulty.
8. Pete Lee Fund: A Wilson discussed her involvement with John Lee in the use of the fund. She and J Lee concurred to use the funds interest to assist with her at the Goldendale schools in a mini golf camp and learning experience for 12 days this last winter. What are the plans for this fund and are we still interested in how it is used. The Board would like to discuss further and perhaps return the CD to J Lee and direct the use of said money with the Pro.
9. Golf Carts and Funding: A Wilson requested the purchase of up to 5 used golf carts that are from Lake Spanaway at a cost of $5500 each thru NW Golf Cars. Discussion followed and was decided that a workshop regarding golf carts and golf cart purchasing be addressed. As of this time there is not a dedicated account for golf carts and therefore not any funding available thru that account to purchase golf carts. Workshop slated 19 April at 1500.
10. Board Member reports:
	Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat D Miller submitted Ground and Equipment report. M Anderson and D Miller to meet to review tree trimming and limb removal this Friday. M Anderson reported that two power poles were put in place for allowing removal of service wire from the trees and onto the poles.
	Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff J Thayer brought up the unpaid memberships and how to better address getting the members to be on time with dues being paid. Discussion followed that included a monthly service charge for unpaid dues regardless of amount remaining or an interest charge based on the unpaid balance. The policy regarding payment of dues to be reviewed and changed to reflect the desired language. J Thayer reports that the insurance check has been received for the fence replacement and for the damage to the golf course that occurred last winter. J Thayer reported that the Auto Payroll service has been instituted. The Treasurer will be making packets for employees to fill out as they are hired and distributed to the Pro. That information is crucial for getting payroll out in a timely manner.
	Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt M Anderson has solicitated Matt Counts for building a back road behind the sheds, moving the framing for the new maintenance shed and for hauling in the blocks used to build the concrete sand pit; in exchange for a 2023 membership in good standing, and with the understanding M Counts will provide for the GHIN payment. By consensus this was accepted as a good value for GGC projects.
	Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff J Thayer reports the Spring Opening Tournament is scheduled for this Saturday and there appears to be a lot of interest with sign ups to participate. There will not be any breakfast servings.
11. Old business:
	o Legacy Bench………on going
	o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, workday in Spring)
	o Sand Shed……. On going Completed
	o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. D Miller and J Thayer met with Riverview Tech Irrigation and they are providing a quote for the equipment. This will include a larger pump and motor to replace the worn out pump (ability to run the new pump at less than 100% and have more pressure for the same amount of volume), along with an appropriate VFD. Consensus is that we want to obtain the equipment at the stated price (approximately less than $12,000 and not including the discounts for BPA efficiency value). D Miller to follow up.
	o File management…. On- going.
	o Carts on course during winter play
	o Cart Shed……. Update Workshop slated
	o Maintenance…..checking oil in equipment…….update
12. New business:
	o Handicap golfers’ workshop…………. discussion R Marshall commented on the meeting and is going to provide 6 blue handicap flags for our members. Decision was to leave ropes as is and to provide a card that stipulates to the conditions from the meeting. D Miller suggested that as we mow a fairway mark around each green, that golf cars can have no more than two wheels on this area if the golf car is used to deliver the golfer. Consensus was to try this for this year and then have a group discussion later in the Fall.
	o Safety Deposit Box………. Doug D Miller submitted a form which removes previous signatures and has all Board members sign along with the Treasurer which will designate the Treasurer and the Secretary to access the Safety Deposit Box located at Umpqua Bank. M Anderson moved, J Thayer second, motion carried.
	o Doug’s email / additions to agenda Reviewed
	o Automatic Payroll – Jeff Reviewed
13. Comments A donation of $146.50 has been made towards the KPUD electric bill.
14. Next meeting date: 10 May 2023 at 1630
15. Motion to adjourn Adjournment at 1940 Motion by M Anderson, second J Thayer, carried.
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Agenda for March 6th, 2023

 Meeting is called to order Meeting called to order at 1608 by Pres. Rich Marshall
 A quorum is declared Rich Marshall, Jeff Thayer, Matt Anderson, Doug Miller and via phone
Pat Gallagher. Also in attendance Treasurer Melissa Wright.
 Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve J Thayer moved to approved
agenda as presented, second by P Gallagher, motion carried.
 Approval of minutes: 2/13/2023, Motion to approve: J Thayer moved to approve as presented,
P Gallagher second, motion carried.
 Treasurer’s report and Correspondence: Goldendale Kiwanis
    a. Correspondence: R Marshall inquired about allowing the Kiwanis Club to have a 5K
    run that would include the golf course the same day as the Kiwanis Club Golf
    Tournament. Consensus was that was an acceptable inclusion to the use of the
    course as the Kiwanis Club has typically paid for the day use of said course for their
    b. Correspondence: M Wright received a written request from John Lloyd to do
    monthly payments until paid in full by 1 June this year. J Thayer moved to accept
    the payment request, M Anderson second, motion carried.
    c. Correspondence: M Wright received a written request from Kevin Gerchak he be
    allowed to pay by check at the end of March. As this meets the Policy for submittal
    of dues, no action required.
    d. Correspondence: Ron Consuelo has antique and very old golf clubs he wants to
    bring to show at the Club. Considerations and concerns about managing the area
    where they would be displayed and the responsibility to be the owner and not
    Goldendale Golf Club. A suggestion was to have them at the Member Guest
    Tournament or at the Friday Social and invite him to be a speaker about his
    collection. The consensus was to invite him for a Friday Social.
    e. Treasurer: M Wright requested the ability to acquire a debit card for the Club
    purchasing for making payments for items procured for the Club such as Starlink.
    A monthly report to be generated and will help separate Club purchases from Shop
    purchases. Consensus this was a value added and accepted.
    f. Treasurer: Robert Herman overpaid for his golf cart house (gas v electric) and will
    be getting a reimbursement of $68.47.
    g. Treasurer: Sean Oliver overpaid his golf dues and will be getting a reimbursement
    of $100.
    h. Treasurer: The Mobile Home has been rented and payment of $900 along with a
    deposit of $300 has been made.
    i. Treasurer: The shop inventory has been completed. At issue is the inventory
    control does not carry the invoiced rate, instead only the sales pricing. M Wright to
    reach out to Janet Smith for the original invoice costing.

 Guest: No Guest
 Report from Club Professional No Pro Report

 Board Member reports:
    a. Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat
        i. D Miller submitted ground and equipment report.
        ii. D Miller in searching for a backup pump suggested we look at a bigger new
        pump and motor and use the existing pump and motor as the backup in
        order to provide better pressure at the same volume.
        iii. M Anderson reports the Cushman Hauler has arrived
    b. Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff
        i. J Thayer reviewed the financials as compiled by the Treasurer.
        ii. D Miller reviewed request for wage adjustment to Treasurer. Discussion
        regarding hours and opportunity to have coverage at the golf shop J
        Thayer moved the wage be adjusted from Minimum to additional to $20
        hour, D Miller second, motion carried.
        iii. D Miller moved that the stipend amount be removed from the Treasurer
        and that the new wage to be retroactive to 1 March. J Thayer second and
        motion carried.
        iv. D Miller discussed moving the safety deposit box at Umpqua, J Thayer
        suggested changing the safety deposit box if that would be easier. D
        Miller reminded that we would need minutes to show the Board is in favor of
        which path they choose and to select the persons who would have a key and
        access to the safety deposit box. M Anderson moved that once a solution to
        the safety deposit box is complete that only the Treasurer and the Secretary
        have keys and access. J Thayer second, motion carried.
    c. Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt
        i. M Anderson added a new fire extinguisher, smoke detector and outlet
        installed by electrician. Washing machine fixed as was the sink drain.
        ii. J Thayer reported the flush valves on the urinals were fixed in the Men’s
        bathroom and that LED lights were up on the buildings to replace the older
        halogen lights. Will result in lower power cost to operate.
        iii. M Anderson has worked with Pioneer Engineering to review the trusses
        purchased last year to be installed for the new machine building. Cost to do
        the review is at the value of ONE Membership for 2023.
        iv. Handicap parking signs are in and available to be installed.
        v. J Thayer and M Anderson discussion about the new maintenance building
        and using the proposed roofing funds to build it with. Discussion followed
        and determined to use the Dedicated Funds for Buildings to be used instead.
        Consensus is to do so.
    d. Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff
        i. The Spring Handicap Match Play sign ups should be up for members to sign
        on to participate.

 Old business:

    o Legacy Bench………on going
    o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going (Matt and Jeff, workday in Spring)
    o Sand Shed……. On going
    o Office Space………. on-going Completed
    o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
    o File management…. On- going.
    o Surplus mower to Sean Kartis….Jeff. Update Declined to accept
    o Amy to order LED yard lights………update Installed
    o Maintenance…..checking oil in equipment…….update

 New business:

    o Social memberships?
        o Social Membership is $225 and does not include any golf
        o Social Membership with 10 rounds of 18 holes or any combination of
        is $550. Only ONE PUNCHCARD per Calendar year is allowed.
        o Social Membership (for that person) cannot be used to play in GGC
        Tournaments as a Member or as a Guest.
    o Cart Shed update.
        o Being updated with follow up by the Pro.
    o Carts on course during winter play
        o Per discussion from previous meetings, a workshop to have the older
        golfers involved in providing solutions to having the course open for
        play and the use of carts. R Marshall and Pro A Wilson to prepare
        and promote the workshop. Date as of yet undertermined.
    o Men’s restroom……..update Resolved

 Comments Discussion by the Board: For the current certificate holders who wish to turn in
their certificate, at what dollar amount should the redeemed certificate be valued at, the
original or the most recent? This leads to other questions about who can receive the
certificate if it was not purchased as a Joint certificate holding (using the word OR) and if it
is passed on, how to accomplish the handing down or over?
 Next meeting date: 18 April 2023 at 1600
 Motion to adjourn M Anderson moved to adjourn, J Thayer second, motion carried 1731
Doug Miller, Secretary
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Minutes for February 13th, 2023

1. Meeting is called to order Rich Marshall called the meeting to order at 1603
2. A quorum is declared Rich Marshall, Jeff Thayer, Matt Anderson, Doug Miller with Pat Gallagher via
Telephone. Pro Amy Wilson and Treasurer Melissa Wright in attendance.
3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve P. Gallagher moved to approve
the Agenda as presented, J. Thayer second, motion carried.
4. Approval of minutes: 1/8/22, Motion to approve: (Annual mtg and board mtg) The 2023 Annual
Certificate Holders meeting minutes met with Consensus for posting, but not as approved; with the Annual
meeting minutes to be posted at GGC. M. Anderson moved to approve January 2023 Board meeting minutes
as presented, J. Thayer second, motion carried. Board minutes to be posted on the web and at GGC
5. Treasurer’s report and Correspondence: (Dave Ross; Don Slawson; Holly Gove)
    a. Correspondence received and that Certificate Holder #121 Don Slawson requested to redeem his
    certificate and was not going to join the club for this year. M. Anderson moved to have Certificate
    #121 redeemed in the amount of $500 to Don Slawson, D. Miller second, motion carried. President
    Marshall to relay the funds to Mr. Slawson.
    b. Correspondence was received from a Certificate Holder and summarized the Annual Meeting and past
    discussions about Board and Certificate Holders becoming responsible in a lawsuit over handling of the
    business of running the Goldendale Golf Club. After discussion, President Marshall will review this
    matter with the offended party/parties and come to an agreeable resolution.
    c. Correspondence from Holly Grove wanting to have a trade with GGC and local radio stations
    regarding advertising for perks at the Course. After discussion, it was affirmed that GGC is not
    interested in trading. Consensus was to not accept the offer. President Marshall to respond to the
6. Treasurer Report by M. Wright.
    a. Reported an invoice from the State of Washington for the regulatory fliers required to be posted for
    employees was received.
    b. The State of Washington requires an annual audit, and within this is the equipment inventory.
    Directed to use the list from which the CPA to complete the audit.
    c. Secretary of State-Washington requires 4 of the Current Board members to be on the registration list.
    M. Anderson moved to have the Treasurer respond with the GGC Board members and to have the
    Treasurer listed as a Registered Agent. D. Miller second, motion carried.
    d. Treasurer noted we are still using temporary checks at Columbia State Bank until such time the new
    !st Security Bank is operational, as which time new checks will be ordered using the Business Ledger
    style of checks with that have detachable registers.
    e. M. Anderson gave $350 in funds received for half a cart purchased by Andy Jaekel and a similar
    amount of $350 was received by the Treasurer by Brad Falenkhamp for the other half, and will need to
    split the cost of the cart shed in future billings.
        i. As a side note, it is requested to have an Audit of every Cart Shed.
        ii. It was discussed that some members have more than 1 cart shed.
    f. D. Miller furnished to the Treasurer a check for the cost of the refurbishment of the Cushman 1200
    Hauler that exceeded the $5000 in the purchase that has been overhauled by Pacific Golf and Turf.
    g. By Consensus, to post the Profit/Loss statement be made available to Certificate
    Holders if a written communication is received by the Board.
    h. By Consensus, to post the Budget Actual to Budget Proposed at GGC on a quarterly basis.
7. Guest: No Guest
8. Report from Club Professional Pro A. Wilson did not have a report
9. Board Member reports:
     Grounds/Equipment………………Doug/Pat Report submitted. Received
    approval to plant trees in locations determined. Reviewed areas of being soft
    and in need of being roped off. D. Miller also wants to have purchase of
    material to reduce the impact of the silver thread moss that is showing up in
    the greens. Wilber Ellis in Yakima has the material at $185 for 8 ounces.
    Pro A. Wilson suggest we find material to help jump start the greens growing
    once it warms up, and M. Anderson thought humic acid would work.
     Finance/Pro shop supervision……Jeff Reports that Pro Amy Wilson
    starts in the shop on Wednesday.
     Buildings/Clubhouse……………Matt New renter at the Mobile Home
    starting 1 March. He and A. Wilson to purchase 3 handicap parking signs
    as the number of marked spaces designates that requirement. D. Miller
    suggest one at each end of the parking areas and one near the club house.
     Tournaments/Events……………Matt/Jeff R. Marshall inquired about the
    Kiwanis Tournament date. Tentatively scheduled for 26 August and with a
    possible open date of 9 September.

10. Old business:
    o Legacy Bench………on going
    o Maintenance Shop and Plans…… on going
    o Sand Shed……. On going
    o Office Space………. on-going
    o Critical Spare Pump and Motor………. on-going
    o Member conduct letter………. On going Remove
    o File management…. On- going.
11. New business:

    o Bitcoin discussion and update M. Anderson reviewed the construction of the mechanical
    device using coded washers with the public numbering sequence. The sequence will allow
    donations to bitcoin, but not trade out or removal. D. Miller received the washers and sealed
    information to be stored in a safety deposit box.
    o Cart Shed update. Pro A. Wilson to review and audit sheds
    o 2/7/23 workshop comments and discussion A workshop to be promoted within to
    meet with players desiring to use carts with a handicap flag, signature of agreement with
    GGC members and for guest. Pro A. Wilson to coordinate.
    o Carts on course during winter play D. Miller restated the use of carts can suddenly
    challenge the ability to keep the course in playing shape. Reviewed the soft spots that were
    obvious but driven thru leaving deep ruts that will need repair and the areas where cart traffic

    has worn out the grass, some places being very large in size and will require intense
    a. J. Thayer found the sink in the men’s bathroom is not draining and the appliances are not keeping a
    water level to limit odors. He has contacted Gary Erickson to fix.
    b. J. Thayer noted the unused John Deere greens mower that is not operational is still here and he has a
    possible means of removal. D. Miller moved to surplus the JD Greens mower as mentioned at a value
    of $800, M. Anderson second, motion carried.
    c. R. Marshall reviewed staff salary and budget
    d. D. Miller suggested that the Board obtain a bank card that would allow for Club transactions to be
    kept separate from Shop transactions. Left for further review.
    e. J. Thayer was able to make the JD Gator operational. He has brought it back to the shop.
    f. D. Miller asked that consideration be made that as the Certificate Holders are the “owners of the golf
    course”, that only certificate holders be allowed to play in the offseason. The damage to the course in the
    offseason would then be presentable as a cost to the “owners of the golf course” as a separate line item.

13. Next Meeting Date 6 March 2023 at 1600
14. Motion to adjourn M. Anderson moved to adjourn at 1837, J. Thayer second, motion carried.
Goldendale Golf Board
8 January 2023

President Rich Marshall declared a quorum of the Board of Trustees following the re-election of Board
Member Pat Gallagher and Board Member Jeff Thayer. In attendance were also Matt Anderson and Doug
Miller (P Gallagher via phone).
Adoption of the Agenda
	J Thayer moved to adopt the agenda as presented, M Anderson second, motion carried.
Approval of the Minutes
	J Thayer moved to approve the minutes of 16 December 2022 as presented, M Anderson second,
	motion carried.
Treasurer Report and Correspondence
	J Thayer will follow up with M Wright on the action items from the Certificate Holders meeting that
	was just held, specifically regarding the Employee Tax amount.
Guest at meeting
	No guest
Professional Report
	A Wilson not present
Board Member reports
	D Miller, P Gallagher, M Anderson and J Thayer had No reports
Od Business
	All old business to carry over to the next meeting
New Business
	Election of Officers
		J Thayer nominated Rich Marshall for President, D Miller second, motion carried
		J Thayer nominated Pat Gallagher for Vice President, M Anderson second, motion carried
		D Miller moved that we retain Melissa Wright as Treasurer to the Board, J Thayer second,
		motion carried
		President R Marshall appointed Doug Miller to be Secretary of the Board
		President R Marshall asked for a synopsis of the Pro Amy Wilson review. Consensus was the
		review process worked, it was favorable for Pro A Wilson, and a lot of discussion was
		generated by all. Board members asked to be kept in the loop and want to participate in
		keeping the golf course in better than average playing conditions (as they were and did
		address this issue with the Certificate Holders). To that end, Four distinct issues are to be
		addressed over the year and evaluated for the season. It was suggested that a mid-season
		review be implemented and if there are any changes desired or needed. Originally discussed
		having a late July meeting, yet could be moved up if required or requested.

Annual Meeting Discussion and Review
	President R Marshall asked the Trustees their thoughts regarding the Certificate Holders meeting
	that was held earlier.
	R Thayer and M Anderson both received compliments after the Certificate Holders met on how the
	Board handled the questions from Sherrye Morrison and Gene Hanson. While acknowledging the
	presentation was not perfect, nearly all were in agreement in the path chosen and the efforts
	undertaken by the Board.
	Under general discussion: who has the approval to talk or bring up issues at a Certificate Holders
	meeting? Comments and Questions by a person or group of persons who are not the listed
	Certificate Holder; do they need to be a Certificate Holder to comment? We need a list of current
	certificate holders and a list of all the members and category. Should the Trustees ask for diligence in
	only allowing a listed Certificate Holder to participate?
	A further review of the ByLaws: the Trustees have it in good faith that the Board is operational
	under the ByLaws that are now being used (Miller calls them the Amended Callan Rules) that were
	adopted in whole in April of 1993 according to minutes of said date. That there has not been an
	effort to have a vote of 2/3 of 2/3 of the Certificate Holders in the Annual meeting from that vote
	aside from one instance in 2017 when the proposed Moco Rules were voted down after being called
	for a vote by Gene Hanson. Upon discussion, it was determined that under the Callan Rules (not
	the Amended Callan Rules which came after 2018), that the Board of Trustees had the authority to
	make changes to the ByLaws as adopted back in 1993. The call for the vote ended up with the
	Moco Rules being voted down with 3 Yea and 17 Nay (Miller discussed that in 2017 there were most
	likely 52 Certificate Holders and 2/3 would have required 34 Certificate Holders present to even
	take on the proposed vote as asked for by Hanson, and at best, the tally of votes combined was only
	20 Certificate Holders, which meant that following the proposed changes in the ByLaws would not
	have been accepted; thus meaning to the Trustees that the Callan Rules were viable, and by
	implementation of portions of the Moco Rules, such as reducing the Board size from 7 Trustees to 5
	Trustees, the Amended Callan Rules came about.
	D Miller, M Anderson and J Thayer will work towards getting all the Current Certificate Holders to
	attend next year’s Annual Certificate Holders meeting with the current ByLaws up for re-adoption
	and recorded; while continuing to operate under the those same ByLaws until a sufficient number of
	Certificate Holders are in attendance.
	D Miller request that the Trustees confirm who can vote, and who can raise questions at said
	meeting and to have those distributed several months prior to the January 2024 meeting.
	M Anderson commented on the fact that Gene Hanson reported that we are already in our 100 th
	Year as a Golf Course and in 1924 we will be celebrating our first year of our Second One-Hundred
	Years as Goldendale Golf Club.
	President R Marshall asked for comments as relating to other business before the Board.
	M Anderson asked about how to rewrite the 10% reduction for Certificate Holders. Is it regarding
	the reduction in the dues of the value of the certificate, such as a $500 Certificate equates to a $50
	reduction of dues for Certificate Holders yearly membership? Or is it an across the board 10% of
	the overall dues, and the General Membership are to bear the cost of the added membership fee,
	such as a $1000 Certificate Holder yearly membership would equate to $1100 annual membership
	fee for a Regular Member.
	J Thayer asked if the question by Sam Wilkins about Dedicated Funds if we should be setting aside a
	Line Item dedicated amount that is interest bearing but not part of the General Funds as has been
	past practice. For instance, with 47 Certificate Holders, we would have a Line Item that carries
	$23,500 in a passbook account as it has to be accessible for any person asking for funds when they
	relinquish the Certificate. At the minimum, even in a higher earning interest rate account, then
	some funds in the yearly budget as is currently done would have to occur, along with the Line Item
	in a Dedicated Fund.
	D Miller asked about further clarification about Certificates. Who can vote, how does one inherit (if
	not turned in, then when does the inheritor have a membership requirement occur?), and procedure
	for transferring from one spouse to another in event of death (relinquish the old and receive a new,
	while still maintaining the membership?).
	D Miller asked about with new officers, who is to contact with the Secretary of State office?
	Clean up the Rate sheet along with Rental of the Course and Club, add a Ryder for the use of the
	ClubHouse as insurance damage in addition to normal clean up deposit. Posting on Website upon
Next Meeting and Adjournment
	13 February 2023 at 1600
	J Thayer to adjourn, D Miller second, meeting adjourned. 1905
Doug Miller, Secretary
Goldendale Golf Club Board of Trustees
Agenda for December 16th, 2022

1. Meeting is called to order at 1600

2. A quorum is declared Board Members present Rich Marshall, Jeff Thayer, Pat Gallagher, Matt
Anderson, Doug Miller. Pro Amy Wilson and Treasurer Melissa Wright.

3. Adoption of agenda (any additions or deletions) Motion to approve As Amended in RED.
Anderson moved as amended, Gallagher second, Motion Carried.

4. Approval of minutes: 11/15/2022 Motion to approve Anderson moved as submitted,
Gallagher second, Motion Carried.

5. Treasurer’s report and Correspondence....... Bob Moco email
		a. Moco stated that the person at the Maryhill Museum is still interested in renting out the
		Mobile Home after the Holidays. The cart he was transferring to Maryhill Museum has
		been moved out of the club house area.
		b. Moco brought in a Tee Box marker and described the proposed improvements to keep
		the blocks of wood from becoming water logged.
		c. Moco thought the letter sent via email to the Certificate holders for the upcoming
		meeting did not have the inclusion of the Budget. Marshall located stated letter and
		found the wording did include the Budget and the Vote for Board details.
		d. Moco wanted to know if we had a list of improvements for the Mobile Home.
		e. Moco discussed funding into the market with CD’s, not BitCoin, and the potential use
		of his broker for other activities, if so desired.
		f. Marshall noted he approved the expenditure of two Columbia Gorge News
		advertisements for the Goldendale Golf Course.

6. Treasurer Report by Wright.
		a. A review of the Profit/Loss statement, inclusion of both Shop and Club on the same
		statement. Handed out a budget sheet with room for the proposed 2023 income and
		expense. Handed out the balances for the activities involved with the running of GGC
		shop and club. It was noted needed to have the dedicated funds would be proper.
		b. SurePay as a payroll service would provide payroll on an every other week, using direct
		deposit for the employees. Additionally, would determine all the taxes for each
		employee and generate the year end paperwork such as W2. Cost at $30 each for the
		first Two employees and no additional charge for other employees. Miller moved to
		accept SurePay as presented, Thayer second, Motion Carried.
		c. Wants to add pertinent information when doing the membership billing, and verify
		which cart house and type, to be part of the billing system; as all cart houses are now
		rented out and there is a monetary value needing to be tracked.

7. Guest: Gene Hansen Bob Moco, Ken Shattuck
	a. Gene Hansen
		i. Mentioned the mounds of dirt along the right side of the fairway.
		ii. Mentioned the need for handicap parking at the course (minimum of two spots)
		with signage.
		iii. Does not have email, and had not been notified of the upcoming Membership
		meeting, thus is asking for him to be on the mailing list (Don Slawson may be
		another other Certificate holder without email).
		iv. Non Speculative use of funds such as BitCoin, Gold or Silver. Non Profits are
		not allowed without a change in the ByLaws as supported by the Membership
		v. Does not believe that the Board can have electronic voting as the proposed
		ByLaw changes from several years back did not pass.
		vi. Does not know where the rumor or who started the rumor that he was to
		receive free membership, as he has never asked for such gift, not would he
		accept such gift. The only time he remembers anything about a gift was for a
		landowner willing to donate property for a lifetime of golf for his son, which
		was rejected by the Board at the time.
		vii. Desired that minutes be posted in the Clubhouse within a week of the meeting.
	b. The Board thanked Hansen for his input and would look further into his questions.
		i. The Board directed the Pro to find the addresses for those Certificate holders
			and to send them a copy of the letter Marshall had emailed to others.
	c. Ken Shattuck
		i. Commented on Greens 3 and 4 as to their condition and wanted to know who
		was responsible for the Playing Grounds. Miller stated he was the person in
		charge of the Equipment and Grounds.
		ii. Wanted to know what was being done about rectifying the issues. Miller stated
		that remedies were in discussion and an action plan was being formulated to
		take place once the greens were thawed. Miller agreed that a lack of water on
		some greens was an issue, and overwatering in other areas was a problem.
		iii. Wanted to know where the hose bib was by Greens 3. Miller responded that he
		had not removed the hose bib and was unable to speak to why it is gone.
	d. The Board desires that when conditions on the course are noticeable, that contact via
	the Pro and the Person in Charge be made in a timely manner to address issues.
	e. Bob Moco
		i. Along with earlier comments, wanted to have minutes posted on line.
	f. The Board agreed to have approved minutes posted on line in a timely fashion.

8. Report from Club Professional
	a. Pro Amy Wilson
		i. Presented data on rounds played for the year, which are down about 600
		rounds from last year.
		ii. A number of guests declined to play due to lack of golf carts to rent out.
		iii. Desires to raise green fees as follows
			1. 9 holes from $20 to $25
			2. 18 holes from $30 to $35
			3. Guest of a Member from $20 to $25
		iv. Discussion followed, and by Consensus, agreed to the changes as presented
		effective 1 January 2023.
		v. Discussion followed regarding if Guest of a Member should be restricted to 18
		holes of play per day and Guest of a Certificate Holder would be allowed to
		play all day for the rate.
			1. Move to further review next Spring
		vi. Tournament schedule is nearing completion; Thayer and Anderson to meet 5
		January 2023 with Pro Wilson for finalization.
		vii. The clinics held for Ladies only was a success and a plan for more in 2023.
		viii. Plans on being on the course at least 1 full day a week.
		ix. Maintenance schedule is coming to completion with written task assignments
		x. Proposing mowing pattern and schedule for greens and fairways.
		xi. Reintroduce the use of the Tournament Fees in Open Tournaments
		xii. Working with the schools to provide an introduction to golf as a P.E. activity
		early next year
		xiii. Strengthen communication with all of the membership
		xiv. How to maximize the use of the Clubhouse
			1. Miller cautioned that there may be a need for additional insurance
			coverage for just the use of the Clubhouse.
			2. Miller asked that there be some form of fee for payment of the lights
			and heating and cooling during the non-golf season.
		xv. Updated calendar on the web and posted in the clubhouse

9. Board Member reports:
		• Grounds/Equipment..................Doug/Pat (Doug’s email)
	Miller reported on inability to get the Gator to be operational, and has found 3
	Cushman 1200 Haulers for $5,000 each.
	Anderson moved, Thayer second to purchase ONE Cushman1200 at $5000.
		• Finance/Pro shop supervision......Jeff
	Thayer reported Shop inventory to be completed by 4 January.
	Thayer reported that the Sweep of $25,000 has been made from the Shop account
	into the Club Checking account.
	Thayer reported that the Pro Profit sharing may be smaller than anticipated with the
	lack of income from green fees as alluded to by the Pro.
		• Buildings/Clubhouse...............Matt
	Anderson reported that he reviewed the outstanding receipts with the Treasurer and
	appreciated the effort made to clear them.
	Anderson reported Mobile Home will be ready to rent sometime after the Holidays
		• Tournaments/Events...............Matt/Jeff
	Anderson and Thayer reiterated the schedule will be completed first part of January.

10. Old business:
	o Legacy Bench.........on going On Going
	o Maintenance Shop and Plans On Going
	o Sand Shed Tarp is purchased, Concrete Blocks unavailable, ground needs
	frozen or totally dry, On Going
	o Safe....... Update Completed
	o Office Space.......... on-going Additional file cabinets in office, On Going
	o Critical Spare Pump and Motor.......... on-going Miller has located a company
	that can build a duplex station, with drives. Or build our own duplex station
	and use a different system for controlling water use. On Going
	o Signature cards.... Update Completed
	o GGC Christmas party.......... Comments A great success and well done by those
	who were in charge. Many comments on how well the meal was.
	o Member Conduct On Going, to be brought to the Board January

11. New business:
	o Transfer of funds from Shop to Club of 25,000. (Tabled from last meeting)
	o Certificate Holders meeting and budget workshop....... Update Verify all
	Certificate holders are email or regular mail for notices.
	o Nomination to the board A reminder: A person nominated needs to have a
	second in order to be placed on the ballot for the position they are running for.
	That a person can only run for one position per event. Casting of ballots can
	be by a show of hands, a voice vote or paper ballot or electronic ballot via
	email or telephone.
	o Wood removal Completed
	o Amy’s evaluation Moved to 4 January 2023 under Executive Session in a
	Regular meeting that day at 1600.
	o File management Anderson and Thayer to meet to discuss best method of
	creating electronic files of all the files GGC is aware of.
	o Damage to GGC Course damage created by a vehicle going off Pine Forest Road
	and onto the 3 Green and thru the 3 Fairway and over the Entry way posts and
	bricks and beauty rock. The person responsible is known and a insurance
	claim will be made with the quotes as needed to fix fencing, tree or tree
	removal, greens restoration, fairway restoration and signage area.
	o Christmas Bonus After discussion, the Board agreed to a Christmas Bonus of
	$100 for each full time employee: Amy Wilson, Melissa Wright, and James
	Williams. Miller Moved to have the Christmas Bonus as discussed, Thayer
	second, Motion Carried.
	o Preparation for 8 January 2023 Certificate Meeting A copy of the Budget, A
	copy or reading of the Previous Certificate meeting minutes, and a copy of the
	listing of Assets to be available or emailed to those not wanting to attend,
	along with hard copies to the Certificate holders without email.

12. Comments None

13. Next meeting date: Budget workshop 19 December 2022 at 1600 to update Budget
presentation. Next Board Meeting 4 January 2023 for final preparation for the Certificate
holder meeting and the Executive Session.

14. Motion to adjourn At 1956, Anderson moved for adjournment, Thayer second, Motion Carried.

Submitted by: Doug Miller, Recorder/VP
Goldendale Golf Course
Board Meeting Minutes
15 November 2022
Meeting called to Order by President Rich Marshall at 1600.
Quorum established: Board Members present include Rich Marshall, Jeff Thayer, Matt Anderson,
Pat Gallagher (by phone), Doug Miller. Also present Pro Amy Wilson and Treasurer Melissa
Wright. No Guest present.
Adoption of the Agenda: Miller motioned, Anderson second, Motion carried.
Correspondence: Letter from Bob Moco regarding Mobile Home rental opportunity. Following
discussion regarding, Marshall volunteered to reach out to potential renter to discuss conditions and
cost of renting.
Treasurer Report:
Wright reviewed the phone calls she made to the Board Members and the virus that was transmitted
into the Square, with the result of needing to close accounts temporarily at the local bank and
needing to take the computer with the financials to a certified virus cleaning shop. Until the bank
Fraud Unit has investigated the attempts to obtain funds via the virus/hacker, the issuance of
payments are suspended using the accounts in place. GGC Board members will have to sign new
cards for the new accounts at the bank. There may be a need for an new IP address as the
information could still be in the party that hacked into the system. The computer is ready for
Wright to retrieve on the 16 th and she will then be able to produce budgetary analysis and reports for
a budget workshop. The Board thanked Wright for her due diligence in resolving the issues.
Wilson and Wright are to meet with a Riverview Bank representative on the 16 th to look at another
means of operating the finance stream at the shop instead of the Square. A report will be
forthcoming on their observations.
Wright asked about Certificates that are in a folder and where we want to store them. Discussion
followed and Anderson requested that File Management be placed on the agenda for next meeting.
Marshall passed over to Wright a hard copy of the electronically submitted 2021 taxes by the CPA.

Pro and Shop Report:
Wilson reported that the main computer for the shop had a hard drive misfunction and needed to
be replaced, and she procured a laptop to replace with. She is rebuilding her programs currently.
Wilson requested that unused equipment be moved out of the double cart shed as she had a need
for space to place membership items. The Board discussed this is an item under equipment but
allowed that if the mowers could be moved out and protected, she could access the space.

Pro and Shop Report continued:
Wilson reported that there have been several instances where members have not abided by the
requirements set forth by the Board to ensure for overall playability or conduct that is acceptable.
Marshall asked for more details and a letter will be sent describing expectations and to attend a
meeting with 2 Board members for a review.
Grounds Report:
Miller reviewed with the Board the following items
Equipment Purchasing and RMA’s. Discussion with no action required
Course closures and membership use. Discussion with consensus that more communication
to the membership regarding expectations and what is deemed unacceptable.
Unsigned Correspondence. Discussion and consensus that unless it is signed, it will not be
an action item.
Temporary Greens. Discussion about green #3 and moving the placement closer to the
teeing grounds for the winter. Discussion about green #4 and closing it off to play including
the #4 teeing grounds for the off season. Miller and Anderson determined where a
temporary #4 green and tee box are to be for the off season, and the tee box is the old #5
tee box and the #4 temporary green to be on the right side of #5 fairway approximately the
same distance as the regular #4 tee to green.
Temporary Teeing Grounds. Discussion about the use of the regular tee boxes being
eliminated from play during the off season and the duties of the individual players to abstain
from using the tee boxes in order that the play during the off season does not compromise
the tee boxes and the sod. Along with a different teeing area for the relocated off season #4
green and tees, the teeing area for #5 fairway will be to the left side of the #5 fairway in the
areas designated.
Adherence to GGC winter rules. Miller requested that an email be sent out to all members
describing the efforts regarding the temporary greens and tees, and the off season non use of
the existing/regular greens of #3 and #4, along with not using the standard tee boxes. In
addition, a posted sign be placed stating such at the off season #1 teeing grounds.
Fertilizer inventory: Wilbur Ellis is packaging the required supply of material and will have it
available for someone to pick up at the warehouse in Yakima. Approximate weight 1100
pounds on a pallet. Alternative is to pay for shipping.
Winterized Equipment. The five fairway reels and the three greens mower reels need to be
scheduled in to the Toro shop for winter overhaul and sharpening.
Soft Spots in the playing areas. Too cold and hard on the turf to repair at this time.
Wash rack and water line. Reported that is has been turned off and drained for the winter.

Grounds Report continued:
Shop Thermostat. Miller requested a different thermostat be installed as the existing does
not allow for ease of use for heating or cooling. A reminder that once the building is not
occupied, the thermostat be turned back to save on energy.
Porta Potty. Miller asked for thoughts on replacing the existing Bishop unit with a
permanent unit. Discussion followed. Question asked about responsibility for cleaning.
New Tee Boxes. A request to have the most forward tee on #5 be positioned in a different
location. Anderson and Miller determined an acceptable location that is to the left of the
paved cart path as it leaves the teeing grounds and enters the fairway. A tee box location for
the forward #8 tee box is still under consideration. The tee box on #7, if it was able to be
moved back by some distance, would limit play trying to reach #7 green and cause the play
for that hole location as designed.
Green #3 and what the future looks. Several members have been looking at a means to
increase playability by moving dirt for building out the green towards the creek and have a
slope that is more manageable for maintenance and play.
Old Equipment. As a follow up to discussion on the John Deere tri-plex mower and the old
Toro fairway mower, we do not want to scrap metal them out. No action taken.
Burn pile on #5 and #6 triangle to be burned and cleaned up, and no additional material to
be placed in the triangle, instead over by the area between #7 and #8 roughs.
Thayer reviewed additional thoughts regarding the Square. Discussion followed, with
support of finding an alternative option, such as the Riverview Bank device. The Board is in
favor of finding an alternative that will allow for interaction with the supplier and our staff.
Open Clubhouse. A recent break in and theft in the local area is of concern as GGC has
both fuel and miscellaneous small parts that are easy to remove. Wilson reported that the
backpack blower was recently stolen, and this follows the gas blower stolen a few years ago
and the propane burner and tank that was stolen, along with fuel disappearing. Wilson
reports that all sheds are now under lock, as is the diesel. The gas pump nozzle is designed
to not allow for siphonage, but is not easily locked. She is looking at alternatives.
Anderson believes he may have found the leak under the Mobile Home and the repair it will
need before it is rented out. He also thinks we need to look at replacing the roofing on the
club house as it is delaminating and buckling.

Tournaments and Events. Wilson is scheduling, barring snow, to have the Iceberg Tournament
starting at Noon of the same day as the Christmas Party.

Tournaments and Events continued.
Christmas Party is moved from 4 December to 10 December at 1700, with the meal at 1800
and the prime rib being supplied by the Men’s Club. Wilson to send out an Evite and devise
a method to let folks what to bring for side dishes.
Old Business:
Legacy Bench. Ongoing
Maintenance shop and plans. While still ongoing, determined that the rafters need to be
moved to an upright position and covered.
Sand shed. Ongoing
Safe. Wilson reports it is Purchased and in the shop.
Office Space. Ongoing.
Critical Spare and Pump. Ongoing. Miller reports that he has not heard back from the Toro
Signature bank cards. Will need to complete signing, but without needing a Board resolution
as follow up to the Square virus.
New Business:
Thayer moved that $25,000 from the shop account be moved to the club account. Miller
second and motion carried.
Certificate Holders meeting. Will be on 8 January 2023 at 1600. Discussion followed about
the use of Zoom or other platform for the meeting. No action taken regarding.
Wood Removal Conversation. Miller requested that excess wood that is removed from the
property be given notice via Wilson to the Board. Oak is not to be removed.
Pro Evaluation. Postponed until the next meeting.

Next meeting. Budget workshop 30 November at 1500
Pro Evaluation 14 December at 1500
Regular Business meeting 14 December following.
Thayer moved to adjourn, Anderson second, Meeting adjourned at 1800
Doug Miller, Recorder
Goldendale Golf Club
Board of Trustees
12 October 2022
Meeting called to order at 1600 by Board President Rich Marshall
Quorum Established with all members present (Rich Marshall, Pat Gallagher, Jeff Thayer, Matt
Anderson and Doug Miller) and GGC Pro Amy Wilson
Anderson moved to accept the 6 September meeting minutes, Gallagher second, motion carried.
Thayer: Treasurer report was handed out that was submitted via Treasurer Melissa Wright.
Correspondence: None received
Guest: The person slated to come talk called the President and was not able to make the meeting as
Pro Wilson: Discussion about the rental of the Mobil Home to an employee. He wished to move in
starting the First of November. Rental rate and hourly rate for work that is done on the Mobile
Home. Determined that a new hot water tank is needed.
Miller moved to have the hot water tank replaced at a cost of less than $700.00 and Gallagher
seconded. Motion carried. Anderson, Thayer and Miller volunteered to change out.
Miller moved that the rate of the rental of the Mobile Home to the employee be $900.00 per month,
and Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Miller moved that any work completed by the employee while living in the Mobile Home to be from
an approved list of work to be done and paid at the current minimum wage, and Anderson
seconded. Motion carried.
Pro Wilson: The Reed Wedding of next Sunday is starting at 1500. When is the course to be closed
and golfers off the premises? Board discussion and by consensus, determined that 1300 that Sunday
the golfers and their guest are to be leaving. It was decided that parking should not be an issue and
that detail is not required.
Pro Wilson: She was informed that carrying money on the books is not acceptable past the end of
the season. She is concerned that there are several more tournaments left to play and several
members have stated they do not wish to have remaining unspent funds transferred to other
activities: this is an issue as it is difficult to find hard goods for members to purchase. Board
discussion was that reminder emails be sent to those with funds on the cards that they need to be
spent by the end of the season or the funds will be transferred to other activities.

Pro Wilson: The Shop computer stopped running. She and Anderson picked out a laptop to
purchase and to rebuild the files. She is purchasing a 2 Terrabyte hard drive backup as well, and
total purchases should be under $1000.00.
Pro Wilson: Reports that she has a new person that can fix the golf carts and hopes to have all of
the carts back in service by the end of the week.
Miller: Presented the Grounds report. Marshall asked if it was possible to move the 5 tee box
forward some more based on inquiries he has received.
Miller: Regarding the tree limb situation, removal of those limbs will need to wait until the end of
winter for removal to keep the trees healthy.
Miller: Requested to review the course operations. Discussion followed. No action.
Thayer: Reviewed the financials and updated the club checking to reflect the current amount as
provided by Treasurer Wright.
Anderson: Reviewed the labor budget, discussion followed, no action.
Anderson: Starlink has not been hooked up. Wilson reported that the extension arm for the satellite
dish was damaged and returned, but a replacement has not been sent. Thayer volunteered to build
an extension arm if needed.
Thayer: Reminded that if we get a trackhoe in for other jobs, we need to dig holes for the two power
poles that are by the cart sheds. These are to allow moving the power line away from the trees.
Pro Wilson: Men’s Club Match play at China Creek this Saturday, followed by Triple 6 next
Pro Wilson: Inquired about having the Friday Social be a Costume party on the 28 th . Marshall
volunteered to cook the meat.
Under Old Business: Remove the following….Quick Books, Starlink, MH rental, Delinquent
Under Old Business: On Going….Legacy Bench, Maintenance shop and plans, Safe for the Shop,
Office space revisions, Critical spare pump and motor.
Under New Business: Remove the following….Signature cards, Increase in Dues (GHIN going up
to $39 per person)
Under New Business: Move to old business…. Safety deposit box at Umpqua and do we want to
keep it, Transfer of funds to golf club account to occur in November/December timeframe
New Business: Certificate Holders and Budget meeting is Second Sunday in January.
Workshop: Budget review 2 November at Noon to 1300
Board Meeting: 15 November at 1600, including the last working day for the course.
Motion to adjourn by Miller, Gallagher second, motion carried at 1734

Doug Miller, Recorder
Goldendale Golf Club
6 September 2022

Quorum: All Trustees in Attendance (Rich Marshall/President, Doug Miller/VP/Recorder, Matt
Anderson, Jeff Thayer, Pat Gallagher), along with Pro Amy Wilson
Minutes of 10 August: Motion by M Anderson to approve, P Gallagher Second, motion carried.
Correspondence: Note from Sarah Hebert thanking the Board and the Golf Club for her Lowell
Erland Scholarship. Note to be posted on the board.
Pro Report: A Wilson stated she signed up one Jr Golf member. She also signed up two regular
members under the pro-rated membership fee.
Rental of Course update: Bullet and Balls with the GHS Golf team as a fundraiser (received a $900
course rental and $300 deposit for cleaning, with the course to be closed on 1 October).
Rental of Course update: Senior Blues to have the course for their Tournament 12 September, with
the Course closed all day. Tim Furlong states that for every player in the field the GGC receives $15
in lieu of a course rental rate. Potential to be short on carts and it was asked of Tim Furlong to help
with the parking. Possible there may be 48 players in the morning flight and in the afternoon flight.
Financial Report: J Thayer reviewed the updated spreadsheet for the Club and the Shop. There were
several questions and he expects them to be resolved after September financials are complete. The
Board appreciated his and M Wright’s efforts to be on track.
Tournaments. Pro A Wilson reported that the Member Guest Tournament went over very well and
met or exceeded all expectations. The Kiwanis Tournament fared poorly.
Tournaments: Upcoming Tournaments: A Wilson has on the calendar the Senior Blues,
Member/Member, The Glow Golf (along with the Social event), Bullet and Balls, and the Triple Six.
Grounds Report: D Miller did not have an updated grounds report
Equipment Report: D Miller stated the Ice Machine is working fine, but some members think the
cubes need to be larger. Consensus of the Board is to leave the ice machine setting where it is and
to not attempt to resize the cubes.
Building Report: J Thayer reports the two poles by the south cart sheds were in lieu of the KPUD
Safety Banquet held earlier this year. Once GGC gets the holes and poles installed, KPUD will
move the secondary from the trees onto the new poles.
Building Report: M Anderson and J Thayer are in agreement the Trusses need to be relocated for
the winter, and to set them up from becoming weathered. The revised location of the new
equipment shed to be south of the South Cart sheds.

Old Business Items:
Quick Books---No Action
Legacy Bench---Defining what constitutes a Person of Legacy has not been determined
StarLink---On Going
Maintenance Shed---On Going, though being described as a small footprint and taller.
Sand Shed---Awaiting the casting of the 29 environmental concrete blocks
Rental Rate for the Mobile Home---Not determined except that for an employee the rate is
part of the overall compensation package and is based on employment.
Delinquent Accounts---The Two delinquent accounts were sent an email regarding
requirement of payment in full before they can play golf again at the golf club. They have
yet to contact the Shop or the Club to address their payment.
Office Space---On Going
Critical Pump---Tentatively set to meet with Toro Representative regarding pump and motor
equipment and discuss electrical components swap outs. Miller and Thayer to oversee.
Policy Manual---Completed and adopted.
Men’s Club---Need to have new signatures as determined that Reinstatement is not
Women’s Club---Not determined if they have a GGC account at Columbia Bank and is not
addressed at this time for new signature cards.
Lowell Erland Scholarship Fund---New Signatures are required when a person is removed or
declines to be involved. This is being resolved at Columbia Bank.
Mobile Home Rental---For further review and discussion regarding rental agreement and
GGC Files and Treasurer---D Miller reports there are still missing files that are needed by
the Treasurer for her to complete her month end reports and filing. Due to misinformation,
the IRS files had to be phoned in to complete the monthly payments. M Wright has filed for
new paperwork to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.
Payroll---D Miller and J Thayer reported there was in issue with payroll as missing files were
not allowing the Treasurer to complete information needed for an employee. The
information was finally received, and a copy made, with the information then being taken
away instead of being left with the Treasurer for her safekeeping.
GGC Files---D Miller asked that R Marshall help obtain the remaining files, financials,
minutes and other GGC paper from S Morrison. R Marshall along with M Anderson and D
Miller will meet with S Morrison to receive said information at the Golf Club on 14
September at his time of choosing.

Lowell Erland Scholarship---J Thayer stated his son received the Lowell Erland Scholarship
Award in the mail.
Certificate Shareholders October Meeting: The October meeting that is the First Sunday of
October to have an election of Board of Trustees replacements has been moved to the
Certificate Shareholders meeting the Second Sunday of January 2023 Budget meeting,
followed by an election of Trustees; J Thayer and P Gallagher both announincing they are
planning on running to retain their seats.
Certificate Shareholders October Meeting Notification: The Board of Trustees asked A
Wilson to send out a notice to the Certificate Holders that the October meeting is being
moved to the January date next year. Also, to post on the Board, in the Clubhouse. If there
is a Shareholder who does not have an email, to direct them to the notice on the Board.
Next Board Meeting on the 12 of October at 1630, with Golf at 1400.
J Thayer moved to adjourn, M Anderson second, motion carried.

Doug Miller, Recorder
Goldendale Golf Club
Board of Trustees
10 August 2022

Meeting called to order
Quorum established: Rich Marshall, Matt Anderson, Doug Miller, Jeff Thayer, Pat Gallagher as
Trustees and Pro Amy Wilson, along with Sherrye Morrison
M Anderson moved to accept the July minutes including the signature sheet for the accounts held at
Columbia Bank, J Thayer Second, Motion carried.
Correspondence: Dema Thayer sent a thank you note for the scholarship, Jr. Golf Camp sent a
thank you note for use of the course to have their camp, and Corynn Kayser for the support from
the Golf Shop.
Correspondence: Letter from Klickitat PUD that the electric service has transferred back to the
Club and the Club is responsible for all future billings. Transfer effective of 26 July 2022.
Membership Report: Sherrye Morrison stated we have 47 Certificate Holders and 45 Regular
members, along with several Jr and out of area members. We gained 26 new members and lost 36
members. Still meeting budgetary goals.
Delinquent accounts: D Miller asked that we send notification of delinquency to the members who
have not paid the yearly dues by now as that does not meet with the Policy. He volunteered to
follow up. J Thayer motioned, P Gallagher second, motion carried.
Rental Income; Sherrye Morrison cautioned the Board that income from the Rental is taxed
separately as it is not part of the Membership or Pro package.
Pro Report; A Wilson gave reports about the Jr Camp, the Ladies Boot Camp. She also mentioned
that the supply chain issue is causing issues with being able to bring in merchantable items. She also
brought up the lack of room in the shop office for bringing in more items and to have room for her
and the staff in the office at the same time. Discussion followed without a decision. Discussion
followed regarding the success of the Jr Championship and the need to have all 3 of the
Championships played on the same weekend. Board consensus was in agreement.
The ice head machine has been replaced and is working keeping the ice bin full. Thanks to J Thayer
and M Anderson for getting it installed and running in time for the Member Guest.
Mobile Home Rental: A Wilson has a potential renter. Discussion ensued about the rate to charge
for the use and if we need to stay with a month to month program. Consensus was to stay with the
month to month rental. R Marshall asked if or how we would vet the incoming renters.
Grounds and Equipment Report: D Miller presented his report, with discussion regarding the soft
spot that has appeared below 9 green.
Shop finances: J Thayer reviewed the financial sheet from the shop and noted the slim margin left
for the shop once the sweep is made.
Mobile Home report: M Anderson reviewed the status of the building, and the need to fix/replace
certain items such as windows, carpet, hard flooring, insulation, skirting, leaks and roofing.
Maintenance Shop: M Anderson determined that the trusses have a low snow load and will have to
be placed on 1 foot centers, effectively shortening the overall size of the building.
Member Guest Tournament: Board discussion regarding playing conditions and local hazards.
Glo Golf: A Wilson has an evening fun golf event using Glo Balls for Golf the 19 th .
Next Social: Due to the Member Guest, Kiwanis Tournament, it was determined to set aside the
Social event until 30 September, have Wayne in to play music, J Thayer volunteered to cook.
Policy Manual: D Miller motioned to accept as presented, P Gallagher second, motion carried
Next Workshop: J Thayer recommended the 24 th of August and to discuss
Handicap Flags for Course. Meeting to be from 1100-1230 Board Consensus in agreement
Payroll Services: The desire is to have a payroll service implemented with a every other Friday
payday for employees via direct deposit. Melissa Wright and Board to work towards achieving.
Pump and Motor: J Thayer asked about acquiring a new pump and motor as critical spare for the
irrigation system. D Miller tasked with finding more information and to report to the Board.
Adjourn: M Anderson motioned, P Gallagher second, meeting adjourned 1824
Goldendale Golf Club
Board Minutes
13 July 2022

In Attendance: Board Members Rich Marshall, Doug Miller, Pat Gallagher, Matt Anderson, and Jeff
Thayer. Pro Amy Wilson and Bookkeeper Melissa Wright.
Quorum established.
Minutes of the June 2022 meeting approved as amended: Matt Anderson moved, Pat Gallagher
second, motion carried
Pro report moved forward: Pro Amy Wilson reports that Jr. Golf is continuing with 24 kids
involved. Wild Women Camp has 18 attendees of which half are members, which potentially means
the other half may join the club at some point.
Men’s Championship: This weekend 16 and 17 July
Ladies’ Championship: Moved to 21-22 July
Pro Wilson wants to revive the Jr Championship which would be held before school starts.
Pro Wilson reviewed the contract cost of acquiring 6 new golf carts. They need to be ordered very
soon to have them available for next year use. After discussion regarding funds, or lack thereof, it
was tabled for need of additional information.
Pro Wilson reports the screen door is needing replacement to the shop. Anderson to quote material
and pricing.
Pro Wilson and need for additional cooler equipment: Sales of beverages have increased 18% and
she does not have a safe place to store additional beverages in the area detailed for keeping. She is
asking for an additional cooler similar to the one purchased a few years ago, and to place it alongside
the existing to store the additional beverages. She has a quoted cost of $1300 for the cooler. Board
agreed by consensus this is acceptable and gave direction to purchase the cooler and wiring if
Pro Wilson requested that we not borrow equipment from the equipment or shop without her
knowledge and acknowledgement.
Pro Wilson was tasked to getting a drop safe purchased and installed before the Member Guest
Board asked Pro Wilson if the cart that was found in the cart sheds and has not been moved or had
payment for storage since 2019 has been moved. She responded that it was still in the cart shed.
Board asked that she notify by posting that this cart is to be surplus and to get it removed.

Board reviewed the next Social Friday event after thanking Matt Anderson for his efforts in holding
the event in June. By consensus, since there is a scheduled event (Larry Bellamy retirement party)
on the last Friday, it was determined to not have a Social Friday in July.
A Card of Thanks from Lizzie Hedges for the Scholarship she received from the Lowell Erland
Tournament Fund was received and read.
Scholarship funds have been distributed to those students who have completed application to the
school of choice. Four of Five have been completed, the remaining waiting for the trade school to
start later in the year.
Miller: Grounds and Equipment report was presented
Marshall reports he has the application for the Ruth Davenport Memorial Service and they have
voluntarily purchased the additional $1,000,000 insurance liability.
Marshall: Move Financials from the Shop and the Club to the top of the agenda to allow staff to
have minimum time at the table waiting to give their report. Board Members agreed it was a good
idea and supported.
Thayer: Reviewed Financials with Melissa Wright’s assistance. The financials are based on the
current checking account that began in January 2022, and is waiting for the CPA to load in
Thayer: Reminded the Board that we have gone thru 1 month of the 3-month transition period for
Melissa Wright and Sherrye Morrison to mesh the club financials with the shop.
Thayer: For good of the order, the Men’s Club hosted The Dalles Men’s Club on Sunday and thru
hard work, good golf, and sufficient cold beverages, reclaimed the Gorge Cup.
Miller: Reported that there were checks to sign earlier in July, and Sherrye needed to get them mailed
out. He authorized her to sign the checks and he countersigned. This brought up the need to have
Melissa Wright take the June minutes that were approved and get her name on the signature page at
each bank we do business with. Miller to send Melissa Wright an electron copies of the June
Anderson: The renters of the mobile home seem to be gathering up moving material and may be on
their way soon. We have not heard confirmation except that Thayer had mentioned to the renters
that their dog needed to be on a leash if being walked on the grounds and she mentioned that they
would be moving soon.
Anderson: Sand Pad is under construction to have long term storage of the sand used on the greens
Anderson: Gave out the updated policy manual for a final review. He asks that Board Members
review and mark up, and return at the next meeting for him to make corrections have the document
ready for acceptance by September.
Marshall: Minutes approved and where to post. Discussion by the Board was that we post the
approved minutes the day of the meeting when approved, and to put the approved minutes on the

Goldendale Golf website. The Friday information email sent out by the Pro can either provide a
link or mention where to find the minutes.
Thayer: During the remaining transition period, he suggested we have workshop meetings to focus
on current events that are needing resolved. Discussion is this would allow for regular Board
meetings to be shorter in time, and to bring quicker resolution to immediate issues. By consensus,
the Board agreed and the scheduled the next workshop for 27 July at 1130 – 1300 regarding
employee transition.
Marshall: All old business to be moved to the August meeting.
Marshall: Next Board meeting 10 August at 1400 for walk/golf event followed by 1630 for Board.
Anderson moved to adjourn, Thayer second, motion carried.
Doug Miller, Recorder
Goldendale Golf Club
Board Minutes
15 June 2022

Attending: Board Members Rich Marshall, Matt Anderson, Pat Gallagher, Jeff Thayer and Doug Miller.
Pro Amy Wilson and Sherrye Morrison.
Quorum established.
Minutes from the last meeting: Miller moved to accept as presented via email, Gallagher second, motion
Rich Marshall was presented from Amy Wilson a Card of Thanks from the Goldendale Golf Team.
The email from certificate holder Bob Turner was reviewed regarding the Board’s decision to acquire a
long-term Treasury Asset (BitCoin). Board decision was he can get on the agenda and make his
statement if he so desires. (Consensus of the Board was the value is neither gained or lost until the
Asset is sold)
Rental Agreements: Nikki Hall and Lisa O’Leary have both notified the Board they are not going to be
using the Clubhouse as previously indicated. Board discussion was to accept. Jeff Thayer asked we
move to new business next month for a policy regarding payment and deposits for save the dates.
Rental Agreement for Certificate Holder use of Clubhouse: Jody Bellamy requested the use of the
Clubhouse for an open house to have a retirement gathering for Larry. Board discussion was this did not
fall under small family gathering, and was denied the use of the clubhouse as determined under the
policy to allow a certificate holder to have use of the clubhouse without charge One in Five Years. She
also requested the GGC Staff clean the clubhouse and the patio prior to her event, which the Board
determined is not in a duty as assigned. She can rent the clubhouse following normal protocols.
Rental Agreement for Clubhouse Use: Leslie Hebert has not paid for the last use of the clubhouse and
has another rental request forthcoming. Payment for use of the Clubhouse is required, and the cleaning
deposit was waived.
Correspondence: Janet Smith is not a member anymore and is requesting redemption of Certificate
#259 in the value of $500. Anderson moved to accept request, Miller second, motion carried.
Correspondence Pro Shop: The Pro Shop gave $50 to Mikala Bare for her participation as Rodeo Queen.
Grounds and Equipment: Miller has distributed an update to the Board via email. Focus on choice of
equipment for mowing on the surround areas of the tee boxes and greens, especially on steep slopes.
Miller reported on the lack of sprinkler equipment is creating issues with irrigation capabilities and to
prevent further loss of equipment is asking that the sprinklers be picked up first thing in the morning
before other work is started. The Ryan Plugger is fixed, but is questionable about how much longer it

will operate without falling apart at the plugging mechanism. He suggests we consider setting aside
funds for a replacement in the near future.
Shop Financials: Thayer handed out the current financials, and noted that green fees payments have
diminished, causing a smaller profit margin. Shop is financially in the black.
Buildings: Anderson reported still waiting on building design and permit for the equipment shed, with a
possible location on the flat to the east of the #8 green. Thayer will acquire a quote for drilling pole
holes to install the vertical framing.
Rental of Trailer: Anderson reported it still renting at $700 per month and once the renters move out,
work will need to be completed involving flooring and appurtenances.
Lowell Erland Tournament: A rousing success as $5099 was raised for scholarships. It was announced
that 5 scholarships were given in the amount of $800 each. Pro Amy Wilson passed on she received
words of praise at how well this tournament was ran and for what it does for our students.
Membership payment plans: Morrison reviewed the few members who have not paid or followed up
with the payment plan as called out in the policy manual. The Board determined that the payment plan
as current is acceptable, and that those not current with the plan must pay in full before being allowed
to continue play. The list of those players was handed out.
Pro Report: Wilson has returned the hydraulic hose to Toro for credit that did not fit the fairway
mower. She has followed up on the Board request to operate the various equipment pieces and made a
report on each (tee box, greens, roughs and collars). Of immediate interest is the tree lines that have
low hanging branches and exposed tree roots, both which could be avoided if there was not any grass to
mow under those trees. Discussion followed, no action.
Mowing Hours and Time: Wilson discussed how long it takes to mow the course, of which a portion is
the rough that takes a third longer to mow using the rough mower instead of the reel gangs, due to the
difference in width (7.5 feet vs 10 feet). She is working on a plan to bring to the Board regarding how to
accomplish the mowing with existing or new employees. It was determined reading the Business
License that for the workers 16-17 years of age they can operate the mowing equipment, and she will
incorporate that into her new plan.
Carts on the Course: Wilson is creating a memo regarding where carts can be on the course and who is
to be allowed to drive carts near the greens. A workshop to review this with interested golfers will be
held prior to our next Board meeting.
Cart Purchases: Wilson has determined that Pacific Golf can sell to the Club the number of carts she
thinks we need to purchase, but they may not get here until mid-2023. She wants to purchase up to 6
new carts at the current rate of just under $7000 apiece. More discussion is needed.
Pete Lee Memorial: Wilson reported she has talked with John Lee about the use of the interest earned
to be paid to bring golf to the kids in the grade schools for a PE classroom event(s). She reports that he
is interested in the approach, as well as continuing the summer camp for kids.
Pete Lee Memorial Fund: Morrison reports that there is $24,000 in the CD and $900 in interest. Thayer
asked if that is our money as it shows up as an asset in the financials. Morrison stated it is funds that

can only be spent with John Lee’s blessing. Miller requested we have a review of the contract with John
Lee in the next few months.
Treasurer Position: Marshall added this item under new business Item D.
Policy of Code of Conduct: Anderson has nearly completed the final version of the Code of Conduct that
was passed out via email. Miller requested we complete the review with hard copies at the next
Scholarship Selection: Morrison reviewed the recipients: Hiebert, Thayer, Hedges, Gallagher and Kaiser.
The Board requested that the information pertaining to the applicants be shredded as it has personal
Friday Night Social: Anderson is leading the next social for June 24 th . Marshall requested we get more
Board members to attend.
Treasurer Position: Marshall announced that the hiring committee selected Melissa Wright to be the
Club Treasurer, and she has accepted, starting 1 July this year.
Treasurer Transition: The Board asked Morrison to help with the transition and would pay both parties
$175 per month for July, August and September. Morrison stated she would do the Second Quarter
financials and help in the Third Quarter financials. Morrison believes it will take more than 10 hours per
month to do the transition. The Board response was we would support the transition as hours were
needed and approved by the Board.
Lowell Erland Tournament: The Board asked Morrison to stay on the course for this tournament as she
has been the major impetus for getting is done each year. She accepted.
Signature Cards: Morrison reported that new signature cards will be required starting the 1 July date at
both Umpqua and Columbia Banks for Mellissa Wright. Miller moved, Anderson second, motion carried.
Pete Lee Bench: It was asked if funds from the Pete Lee fund could be used to fix the Pete Lee bench as
Morrison has contacted Ben Rising (he installed the bench) and he thinks a new concrete pad is needed
so as to not have the bench come apart. Board agreed it needs to looked into, asked Wilson if she can
follow up on.
Next Meeting: 13 July 2022 with a Workshop on Carts on the Course at 1330, followed by Golf as the
Board at 1430 and general Board meeting at 1700.
Miller moved to adjourn, Anderson second, Marshall declared meeting adjourned.
Submitted: Miller, Board Recorder
May 11, 2022

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:19 by President of Board Rich Marshall. Those in
attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, Thayer and Pro Wilson. The minutes of the April
meeting were approved by email voting.
A check from Sherry Carver has been received for carthouse rent. The check will be deposited. Board
discussed non- members renting carthouses and do not want to encourage carthouses to be used as a
storage unit. If a playing member needs a carthouse, this will have to be addressed.
The Gorge Magazine requested we advertise in cooperation with the Goldendale Chamber of Commerce
for $165. Thayer made a motion we advertise with them Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.
Michelle Hurst is requesting to rent the clubhouse June 26 th for a wedding. Bob Moco has agreed to be
the member sponsor. Consensus was the board will not accept a rental agreement from her. Board
discussed policy changes for any wedding to have the million dollar insurance, as is required when
alcohol will be served. Referred to Anderson, Miller, and Gallagher.
Thayer reported the PUD safety banquet and golf function will be Sat. May 14 th they appreciate being at
the course and will not expect the course to be closed.
Leslie Hiebert requested to rent the club house Sunday June 12 th for a graduation party. Miller made a
motion $200 clubhouse rental be allowed. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Klickitat Valley Health requested to rent the clubhouse for a training session on June 17 th . Miller made a
motion the $200 rental be allowed . Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Bob Piatt requested to have a prorated dues membership for 2022. Board authorized $875 for this year
and full dues for 2023.
Miller reported the fairways should not be mowed with the rough mower as it lifts the divots, reels will
do a better job. Board discussed practicing on the greens. Consensus was the putting green is for
practice and players are not to use the playing greens for practicing putting and chipping.
Board reviewed the Pro Shop financial report. The verbal POS presentation from Riverview Bank was
good the committee will need to review a written agreement before making a recommendation.
Anderson reported a leak under the trailer. The pole building design has not been completed and site
location has not been selected at this time.
The Fiesta Tournament was cold. The Golf Team will be taking 2 boys and 1 girl to state. The greens will
be aerified May 16 th the course will be closed. Recent minutes which have been approved will be posted
on the website. Referred to Anderson.

Policy manual updates are still under review.
Marshall appointed the Lowell Erland Scholarship selection committee Anderson, Marshall, Miller and
Darren Hoffman.
The membership report shows 92 members including 6 who have not indicated if they will be members
or not. The financial report was reviewed.
The next planned Friday Night Social will be June 24 th Anderson will be in charge.
Quick books, Legacy Bench, Starlink were all tabled.
Donna Silen request for credit from previous years paid dues when she could not play was discussed.
Miller made a motion Silen be allowed to play 2022 but carthouse and GHIN fee must be paid.
Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Beeks baby shower rental agreement and checks need to be received.
Marshall will meet with Hoffman to sign 2021 tax form 990.
Next meeting will be June 15 th with golf at 2:00 and meeting at 4:30. Meeting was adjourned 7:07.
Sherrye Morrison
APRIL 20, 2022

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 4:30 by Vice President Doug Miller. Those in
attendance were President Marshall, Directors Miller, Gallagher, Anderson, and Thayer. Also attending
was Pro Wilson. The minutes of the March meeting were approved via email.
Simcoe Insurance bill for $323 for the new mower coverage was approved and when surplus equipment
has been removed a credit will be issued for its value. Rich Hess paid his dues and carthouse rent.
Anderson made a motion Lisa O’Leary rental agreement and checks be accepted for Friday July 8 th Class
Reunion. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried. Meeting turned over to Marshall to conduct. Davenport
Family requested to save the date of July 15 th for a clubhouse rental, they will submit a rental agreement
with Liquor Liability coverage and $300 for approval at the May meeting.
Harney PTO requested a golf certificate donation for their benefit auction to be added with winetasting
and other Gorge Events. Board authorized the request.
Cindy Furlong presented a rental agreement for a wedding reception Saturday July 2 nd . Thayer made a
motion to allow the rental. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Miller requested a rental agreement and submitted a check for $200 for Wednesday May 18 th for a
barbque to celebrate the Kiwanis. Anderson made a motion to allow the rental. Gallagher seconded.
Motion carried.
Anderson reported Dave Ross offered to donate equipment and fuel to rebuild #3 green. Board
accepted the offer and will take the project under consideration regarding, the scope of the project.
The PUD rental for May 14 th was discussed. Anderson made a motion the event be, a reciprocal
agreement as in the past and not a rental. Course will be open for play. Gallagher seconded. Motion
carried with Miller and Thayer abstaining.
Miller submitted a written grounds report. It was suggested Pro Wilson and groundskeeper play golf
with the board before the May meeting. Sand and seed bottles need to be made available for divot
repairs. Discussion on the surplus equipment, committee will review options and make a
Thayer reported the shop quick books file in the course desk top computer was corrupted and needed
to be replaced, consensus was a laptop with only financial information should be purchased and quick
books reinstalled. Melissa entered year to date information but was cautioned not to enter history from
the desktop computer. Anderson made a motion the laptop purchase be authorized. Gallagher
seconded. Motion carried.
Anderson reported he is having Mitch Anderson work on plans for a 63 x 45 pole building which can be
used to submit to county for building permit approval and material take off for bidding . The location

needs to be decided and specific height and openings reviewed and discussed. Consensus of the Board
was the equipment storage building needs to be up and the rafters installed along with a roof to protect
the rafter investment. Referred to Anderson to set- up a time when the board can meet to review
The club financial and membership reports were reviewed.
Wilson reported the Spring Kick Off went well considering the harsh weather. The Fiesta Tournament
May 7 th and Erland Tournament May 21st are posted for sign-up. The high school golf team 6 boys and 1
girl held Trivia Night fund raiser raising $1197 for the team. They plan the event to be held again next
year on the last Friday in April. Handicap Flags for golf carts was discussed, Miller suggested Pro Wilson
follow up on the WSGA editorial regarding carts near greens and the flagging of carts; thus creating a
policy to be reviewed at the next meeting. Bullets and Balls may request a course rental for October 1 st
fundraiser. Riverview Bank will give a presentation on POS processing next Friday May 6 th . Sherry
Carver will be notified her carthouse needs to be vacated. A cart left in an empty carthouse cannot be
identified Pro Wilson wonders if it is okay to sell the cart. WA. laws regarding how to dispose of
property should be researched. The Shop golf cart fleet needs to be updated, getting prices and
availability are in process. Ester Read requested to save the date Oct. 16 th for a course rental.
Jon and Nikki Hall presented certificate #261 and requested to redeem. Anderson made a motion to
issue $500 to redeem certificate. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.
Anderson reported he has been working on updating the policy manual . He will send changes out to
the board for email approval.
Three people have shown interest in the Treasurer position. The board plus Brian Enstad will be on the
committee for interviewing.
Pete Lee Mentoring Clinic was discussed. Pro Wilson would like to make proposals for mentoring
possibilities. John Lee will be given her contact information.
Legacy Bench tabled. Starlink ordered. Donna Silen request will be emailed from Marshall. Baby
Shower ok when rental agreement and check are received.
By consensus it was approved to change the white OB stakes along number #9 rough on the right to red
lateral hazard markers. Referred to Pro Wilson to have them painted.
Marshall reported he will do the next Friday Night Social but the rest of the board needs to sign up for
coming months, he will not do them all.
Next meeting will be May 11 th with golf at 2:30 and meeting at 4:30
Meeting adjourned at 7:30.
Sherrye Morrison
MARCH 21, 2022

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:48 by President of Board Rich Marshall those in
attendance were Directors Anderson, Thayer, Miller and Gallagher, by phone and Pro Wilson. E-mail
approvals were the previous month meeting minutes, cost of transporting mower to Goldendale for
$2200 and purchasing trusses for $700.
A letter from the planning department concerning the Heibert permit was reviewed and no action
Angie Hedges presented a rental agreement and check for a graduation party June11 th from noon to
Midnight. Anderson made a motion the rental be allowed. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.
Tanner Beeks requested to save the date June 4 th for a baby shower. Rental agreement and check need
to be received for the clubhouse rental requested.
Rich Hess requested to continue his carthouse rent and will decide what kind of membership he will get
when he returns from Arizona. There was discussion regarding requirements to rent a carthouse, going
forward, consensus was one carthouse should be available for a regular playing member to rent if
requested. We now have 2 open. At this time Hess may pay and keep his carthouse.
A garnishment was received and answered as not an employee at this time. Referred to Marshall.
Members who have a balance April 1 will be billed and must pay the 7.5% new county sales tax rate on
the remaining balance. A new rate schedule will be posted and shop sales will reflect the new rate.
Roger Parton requested to redeem certificate 221. Miller made a motion to issue Parton $500 Thayer
seconded. Motion carried.
Miller reported the new mower has been received and is ready to use. The service manual is on line
with a QR code. It is recommended the greens be blown off before each mowing and the reels back-
lapped weekly. Equipment committee recommends to surplus 2 John Deere gas mowers and the old
fairway mower. PUD needs to be notified to turn on the pump. Bert Oswald is working on the Gator it
will have new brakes, shocks, and starter-generator. Leaves boarding #9 and #3 fairways need to be
Shop financial report was reviewed, with the new inventory that has been purchased, and is reflected in
the income statement.
Anderson reported new rollers have been installed on the maintenance shop door. The Match Play
Tournament has been cancelled. April 9 th will be the kick-off.
The membership and financial reports were reviewed showing income $102,080.11 and expenses of
$63,811.25 with 82 members paid in full. Pro Wilson accepted an application for a corporate

membership from KVH-It who paid $1034 cash for a corporate membership. The current language in
the policy MEB-9 needs to be clarified. Thayer made a motion to accept KVH-IT membership. Anderson
seconded. Motion carried. Gallagher abstained. Referred to Anderson to rewrite policy MEB-9. Miller
made a motion that GGC honor corporate memberships that have met the criteria of being from a
business check with the names attached up to the end of March 2022 and to suspend all corporate
membership applications April 1 st for the rest of 2022. Anderson seconded. Motion carried.
Ken Bostick is dropping his playing member and buying a social membership, carthouse rental and
punch card. Board authorized this but he must vacate the carthouse if a playing member needs a
Discussion on ½ year members Aug. 1 st , Pro Wilson accepted $500 for ½ year membership from April
–Sept., from Chuck Pullen. After discussion Miller made a motion to authorize membership this one
time. Anderson seconded. Motion carried. ½ year membership will be dropped. Pro –rated
membership will be implemented. Referred to Anderson for policy wording and recommendation for
Pro Wilson reported Julie Fink and Cassie Clack will be hired in the shop and Melissa Trawick will be
rehired for grounds. The weather station needs to be installed and storage building cleaned out.
Concern about members not complying with the roped off areas on the course were discussed.
Consensus was a general letter will go to all members explaining the importance of cart use etiquette.
Those who do not comply will have a written warning and then consequences for not staying away from
the restricted areas.
Pro’s signed contract needs to be filed with exhibit B. Referred to Marshall. Profit sharing was
calculated the gross figure was $2811.80. No calculation justifications were received for the file.
Referred to Thayer.
It was reported Hattenhauer delivered 99 gallons of gas Dec. 2 to fill the tank, a new driver did not know
they were to stop service at the end of Oct., on Mar. 3 they delivered 194 gallons no leak was found.
The gas tank now is locked.
Anderson presented a job description flyer for position of Treasurer for the Board which will be posted.
Cover/Course, legacy bench, starlink, and Donna Silen waiver were tabled.
Thayer reported KPUD is requesting a course rental for May 4 th he will get a rental agreement from
Next scheduled meeting will be April 20th at 4:30.
Meeting adjourned at 8:29.
Sherrye Morrison

	Prior to meeting, Bob Moco inquired about use of golf course and mats as the snow was melting off the course.  He was making signs to reflect the Board's decision.  It was decided to keep the course closed and not allow use of mats.
	Meeting called to order at 1632 with a full quorum (R. Marshall, J. Thayer, D. Miller,
M. Anderson and P. Gallagher (on the phone), along with Pro Amy Wilson.
	Minutes from the January were electronically approved
	Certificate redemption for Debi Svendsen was electronically approved
	Columbia Blues has requested the 12 September date for the Golf Course use. They 	desire limiting the number of players. Amy Wilson to correspond.
	A letter from the Planning Department is apparently involving the Golf Course, and no one has seen it.  Pat Gallagher volunteered to locate and forward letter.
	Funds were transferred from the Money Market account and Dedicated Equipment fund into checking in the amount of $42,000.
	A check in the amount of $40,973.57 was written for the payment of the 	Toro Greensmower located in Elgin, Illinois.
	President Rich Marshall reported he had authorized the placement of an 	Advertisement in the Goldendale Chamber Spring Issue of $165.25
	Pro Amy Wilson reported she will mail out the schedule of events after meeting with the Tournament Committee (date determined to be 16 February at 1630).
	Discussion about obtaining a Costco Card for Business to order bulk clubhouse 	supplies, and it was suggested to check out Staples or Amazon to find 	products.
	The individual locker spaces across the way from the clubhouse needs to be cleaned 	or alternatively, used for clubhouse storage. Discussion followed and 	included removal of the shed as an additional alternative.  Matt Anderson to 	review and report.
	Snow mold is very prevalent on the greens and collars, additional application needs 	to be made before allowing play as do not want to track active mold.  Doug 	Miller is to reach out to Wilbur Ellis about the proper fungicide we may have 	to use for stopping the growth of the mold.  Determine if liquid or granular.
	Volunteer work days are set for 19 & 26 February

	Discussion about new sprinklers and whether to order 10 or 15.  Miller to order 15.
	Miller reviewed money depository safes, will continue searching.
	Anderson reported the Equipment Shed door rollers are going to be replaced soon.
	Thayer reported that Angie Hoffman, CPA, is going to update our QuickBooks to 	have 2 activities under 1 book. 
	All entries for QuickBooks are to be done at the golf shop.

	Morrison is working on a set of physical books and will transfer to QuickBooks at 	the Golf Shop with assistance of Melissa. 
	Miller motioned that we allow for use of Credit Cards to pay for Dues, and that a 	Merchant Fee of 3% be added.  Anderson second, Motion carried 	unanimously.
	Miller inquired about a payroll system similar to what the CPA is using for her 	clients, and it included having a bi-weekly payroll.  Discussion followed and it 	decided to discuss with the CPA about options and implementing.  Anderson 	moved, Miller second, Motion passed unanimously.

	Minimum wage is set at the State as $14.49/hour.  Miller moved to make it 	$14.50/hour.  Thayer second, motion carried unanimously.
	Amy Wilson asked to have James's hourly rate be set at $15.80/hour, as this is the 	rate from last year plus the $0.80 hourly rate difference in the minimum rate 	increased by the State.  Discussion.  Miller moved, Thayer second, motion 	carried.
	Thayer reviewed Exhibit B.  Discussion that followed had the following points: 	Tournaments are to zero out in Dollars, and Jr. Golf be moved over to a line 	item similar to the Pete Lee Memorial Fund for tracking purposes. 
	Miller moved to pay the ProShop Bonus of $2811.80 as determined by the books 	submitted by Janet Smith, Thayer second, motion carried unanimously.
	Check number 005674 for the amount of $2811.80 written and given to Amy 	Wilson, with the understanding there were not any deductions.
	 Thayer requested that a cash management plan be provided for shop employees.

	Course Cover, Bench installation: tabled.
	Starlink: Amy Wilson to sign up the golf course and once equipment has been 	delivered and the Satellite internet up and running, will be reimbursed thru 	the Board for One Year subscription.
	Donna Silen is requesting a One Year Medical waiver.  Upon receipt of the letter and 	email distribution, a vote will be taken if to allow.
	Anderson reported that if Amy Wilson was to take on duties as a High School Golf 	Coach, it may affect her time at the shop and would either have to close the 	shop or find extra help.  The Board is in support should she take on those 	duties.
	Next Meeting to be 14 March at 1530, Board to play 9 Holes and critic the course.
	Meeting Adjourned at 1903.  Submitted by Miller

JANUARY 9, 2022
The annual budget meeting was called to order at 4:02 by President of the Board Rich Marshall. Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer. There was a quorum with twelve certificate holders in attendance and nine confirming votes by email. The minutes of the October meeting to elect directors, were approved as read.
The membership report shows 43 associate members, 51 certificate holders, 9 Jr. Executive members, 6 students, 2 social, and 18 out of area members.
President Marshall reported the board has prepared a proposed budget and fee schedule and requested a motion to approve. Tim Furlong made a motion to approve the budget. Jeff Furlong seconded. Marshall asked for questions. $32,000 expense for equipment? Response: looking to replace the greens mower. Golf cart fleet? Response: will be purchased with Pro Shop funds. $19,000 for irrigation? Response: continue to replace greens sprinklers. Dedicated funds were reviewed, and the balances explained. Bitcoin purchased as a long term investment, as the CD rate have declined. Any further questions, Marshall asked three times is there more discussion then he called for a vote on the motion to approve the budget. Carried.
It was suggested the old equipment be made more visible and made known it needs to be gotten rid of. Gallagher reported he liked being on the board and volunteering his time working on the grounds. Bill Campbell made a motion to adjourn. Darren Hoffman seconded. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 4:33.
Sherrye Morrison
December 13, 2021                                                                           
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 4:32 by President of Board Rich Marshall.  Directors in attendance were Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer also attending was Pro Amy.  The minutes of the November meeting were approved as presented.
Simcoe Insurance bill for Directors and Officers coverage was discussed.  Miller made a motion to renew both insurance policies for 2022 with Simcoe Insurance and continue to see what Cover/Course offers for 2023.  Gallagher seconded.  Motion Carried.
Donna Silen made a verbal request for a medical waiver for dues.  Referred to Marshall to talk with Donna and have her submit her request in writing for board action.
Employment Security claim for Amy Wilson was discussed.  Profit sharing will be issued after the year-end is complete and Amy begins work on Feb. 15th.  Miller suggested the employment agreement be amended to increase salary by $400 which will include meetings and inventory.
Miller suggested a fuel filter kit for the John Deere tractor be purchased and on hand.  Pacific Golf and Turf will be contacted to give a quote on brakes and a tune-up for the Cushman after the year and serial number are found.  He has concern that lights in the shop are left on and in the clubhouse the lights and furnace are being left on.  Written equipment and options report will be a part of the minutes. Gallagher reported Waverly Golf has a surplus greens mower for approx.  $1500 which will need 3 reels replaced.  Miller suggested Gallagher get more information regarding the mower condition and number of hours used.
The Shop financial report was reviewed. 
Year- end estimates for income and expenses were reviewed.  Budget recommendation for the Certificate Holders and allocations for transfer of funds to dedicated funds for 2021 will be addressed in executive session.  Bitcoin will appear on Year End Summary as Bitcoin (bought 8/26/21) for $37,838.25.
Starlink, Cover/Course, Legacy Bench were all tabled.
New subscription of quick books has been purchased the conversion is complete and ready for 2022.  Angie Hoffman will train Melissa Wright and Sherrye Morrison.
The Christmas Party and Iceberg Tournament were well attended.  Thank you to Bob Moco and Liz Ihrig for cleaning.
Certificate Holders Annual Budget meeting will be January 9, 2022 at 4:00.  Amy will email certificate holders with a reminder about the meeting date and time.  Certificate holders will be asked to notify Miller if they will be attending.
Meeting adjourned 5:35 to executive session.  Next regular meeting will be after the Certificate Holders.

Grounds and Equipment Report
December 2021
1)	John Deere Gator is generally out of commission and needs major overhaul or be 	replaced. PRICING ON A NEW $15,000 OR GOOD USED $7500 estimates only.
2)	John Deere Tractor stopped running. Cleaned sediment bowl filter (could not find a replacement in town) and replaced fuel filter. Both were totally clogged. Ended up blowing out fuel hoses and lines before enough flow would occur to allow tractor to start. Matt Anderson charged the battery so the engine could be cranked and have the 	mechanical fuel pump push fuel to the injectors.  Tractor runs great afterwards.
3)	Need to determine which hoses are still good and find a place to put them (hanging around the trees and tee boxes is not acceptable). Get rid of the ones that are not of value. Maybe purchase some plastic garbage cans to roll the good hoses into for winter storage? ONGOING ISSUE and TOSSED ON THE CUSHMAN IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
4)	Gophers are making their presence known and we are using smoke bombs to clear them. ONGOING ISSUE and WE NEED MORE SMOKE BOMBS 
5)	Discussion is needed on future equipment needs. BUDGET ITEMS FOR REVIEW?
6)	Reel sharpening: which reels and when do we want to arrange to have them done. Normally done in late November for billing purposes of current year. WE SHOULD PURCHASE REPLACEMENT BLADES FOR ROUGH MOWER; AND ADJUSTMENT KNOBS FOR GREENS MOWER THIS YEAR BUDGET
7)	Used the tractor to haul gravel to fill in the mud bog by the mechanical shed and on cart path coming from 9 tee box.
8)	Remaining greens sprinklers and appurtenances BUDGET ITEM.
9)	Added a new set of drains below and left of 9 Green. This may help in reducing the soft area that developed late last summer. Fairly certain this is from water coming off the hill to the east, and has been worked on in the past.
10)	The Cushman is in the way of parking the tractor.
11)	Rope off wet areas: 6 and 7 fairways in the dip from the cart path on 6 to the cart path on 7, including locust trees to be entirely roped off. Have roped off below and to the left of 9 green and it is capturing water. Rope off the areas that are worn down from cart traffic and have become bare spots such as by 2 green, both 2 tee boxes, both 4 tee boxes, ALL ROPES AND POSTS NOT BEING USED NEED TO BE STORED AWAY AND NOT LEFT ON THE COURSE.
12)	Leaves need additional raking and burned, either on site or in a common burn area.
13)	Discussion about membership use of course in winter and carts, especially snow days.
14)	Keep all carts, including push or pull carts off the greens.
15)	Mowing greens removes the value of the systemic snow mold application and requires additional application if mowed.
16)	1 and 5 green have not recovered from last summer: discussion about remedy.
17)	A new greens pin cutter has been purchased. Training for use needs to occur before using. Still need a better method of sharpening.
18)	Remove the tree on the left of 5 fairway that has bean pods and replace with a tree that has limited litter such as Spruce or Pine?
19)	Discussion regarding purchasing reel grinder and bed knife grinder: (NO RESPONSE FROM VENDOR) include maintenance requirements for equipment and golf course.
20)	Work hours for mowing, watering, and miscellaneous items for discussion. Staffing.
21)	The importance of scheduling work related items: pump on and off based on KPUD reading the meter, application of chemicals.
22)	Sand Traps missing rakes
23)	New greens sprinklers driven over by equipment: adjusting mowing pattern on collar and greens
24)	Replacement greens mower: waiting for better price and hours. 
25)	New equipment from Dealers seems to be flying out the door. Putting a premium on used equipment with low hours.
26)	New flags with new flag poles would be an improvement
27)	Several of the newly installed tee box sprinklers have been damaged and will need replacing before the next irrigation season.
28)	Found the sprinkler valve cover below 9 green tossed aside, unable to locate the valve.
December 27, 2021
The special meeting regarding the budget proposal for approval by the certificate holders was called to order at 6:30.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer. 
Miller made a motion $46,000 be transferred from the checking account to the money market account.  Funds will be distributed as $39,000 money market and $7,000 dedicated funds.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
 Miller made a motion the proposed budget showing $ 248,400 income and expenses  and the fee schedule showing approx. 10% increase in dues,  as  prepared by the board,  be presented to the certificate holders at the Certificate Holders Annual Budget Meeting on January 9, 2022.  Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.  
The meeting was adjourned at 6:35.  Next scheduled meeting will be Sunday January 9, 2022 after the certificate holders meeting.
Sherrye Morrison
November 22, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 4:32 by President of the Board Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer also attending was Pro Amy.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.  Addition to the agenda is contract for the Pro.
Simcoe Insurance sent a policy preview for the Directors and Officers and Liability policies and requested an intent to renew be signed and returned.  Referred to Marshall.
Marshall reported the 990 long form tax return for 2020 has been signed and filed
Moco reported the toilet paper supply is out and needs to be purchased.
Miller reported the sander needs the sand removed and hopper cleaned and put up on blocks for the winter.  The sand bunker needs the bad sand and debris removed and tarped for the winter.  These projects should have been done as a part of the grounds winterization.  He reported he will take care of these but wants them added to the list of projects next year.  
Five reels were taken to Western Turf Star in Salem to be sharpened and reconditioned.
Shop Financial given to Marshall.
Thayer reported quick books conversion is ready.  Hours from Janet will be submitted for payment.
The water shutoff valve behind the trailer has been shut off,( this needs to be checked in the Spring)
Miller suggested sand bunker concrete pad be prepared for pouring this fall if possible.
Tentative schedule for 2022 has been drafted.  Christmas Party and Iceberg Tournament have been set for December 5th.  After this event the water heater and ice machine will be turned off.
The membership and financial report were reviewed.  Consensus was the one member who has not finished paying his dues will need to pay 2022 membership in full next season before playing.
Budget committee will meet and make final recommendations for the budget which will be approved by the board to present to the certificate holder for approval at the next meeting.  Upgrading the greens mower was discussed the purchase of a new mower will be approx.  $45,000 and delivery could be as late as year-end 2022.  Other options like a walk behind mower were discussed. No proposals were presented for action .
Anderson made a motion all employees on the payroll the end of October and Sherrye be given $100 bonuses in November .  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
Old business to stay on the agenda are Starlink, Cover/Course, Quick Books, Legacy Bench, and Treasury Allocations.
Next scheduled meeting will be December 13 at 4:30.
Further minutes will be taken by Doug Miller for the rest of the meeting and attached as page 2.
Sherrye Morrison

Grounds and Equipment Report
November 2021
1)	Pipes blown out, drains should all be left open.
2)	Screen and Filter winterized, Pressure Transducer removed and in the office. 
3)	Need to determine which hoses are still good and find a place to put them (hanging around the trees and tee boxes is not acceptable). Get rid of the ones that are not of value. Maybe purchase some plastic garbage cans to roll the good hoses into for winter storage? ONGOING ISSUE
4)	Gophers are making their presence known and we are using smoke bombs to clear them. ONGOING ISSUE
5)	Discussion is needed on future equipment needs. BUDGET ITEMS FOR REVIEW?
6)	Reel sharpening: which reels and when do we want to arrange to have them done. Normally done in late November for billing purposes of current year. FAIRWAY REELS IN SALEM, WE SHOULD PURCHASE REPLACEMENT BLADES FOR ROUGH MOWER AND ADJUSTMENT KNOBS FOR GREENS MOWER THIS YEAR BUDGET.
7)	Do we want to do 2 holes per green for the winter and when should we do this?
8)	Green Sprinklers, frosty days stopped the progress on changing out Greens sprinklers. Still have 4 of the Toro sprinklers left to install and we need to order (when the time is right next year) the remaining 12 sprinklers and appurtenances. BUDGET ITEM TO BE NOT FORGOTTEN AND THIS INCLUDES THE APPURETENANCES FOR INSTALL.
9)	Tee boxes in play and not in play. Decisions on where to put the markers. DECISION TIME AND IMPLEMENTATION. Discuss placing #2 markers closer to green.
10)	Lorton Bench: Ben Rising called and we discussed the bench installation and the determination to use glue to hold the bench in place and to place so it faces down the #3 fairway regardless of the orientation of the tee box. INSTALLED
11)	Rope off wet areas: 6 and 7 fairways in the dip from the cart path on 6 to the cart path on 7, including locust trees to be entirely roped off. May need to rope off below and to the left of 9 green and it is capturing water from somewhere and has become a soft area from 3 fairway to the stump by 4 tee boxes. Rope off the areas that are worn down from cart traffic and have become bare spots such as by 2 green, both 2 tee boxes, both 4 tee boxes, ALL ROPES AND POSTS NOT BEING USED NEED TO BE STORED AWAY AND NOT LEFT ON THE COURSE.
12)	Leaves need additional raking and burned, either on site or in a common burn area.
13)	Discussion about membership use of course in winter and carts.  
14)	Keep all carts, including push or pull carts off the greens.
15)	Mowing greens removes the value of the systemic snow mold application and requires additional application if mowed.
16)	1 and 5 green have not recovered from last summer: discussion about remedy.
17)	Budget items for procuring a new greens pin cutter and new flag poles with flags.
18)	Remove the tree on the left of 5 fairway that has bean pods and replace with a tree that has limited litter such as Spruce or Pine?
19)	Discussion regarding purchasing reel grinder and bed knife grinder: also includes about maintenance requirements for equipment and golf course.
20)	Work hours for mowing, watering, and miscellaneous items for discussion.
21)	The importance of scheduling work related items: pump on and off based on KPUD reading the meter, application of chemicals.
22)	Sand Traps missing rakes
23)	New greens sprinklers driven over by equipment: adjusting mowing pattern on collar and greens
OCTOBER 10, 2021
The annual meeting for the election of Board members was called to order at 1:00 by President of the Board Rich Marshall.  There was a quorum with 16 email votes and 10 certificate holders present.  Board members in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer.  The minutes of the January Budget meeting were read and approved.  
Board member positions open for election are those held by Anderson, Marshall, and Miller.  President Marshall reported those three directors are willing to continue and opened the floor for nominations.  Janet Smith made a motion Anderson, Marshall, and Miller be elected with the approval of 16 email votes and no other nominations.  Darren Hoffman seconded.  Motion carried.
Marshall opened the floor for comments, stating he is concerned about email voting.  He feels the interaction and representation are important at the meeting.  Board members commented on how this board works together well and appreciates the volunteers helping when needed.  Nancy Beyerlin questioned Board about zoom meeting.  The golf club internet currently will not allow for zoom but it may be possible to have phone contact.  The board is looking to upgrade the internet service.
Nancy Beyerlin made a motion the meeting be adjourned at 1:16.  Janet Smith seconded.  Motion carried.
Sherrye Morrison

OCTOBER 10, 2021
The regular monthly board meeting was called to order at 1:24.  Those in attendance were Board members Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer.  Also attending was Pro Amy.  Board email approval of September meeting minutes and the request for $50 rental for Homecoming Dinner Oct. 23 were entered into the minutes.
Property tax evaluation shows no increase for 2022 evaluation.
Letter was read from the Ladies Club they will see that members are notified of the Christmas party but will not be involved in the planning or setting up of the party.
Michelle Hurst and Michael Gates requested to save the date Sat. May 28, 2022 for clubhouse rental.  Rental agreement and sponsor need to be received for action.
Miller presented a written report which is a part of the minutes.  He stressed the importance of checking sprinklers once set and make sure they are working by showing damaged sprinkler which had been set and did not work.  He manufactured a muffler for the collar and tee mower and needs to get one for greens roller.  He recommends a committee meeting to review equipment needs and prioritize and list for the budget meeting.  Anderson and Miller will check mower reels that need to go to Western for recondition and sharpening.  Board approved the proposed fertilizer order to be purchased now and delivered in March.
Pro Shop financial report was reviewed showing $24,000 net income.
The financial report was reviewed and discussed.  Board will have a workshop meeting to work on the budget.  Miller will be the Chairman.
The Member-Member and Octoberfest Tournaments went well.  Halloween party and Christmas Party are being planned.  Year-end report of tournaments will be given at next meeting.  Members who have tournament winning balances will be reminded they must be used by November 15, 2021.  Plans are the Pro Shop books will be closed and inventory done before the Christmas Party.
Thayer reported Angie Hoffman CPA, Melissa, and Janet will be meeting to plan for a smooth transition into the Quick Books set up.
Starlink and Legacy bench were tabled.  Lorton bench will be glued to concrete.  Cover/ Course meeting will be set for Wed. Oct. 20 at 4:30.  Anderson reported bitcoin has increased in value by 46%.
Next regular meeting will be November 22 at 4:30.  Meeting adjourned at 2:15.
Sherrye Morrison
September 13, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 4:32 by President of Board Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer.  Also attending was Pro Amy.  Minutes of the previous meeting approved as written.  Email voting for the clubhouse rental for Telford anniversary party at no charge, one time use by certificate holder was entered into the minutes.
Marshall reported he has a new email address and internet service provider.  Board discussed changing the club to this provider (Starlink).  Questions regarding price for business, referred to budget committee for more information. Tabled.   Marshall will not take charge of September Friday Night Social he is out of town.  Angie Hoffman CPA noted she needs  the name of the donor of the $10,000 donation who helped fund an equipment purchase to  finish the form 990 tax statement for 2020.
Miller submitted a grounds and equipment report which will become a part of the minutes.  He cleaned the irrigation screen and stressed the need to keep it checked and cleaned in the future.
Anderson reported he had repaired the mobile home door, Pence did not want the new solid door installed.  He has the materials to repair the damage to the buildings from the wind storm, it should take a couple of days to do the project.  He has reviewed the insurance claim and payments of $26,898.19 and recommends the checks received be deposited.  He will contact Precision Electric to check on electrical problem in the mobile home and secure the thermostat in the clubhouse.
The shop financial was reviewed.
Glow Ball tournament will proceed for Friday September 17th.  Member-Member tournament is scheduled Sunday September 19th for 18 teams.
Miller made a motion on November 11th allow Veterans play with greens fees not collected for 18 holes.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
The financial and membership report were reviewed and discussed.  The tiered rate structure appears to be growing the club and encouraging younger players as was intended. The tiered membership structure has also allowed the club to remain on budget.
Melissa Tarwick has been hired to work with James on grounds she is learning the game of golf and her new job and appears to like both.
Pro Amy reported problems with members starting on other holes, without permission.  She suggested warning letters sent to specific members.  Anderson made a motion letters be sent.  Gallagher seconded.  Miller suggested the motion be amended to send letters to all members.   Motion carried.  Miller would write the letter for the Board to sign and will go to all members regarding protocol on Thursday, and starting with holes other than #1.
Board discussed the Certificate holders meeting for election of officers.  All current directors agreed to continue.  Miller will write a letter for the President to sign notifying certificate holders of the meeting to be held October 10th at 1:00.  Email nominations and voting will be accepted and must be received on or before the meeting.  A quorum must be received for action.
Marshall will contact cover/course for a bid on insurance before the budget meeting.
Quick books set-up discussed.   Thayer reported Janet was building a spreadsheet that would allow for GGC ledger to be compiled.   Marshall reported Angie Hoffman CPA has concerns regarding the transition. Referred Thayer to talk with her. It is still the Boards direction that the pro shop and club financials will be run on Quickbooks.  
Lorton bench, Legacy bench, Mower muffler were all tabled.
Treasury allocations were discussed.  Anderson reported the check has been processed. Custody of the bitcoin will comprise of a 2 of 3 multi-sig solution. Two board members will be in control of two hardware wallets and a trusted third party custodian will hold the other wallet.  Marshall recommends the safety deposit box at Umpqua Bank as an appropriate place to secure the wallets. 
Miller reported Jason Bischoff, of Les Schwab was able to remove the rough mower blades with the use of the air wrench.  They had been installed without the use of Never Seize grease and were very difficult to remove.  Miller made a motion we use Thank you certificates and give them to Les Schwab Tire Company for use of play including use of carts.  Motion seconded. Carried.  Referred to Pro Amy.
Next scheduled meeting will be Sunday October 10th at 1:00.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30.
Sherrye Morrison
JUNE 14, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 6:33 by President Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, and Thayer.  Also attending was Pro Amy. The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.
Ben Rising submitted a rental agreement and $200 check and requested to rent the club house for a graduation party June 19th.  The agreement was reviewed and needs to have no alcohol will be served added or proof of liquor liability insurance and signed before the rental.  Miller made a motion to allow the rental.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.  Amy was given a copy of the current rental agreement to enter into the computer.
A letter was read from Juli Rising requesting to hold the cross country meet at the golf course on October 21, 2021.  No dinner will be served.  Miller made a motion to close the course at 2:00 and allow the meet.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.  
Miller submitted a written grounds report to add to the minutes.  He asked for authorization to allow Richard McCulley to have the surplus blade no objection.  Misc. screws and parts need to be ordered to have on hand for the rough mower.
The shop financial report was reviewed.  There was discussion on the cart rental fleet, options are being reviewed and will be presented when confirmed.  Thayer suggested the 50/50 be held tonight and in the future be a part of the tournament events.
The Fiesta and Glow Ball Tournaments were well attended.  The Lowell Erland Tournament summary was presented for review showing 70 players and $4221 added to the scholarship fund.  2021 scholarship recipients were Olivia Erland and Nick McKune each receiving $1000.  The US Open Tournament will be June 19th.  The Dalles won the Columbia Cup.
The financial and membership report were reviewed and discussed.
The website has been updated and 500 advertising cards were designed with the help of Matt Anderson and Nancy Mains, cards were printed with monies from the lodging tax grant.
New employee Elizabeth Fullmer has been hired to work the shop and grounds.  Dema Thayer and Felicity Mains are no longer working.  Board authorized the purchase of a battery operated weed eater, referred to Matt Anderson to buy.  Extra $15 fee added to GHIN for non-members will be reviewed during the budget process.  
Thayer reported the wood carver he was thinking about for the #9 stump is out of business.  He did remove 2 dead trees and ground the stumps.
The placement for the Frank Lorton granite bench has been selected and flagged between the road and #3 tee box.

The bunker on #8 was discussed.  Consensus was to fill it in with top soil and make a grass bunker.
Insurance claim has been approved and a check will arrive soon.
Cover Course, profit sharing, quick books, attic ducting, legacy bench all were tabled.
The board discussed treasury allocations.  Miller made a motion Anderson be authorized to work with a broker to purchase Bitcoins and hold, in trust , 30% of the treasury allocation in bitcoin in the name of Goldendale Golf Club Inc.  Gallagher seconded.  Marshall asked three times, is there more discussion.  Motion carried.
Ray Thayer name was drawn by Amy for the 50/50 raffle winning $141 and equipment fund $141.
The next scheduled meeting will be July 19th at 5:30.  Miller will take minutes.

Sherrye Morrison
March 16, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order by President Rich Marshall at 5:01.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, and Thayer, Pro Amy, Bob Turner, and Ted Wilkins.
The minutes of the February meeting were approved by email and posted.
Ted Wilkins requested approval for the location and installation of the granite tee marker map of hole #14.  Miller made a motion Wilkins can proceed with installing the granite.   Anderson seconded. Motion carried.  Wilkins Families will be billed the $100 next year for 2022 advertising.
Bob Turner addressed the board regarding conflict resolution for an incident in 2021.  Resolved and mutually moving forward.
Leah Lewis and Justin Fields presented a rental agreement for July 10, 2021 and check for $900 they want to have the course closed from 3-9 and will set up and clean-up before and after those hours.  Anderson made a motion to allow the rental.  Deposit check and liquor liability insurance need to be received before the rental.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
The dedicated funds CD's will mature March 21, 2021 with 10 days to either move the monies or roll over the CD at an interest rate of 0.15% for one year.  The board discussed options.  Anderson made a motion the funds be moved over to the money market account at Columbia Bank.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.  Referred to Anderson to present treasury allocations, at the next meeting.
Jodi Bellamy cancelled July 31, 2021 clubhouse rental request.
Authorization was given to the Men's club to start up the hot dog machine.
 Donna Silen questioned the single membership fee only being $15 less.  She was billed at the single rate.
Black tie and Blue jeans requested to rent the clubhouse for $300 for a fundraiser event on July 31, 2021 or Sept. 18, 2021.  Miller made a motion to save those dates.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.  Rental agreement, liquor liability insurance, and checks need to be received for action.
Ted Anderson voiced concern regarding winter play and winter course condition.  Referred to Miller.
Miller reported he will be planting 2 Norway Spruce trees and roping off and reseeding areas near greens on #1 and #2.  He rerouted water, to the drains on #9 underground pooling problem.  The out of bounds stakes along the ditch on #1 were discussed.  It will become a red line penalty area.  The rough mower needs a new battery.  Battery cables need to be removed in fall to prevent draining the battery.  The reels have been put back on mowers and adjusted thanks to Anderson.  It is recommended the rotary reels be swapped and sharpened every other month.  The pump restart and filter were referred to Miller.
Thayer reported there is no Pro Shop financial ready for this meeting he has talked with Angie Hoffman and will work with her on adopting a simpler profit sharing formula.  The quick books project is moving forward.
Anderson reported a new front door needs to be purchased for the mobile home.  Board authorized the expense.   The tournament and event schedule is ready to be posted. Thanks to Bob Moco for installing new floor protectors on the chairs. 
The club financial report was reviewed and membership report shows 24 people have not paid or made payment arrangements.  This will be reviewed at the April meeting.
Pro Amy suggested a legacy member of 40 years be honored with a dinner and gift basket.  Board agreed.  Garbage collection issue has been resolved with Republic Services.  $55 fee for non- member GHIN discussed.  No change .  Merchandise display racks not is use will be disposed.  Music for Friday night socials discussed.  The liability waiver for rental carts and maintenance records are being implemented.  Verticutting and top dressing the greens monthly will be the plan for controlling the thatch in the greens.  #8 sand trap needs to be assessed repair or remove.  Marty Hudson will be contacted for weed spraying fairy ring and dandelions.  Gary Hackett will clean up and repair bench on #6 if brought to clubhouse. 
Miller reported on the accounting session meeting.
Surplus equipment tabled.
Pro Amy contract signed and filed
Pro shop heating and cooling, tabled.
The next meeting will be Monday April 19, 2021 at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

Sherrye Morrison
FEBRUARY 15, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:30 by President Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, Thayer, and Gallagher by phone.  Pro Amy Wilson attended by phone.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
Rob Rising notified the Board he will not be joining this year and will surrender his certificate.  Anderson made a motion to redeem certificate 223 and issue Rising $500.  Miller seconded.  Motion carried.
The high school wants verification the Erland Scholarship will be given 2021 and no changes are needed in the application or deadline for applying.  Board authorized the application process to proceed as previous years.
Moco email report and requests were reviewed.
 Thayer reported David Enwards will not be joining this year. Bob Hutton was authorized the remove the fallen tree behind the carthouses.
Miller presented a prioritized list of grounds improvements showing 22 items he would like to see completed.  Fairway mower needs to have all four reels replaced approx. cost will be $1490. All reels sharpened and new should be delivered by March 1.  When the snow is gone Miller recommends the greens go back to one hole and the temporary tee boxes  moved to the established tee boxes.
Thayer reported he has not received a Pro Shop year- end financial report.
Anderson reported a possible issue with the electrical panel box in the mobile home.  Jim Pence will begin paying rent Feb. 1, 2021 and Thayer will see that the power has been transferred to Pence.  The draft event schedule has been completed when dates are confirmed it will be published.
The financial statement was reviewed.  42 members have paid in full, 2 are making payments.
Guild Golf Carts and Equipment solicited our business.  Referred to Pro Amy.
Marshall reported Gorge Magazine requested the club advertise in the 2021 issue for $169.25.  Miller made a motion the ad be authorized.  Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.
Pro Amy reported Mike Grady, Janet Smith, James Williams, and Dema Thayer will be hired at $13.70 per hour.  Grady, Williams, and Thayer to begin March l.  Steering arm was replaced in rental cart for $177.21.  She is working on the implementation of liability sign in and out, with inspection for rental carts.
Miller and Anderson are working on getting a list of surplus equipment to get rid of.
Marshall reported he has completed Pro Amy contract and it will be signed February 16, 2021.  Hoffman was consulted set up looks good.
Bonus incentives were discussed.  Tabled.
Board discussed posting the agenda and meeting minutes.  Consensus was to put the agenda out a week before the meeting.  Minutes will be approved a week after the meeting.   You may be added to the agenda by contacting the Board President with your topic, five minutes will be allowed for discussion.  Marshall will take charge of posting either, on web or bulletin board.  The web site has not been updated.  Anderson offered to have Lucus Anderson work on it.
Marshall recommended e-mail voting be reported on the agenda after correspondence.  Items approved by e-mail this month were emergency repairs for the mobile home and authorization for $1490 for mower reels.
Miller recommends March 1 a course evaluation with employees, noting areas of concern fir cones, wet areas etc.
Miller and Thayer will work on heating and cooling system for the Pro Shop.  The $1000.00 spent on electricity for December and January is a concern.
Miller made a motion the high school golf team not be charged for club storage.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.
Profit sharing referred to Thayer.  Tabled.
Quick books set-up referred to Thayer. Tabled.
Northwest Golf play books were reviewed, possible use as incentives and promotion.
Next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday March 16, 2021 at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25.

Sherrye Morrison
January 10, 2021
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 4:35 by President of the Board Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher (by phone), Miller, and Thayer.  Also attending was Pro Amy Wilson.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
Marshall called for nominations of officers for President and Vice President. Miller made a motion Marshall continue as President and Miller continue as Vice President.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.  Anderson made a motion Sherrye Morrison be the Secretary Treasurer.  Miller seconded.  Motion carried.  
Jodi Bellamy requested to rent the club house for a memorial service for Doug Green on January 16, 2021.  Marshall approved.  Bellamy withdrew the request. 
Marshall made committee appointments:  Grounds                           Gallagher and Miller
                                                                              Equipment                      Miller
                                                                              Financial                          Thayer
                                                                              Buildings                          Anderson
                                                                              Tournaments/Events    Anderson and Thayer
Board discussed the minimum wage increase to $13.69 for 2021.  Miller made a motion the minimum wage for club employees will be $13.70.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.  Bonus incentives will be discussed at the Feb. meeting.
The dues statements will be mailed with a President letter on Tuesday January 12, 2021.
Miller reported the original estimate for sharpening the reels was increased by $400 because the reels were so dirty and had not been maintained.  They have been paid and will be delivered before Feb. 15 opening date.  
Miller made a motion the check signers at the bank will remain the same.  Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.
The depreciation schedule for equipment was referred to Miller for recommendations on what should be disposed of.
Anderson reported Jim and Shirley Pence will be renting the mobile home on a month to month basis.  The rental agreement has been prepared and will be signed soon.  The PUD will be notified to transfer the power.
Miller reported a problem with purchasing.  He recommends the policy ADM 10 be changed.  Authorization must be received before the purchase is made.  The invoice must be signed and detail of which piece of equipment the part is for noted on the invoice.  Thayer made a motion the policy read Grounds Employees making purchases for the club must have approval by the Pro or Board President.  Pro or President can approve up to $500.  Board must approve amounts over $500.  Miller seconded.  Motion carried.
Amy’s contract was discussed.  Miller made a motion Marshall be authorized to make corrections concerning wage, profit sharing and dates for a one year contract. Contract will be ready to sign February 15, 2021.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.  
Thayer reported accounting records need to be taken to the Hoffman and Company soon.  Sherrye reported all club maintenance and operations records have been delivered.  Shop records need to go.  Marshall would like the Board included in a work shop concerning the quick books set-up.  
Marshall will see that meeting minutes are published after they have Board approval.
Next meeting will be February 15, 2021 at 4:00.

Sherrye Morrison
January 10, 2021
The annual budget meeting was called to order at 4:00 by President Rich Marshall.  Board members in attendance were Matt Anderson, Jeff Thayer, Pat Gallagher (by phone), and Doug Miller.  There was a quorum of 25, 11 by confirmed e-mail and vote and 14 at the clubhouse.  The membership report shows 100 members, 12 out of area, 4 student and 2 social.  79 of the 89 carthouses are rented.
Betty Zesiger made a motion to hold a moment of silent for Bruce Holcomb.  Tim Furlong seconded.  Motion carried.  All was quite.
Art Mains made a motion the budget and financial statement be accepted and approved as presented.  Chris Barthlow seconded.  Bob Moco requested explanation of line items in income.  Bob Turner questioned labor expense increase in the budget.  Mains called for the question.  Moco continued questioning:  regarding PGA dues, grounds labor, equipment and maintenance.  Miller explained the budget was well thought out before it was presented.   Mains called for the question again.  Motion carried.
President Marshall opened the floor for nominations of 2 director positions those held by Pat Gallagher and Jeff Thayer.  Gallagher and Thayer both will accept nomination.  Moco made a motion to nominate Gallagher and Thayer.  Turner seconded.  Motion carried.  Marshall called for other nominations.  There were none.  Gallagher and Thayer were elected to continue their board positions.
Comments from the floor started with Marshall.  With the crazy year of Covid regulations he was astonished with the good results and expects 2021 to be even better.  Other comments were concerning the mobile home and costs with updating and maintenance.  Work parties will be called for the buildings and grounds and help will be appreciated, general thank you to the Board and Pro Amy.
The meeting was adjourned 4:20.

Sherrye Morrison
December 14, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:01 those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, Thayer and Gallagher via phone.  Also in attendance were Bob Moco, Janet Smith and Pro Wilson.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
Marshall reported Moco has concerns regarding posting of minutes on the web site, garbage pick-up, course condition regarding marking.
 Sherrye reported Republic service had been notified to discontinue service and will issue an $89 credit for miscommunication. Verbal communication with Jim Pence was referred to Marshall and Anderson.
Miller reported Tina Larson requested a dues refund for 2020 because of health reasons Olaf and Tina were not able to play.  At the September 2019 meeting the board authorized a $325 credit towards 2020 dues.  The Larson's were billed $705 for 2020.  Miller made a motion to reimburse Larson $705.  Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.
Anderson submitted a bill for domain name and web service for $236.31.  Approved.  Jim and Shirley Pence requested to rent the mobile home while there new house is being built starting in January 2021 for $700 per month on a month to month basis.  Anderson reported the flooring needs replaced.  Gary Denny Flooring gave him a quote for $4500 for LVT.  Anderson made a motion the Pence's may rent the mobile home as is for $700 per month on a month to month basis with the Pence's responsible for electricity and garbage.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
Anderson reported cart house # H-1 rented by Chuck Thomas has an issue with the roll-up door and ordering a new custom size door would be over $1300.  He recommends a different door be installed and Thomas given the option of moving to one of the other 9 carthouse that are open until repaired.  Referred to Anderson .  Anderson will order LED replacement bulbs for the clubhouse.
Miller reported the reels will have a spin grind and should be ready and billed by year- end, the estimated cost is $3,500.  The fertilizer has been billed and scheduled for delivery next week.  A new self- cleaning screen and filter for the pump with blue tooth monitor has been donated.  To install the new system will require about $1000 in extra parts.  Board will need to decide which type of greens sprinkler should be installed.  Tabled.  Referred to Miller.
Thayer reported the shop financial shows a net profit of $23,000.  16 players participated in the Iceberg Open and he has begun work on the 2021 schedule.
The budget was reviewed.  Anderson made a motion the tax credit monies be deposited in the money market account $6000, Equipment and Irrigation fund each to receive $3000.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
Pro Wilson reported winter green fees $180 have been deposited.  Credit on the books will either be spent or donated to junior golf before year-end.  Employee Christmas party was paid for by the shop and evaluations have been completed.
Concrete storage bunkers tabled.
Thayer reported he had talked with Angie Hoffman, CPA regarding the transition to electronic accounting.  She will do the set-up if she has the information in early January 2021 and will train on how to implement the process.  Developing the correct process and training are keys to the success of the transition according to Gallagher.  Some discussion on time line, Janet and Sherrye are both gone in January.  The plan is move forward.
Thayer made a motion to present the proposed fee schedule and budget to the certificate holders for approval.  Miller seconded.  Motion carried.
Board discussed sending a letter and estimated year-end financial  statement  along with the budget and ballot for voting on the budget and director positions to the certificate holders via e-mail.  18 certificate holders will be required for a quorum at the January 10th meeting.  Certificate holders will be allowed to vote only once either by e-mail or at the meeting.   Sending e-mail  and tracking voting were referred to Marshall.
Next scheduled meeting will be Sunday January 10, 2021 at 4:00 for the annual certificate holders budget meeting with board meeting to follow.
Meeting adjourned 6:55.

Sherrye Morrison
November 16, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:08 by President Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Miller, and Thayer and Pro Wilson.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.
A $300 donation was received from Butch and Nancy Beyerlin for the purchase of five trees on hole #5, three pines and two spruces which have been planted, mulched, and fenced.
A $6210.95 tax credit from the seconded quarter 941, employers tax, was received from the CARES employee retention program.  The monies will be split between the dedicated equipment and irrigation funds.
Anderson reported the mobile home has been winterized and the breaker will be turned off.  When gutter tape needs to be turned on power will come from the carthouses or clubhouse.  He reported the trailer needs updating with carpet, vinyl, and paint before it can be rented.  The expense needs to be researched before a decision is made to have the work done.
Miller reported eleven reels are at Western Equipment for reconditioning they plan to have this completed by year end.  The projected fertilizer order is due this week for approval and should be billed by Dec. 31.
Thayer reported the Pro Shop continues to report good profit numbers.  The profit sharing for 2020 is on schedule to be done as soon as year- end is complete.  
The membership and financial report through October was reviewed.
Marshall reported on the executive session November 4th for the evaluation of Pro Wilson.  The board gave her glory and praise saying she had exceeded expectations in every area and will continue next year.  Wilson response there is always room for improvement.
Marshall presented the letter of reprimand for the communication file.
Concrete sand storage bunkers tabled.  Safe option referred to Wilson.  Work session for accounting tabled, Thayer will meet with Angie Hoffman and set a time line and report at the next meeting.
Wilson reported carts and equipment have been winterized and fuel additive added to the tanks.
Miller reported new business for January should include surplus equipment.  Decisions and evaluation on what we use and keep versus sell or junk needs to be done and offering Pro Wilson long term contract.
Anderson spoke with Brad and Greg Fahlenkamp regarding the adjoining boundaries they have no intention of changing what now exists.
Anderson made a motion $75 bonus checks be issued to Morrison, Smith, Thayer, Williams, and Wilson.  Miller seconded.  Motion carried.  Thayer abstained.  
Marshall reported the Christmas Party has been cancelled because of Covid restrictions.  Iceberg Open will be held and the Pro Shop will be open Sunday December 6th from 12-4.
Board discussed the possibility of having a zoom Certificate Holders meeting and ballot, if restrictions are not lifted by January 10th the budget needs to be approved and the election of two board positions, Gallagher and Thayer.   A letter will go out to certificate holders as soon as the proposed budget is finalized and ready for approval explaining the board's position on the budget. 
Bill Pantages requested to redeem certificate number 176 for $500.  Miller made a motion to redeem.   Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.
The Board reviewed the budget and made recommendations to the proposed budget worksheet.   Expenses should be $178,000.  Income with a 10% increase in dues , carthouse , electricity and an additional $1000 in green fees, and $4000 Pro Shop transfer will make $178,000 balanced budget.
Next meeting will be Monday November 30 at 5:00, a workshop to finalize the budget.
Next regular meeting will be December 14th at 5:00.
Meeting  adjourned at 7:10.

Sherrye Morrison
October 19, 2020
The regular meeting was called to order by President Rich Marshall at 5:00. Those in attendance were directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller and Thayer, also attending was Bob Moco.  The minutes of the previous meeting and agenda were approved.
The property tax assessment for 2021 $480,590 was reviewed no appeal will be filed.
Miller made a motion the certificate of deposit at Columbia Bank $3,044.87, ear marked for irrigation be deposited in the money market saving account.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.
990EZ tax return has been completed and filed.  Anderson will review the depreciation schedule.
Moco requested a copy of the proposed budget be made available as soon as possible before the annual budget meeting.
Anderson reported he and Miller will winterize the mobile home.  He suggested next year if a tenant is not found the board, consider renting it as an Airbnb rental with golf package.  The clubhouse lights will be replaced with LED bulbs in the fixtures.
Miller reported on the equipment and would like the board to acknowledge and thank Gary Macdonald for helping fix the mowers.  Referred to Miller to get a card.  The Western Equipment  field maintenance representative was consulted regarding equipment maintenance and he recommends after each use the mowers are cleaned and the bearings  and joints greased. The pump needed the seals replaced for $527,  it was suspected the pump ran dry because the filter and screen were not cleaned.  Miller will begin draining the irrigation system this week and plans to put new water pipe around #9 green.  Miller suggested the board consider using temporary greens after November 15th ,  to see if our greens will recover faster in the Spring if not used in the  winter.  Tabled.   Miller would like cottonwood tree line along the ditch cleaned up.  Referred to Thayer.  Miller suggested a couple of Spruce trees be planted behind #5 green, he will talk to Beyerlin's.  
The rental carts should be winterized with additive to the fuel and new air and fuel filters before storing for the winter.  Referred to Amy.
The shop financial report was reviewed.  Thayer will do an estimated profit sharing before the evaluation meeting.
 Concrete sand storage bunkers, safe and the letter of reprimand will move to old business next meeting.
The Goldendale Golf Club Lowell Erland Scholarship Tournament was reviewed.  $3,213.50 was deposited in the scholarship fund.
The Columbia Cup is scheduled for October 24th and October 25th between The Dalles and Goldendale.
The budget and membership report were reviewed.
The raffle for the equipment fund was drawn Trish Cosner will receive $37.
Work sessions with Sherrye, Janet, Thayer, and Angie Hoffman will be scheduled for transition of accounting records.
The portable toilet should be picked up in November.
Miller will meet with the Wilbur Ellis representative to get the fertilizer ordered.
Staffing will remain until November 15th.
The board will schedule a meeting with Pro Amy on November 11th at 5:00 for evaluation and contract review.
The last cut of the fairways and rough should be 3/4 inch.
Miller presented information regarding boundaries with Fahlenkamp's and Mains.  Tabled.
Miller and Sherrye will look in the safety deposit box.
Gallagher reported he had received Tom Svendsen files from Debi.  He turned the liquor lawsuit file over to Marshall, the irrigation file over to Anderson and the water right file over to Sherrye.
The next scheduled meeting will be November 16th at 5:00.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:30.

Sherrye Morrison
September 13, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:00.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, Thayer and Pro Wilson by phone.  The minutes of the previous meeting were corrected to add the designation of Toro mowers, they are Greens, Fairway, Rough, and Verti-cutter/Roller.  The minutes were approved with addition.
Thank you notes from the Erland Scholarship recipients were presented.
President Marshall has reports of building lights being left on and encourages members to make sure they are turned off when leaving. Two items from the executive meeting will be added to the new business on the agenda.
The carthouse list was reviewed showing 9 open units available for rental if cleaned out.  Tires on some of the carts was discussed.  Pro Wilson has not seen any problems and will continue to monitor.
Pro Wilson reported the irrigation system continues to be a problem Miller is hand mowing areas because of drainage issues.   Three pieces of equipment were down but have been repaired by James. The verticutt reels had to be switched to the John Deere mower, she recommends Jason Bischoff look at the Toro verticutt/roller mower.
Thayer reported the shop financial report will be e-mailed and he is expecting a good report.  The revised event schedule has been sent out showing the dates for US Open, Kiwanis, and Erland Scholarship Tournaments.
The budget income and expense statement was reviewed showing a checking account balance $54,111.21.  Membership report shows 101 members and 12 out of area members with only $85 past due at this time.
Pro Wilson reported the kozzies and shoes are selling well.  The outdoor adventures program for juniors  is starting.  Lisa Whalley did not work out and is no longer an employee.  The year- end maintenance will be completed without hiring another person.
There were ten cats on the trailer porch on Thursday, referred to Pro Wilson to give them away.
The Erland Scholarship Tournament was discussed.  Safety of players will be a priority with social distancing in effect and precautions taking for serving the lunch and the silent auction.
Marshall thanked the men's club for repairing and remolding the bar-b-que he would like cigarette disposal containers used and not the bar-b-que.  Miller made a motion to purchase two containers for cigarette disposal.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.  Referred to Pro for purchase.
Concrete sand storage bunkers tabled.  Tree policy given to Miller and will be taken of the agenda.
Thayer recommended a safe be purchased.  Referred to Thayer to research options and costs.
Thayer recommends the club be doing financial accounting at the club using the club software and computer.  Work sessions will be scheduled with Angie Hoffman, CPA to help with the best way to accomplish this.
A letter of reprimand will be finalized signed by the board and delivered by Marshall and Miller.
Thayer made a motion the board adopt the drafted Code of Conduct as presented into the policies.  Miller seconded.  Motion carried.
Next scheduled meeting will be October 19 at 5:00. 
Meeting adjourned at 6:05.
Meeting reconvened at 6:13.
The certificate holders meeting October 4th for election of new board was discussed.  Miller made a motion this meeting should be cancelled.  New board members will be elected at the January 10, 2021 budget meeting.  Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.  Certificate holders will be notified by email or mail concerning this change.  Two positions will be up for election they are Gallagher and Thayer. 
Meeting adjourned at 6:15.

Sherrye Morrison
July 13, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:00 by President of Board Rich Marshall those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller,Thayer and Pro Wilson by phone.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.  
Rentals for Mains and Hedges/Kayser were discussed.  Consensus was rentals will be allowed if in compliances with the state mandates regarding gatherings.
A memo from John Lee was read regarding the Pete Lee Mentoring Fund CD.  It will be renewed for one year at 0.03 percent interest.  
Brad Fahlenkamp requested to join as a half year family membership this year with plans to continue his membership in 2021.  Miller made a motion the request be granted with the understanding he will pay full membership in the future.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.
Anderson reported the back storm door was damaged beyond repair and removed.  The door was repaired and no plans to replace the storm door.
Miller reported the drain project on #9 was fantastic with board volunteers working quickly to complete the project timely and members considerate, causing few disruptions.   Miller recommends the entrance be made wider so large vicheles can enter and exit safely he will move the red rock and boulders over to allow safer access.  He reported it appears valves and sprinklers are being changed by someone besides employees this will be monitored.  The gator and ATV have starter problems Bert Oswald has been contacted to look at them.  A written equipment report will be submitted later.
Thayer reported on the shop financial report and feels it is in good shape.  Inventory is turning and sales are increasing.
Anderson reported The Fiesta Tournament had 16 teams with a payout to 10 teams, this was well received.  The tournament was very well run.  The Club Championship is coming up July 18-19 and will have a Men's, Ladies, and Senior division.  Deadlines for tournament entry are making it possible to plan and proceed with organization.  The Member Guest entry form will be out next week.
The semi- annual financial report was reviewed showing income $130,215.84 and expenses $102,784.47 leaving a month end balance $49,336.97.  Budget proposal looks achievable.  Membership is 97 playing members, 10 out of area, and 4 students.  Balance due for 6 members were reported.
Pro Wilson reported JR.Camp has 25 students the last day will be July 28th.  Thanks to the volunteers for helping and Darren Hoffman for donating pizza for the year end party.  This was a very successful program.
Pro Wilson reported Austin Miranda has quit and Lisa Whalley has been hired.
Mobile home rental agreement needs to be signed ASAP.  Referred to Anderson and Wilson.
Anderson made a motion the policy amendments/additions as presented be approved.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.  Referred to Anderson and Wilson to update the policies.
The PUD bill including the mobile home was approved for payment.  The rental agreement will reflect the electric meter for 1903 North Columbus, must be in the name of the tenant.
The Erland CD matures July 19th the monies will be deposited into the Erland Savings Account showing the amount on a separate line item.
Miller suggested the tree policy be reviewed.  Tabled for next meeting.
Miller made a motion the $75 initiation fee be removed from the fee schedule.  Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.
Code of conduct and action for members was discussed.  Referred to Marshall.
Next scheduled meeting will be Sunday August 9th at 5:00.  Meeting adjourned 6:20.

Sherrrye Morrison
JUNE 15, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:01 by President Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, and Thayer and Pro Amy Wilson.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as corrected.
A letter from Sally Lemley was read consensus was when Ray Lemley retires in September he may pay prorated dues for 2020 or green fees.  He plans to be a playing member in 2021.
Anderson reported he had inspected and did a few things to get the mobile home ready for Austin Marinda to rent.  Joel Patterson is rebuilding the brick Bar-B-Que on the patio, the Men's Club will be paying for the project.
Miller reported the irrigation system had failed and was repaired by G & L Construction and Firwood Cont. for $2,180.84. It is working now but there is potential for problems again. Miller recommends a permanent support system and HDP pipe be installed in the fall for a long term fix to the problem.  Miller and Dema Thayer are installing new drains #4 now and several other places on the golf course need attention.  He is evaluating how and when to do the projects to minimize disruption to the playability of the course.  There are continuing problems with the equipment, he will be taking a bent reel from the fairway mower to Portland for repair appox $900.  Hydraulic motors have been ordered for the green roller.  
The tree replacement offered by the Beyerlin's near the #4 tee box was discussed.  Consensus was with the issues of drainage, mowing, and maintenance that is not a good placement for another tree.  Referred to Miller, to discuss this with the Beyerlin's.
Thayer reported he has very good communication with Pro Wilson and is watching the numbers and making comparisons this is a very different year because of closures and he thinks we are on the right path.  Anderson recommends the Board be thinking of a contingence plan if more closures occur and the budget falls short.  
Pro Wilson reported the Match Play tournament results, Jonas Keys was the winner, Jeff Thayer second, and Rich Holycross third.  Upcoming events are the going away party for Brandy Jensen and Kickoff Breakfast and Tournament. 
The Erland Scholarship recipients were announced they are Abby Hedges, Andrew Ihrig, Cameron Mains, Delaney Peters, and Ellie Rising they will each receive $400 scholarship.
The financial report was reviewed.  Membership report shows 98 members, with 5 of those still not confirmed.  Budget was based on 105 members.
Pro Wilson reported Nikki Hall has a new job and she will be hiring Mark Felderman to replace her and Austin Marinda has been hired to replace Brandy Jensen they will  be paid $13.50 per hour.  
Green fee play on Thursday was discussed consensus was this should be left at the Pro's discretion.
Pro Wilson presented several language changes to current policies regarding membership.  In general, this is a restructure of dues for the promotion of golf.  Board discussed proposals including a new Intermediate Resident.  Several criteria regarding age and price were discussed.  It was recommended the details of the amendments and additions be finalized and presented for action.  
Pro Wilson recommends the problems regarding irrigation be addressed efficiently and quickly areas of concern are #5, #8, and #9.  Referred to Miller to plan for materials and sod cutter.  Wilson recommends the equipment problems be addressed by having a certified Toro technician come and inspect and evaluate the current condition of equipment and recommend a maintenance schedule.  Referred  to Wilson to get a cost for evaluation.
Anderson will get a rental agreement for the mobile home to be signed by Austin Marinda.  He has paid a $200 deposit and $700 rent for June.
The party for Brandy will be a potluck on Friday June 19.  The Kickoff Breakfast will be Saturday June 20.  Board members will cook starting at 7:00 breakfast served at 7:30.  Sherrye will have food and set-up ready.
Concrete sand storage bunkers was tabled.
Miller made a motion the equipment CD for $ 4,958.24 which matures 6-21-20 be deposited in the checking account and used towards the purchase of the new rough mower.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
Miller made a motion the Erland CD for $626.76 which matures 6-18-20 be deposited in the Erland saving account.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
Miller reported Ted Wilkins will be purchasing a marker for hole #14.  Miller will arrange for the standard and concrete pad.
Miller recommends the mobile home be winterized if it will be rented in the winter months.
Miller wrote a letter of recommendation for Brandy Jensen.
Next scheduled meeting will be July 20 at 5:00.  Meeting adjourned at 7:20.

Sherrye Morrison
May 18, 2020
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 5:30 by President of the Board Rich Marshall.  Those in attendance were Directors Anderson, Gallagher, Miller, and Thayer.  Also attending was Pro Amy Wilson.  Miller made a motion the minutes of the February 17 and May 2 meetings be approved as written.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.
Mains change of rental date to Friday July 31 was approved.  Kayser rental date July 11 was cancelled.  Allison Coons rental date of July 25 will be approved after receipt of rental agreement and payments.
Anderson will check on the corner of the Pro Shop roof, it appears to be lifting. 
Miller reported the GM4300-D 44HP rough mower with approx. 1900 hours has been delivered and tested.  Purchase price was $22000.00 plus $1540.00 sales tax which has been paid in full.  He recommends the mowing height be raised to 2 inches.
Thayer reported the shop has been open for 2 weeks and is running smoothly.  Pro Wilson is doing a great job communicating with members.  The Events Schedule is ready with many tentative dates but will posted.  Match Play Tournament has 14 participants and is in progress.
Miller reported he is working on a proposal for the tree replacement, between #3 fairway and #4 tee box area.
Anderson reported the Lowell Erland Scholarship committee has selected five Goldendale High School seniors to receive scholarships and those names have been forwarded to the high school for announcement at graduation.
The membership report shows 17 members have not paid or made arrangements at this time.
Aaron Oldenberg, has  moved to Glenwood, and is requesting to pay out of area dues and keep his carthouse.  Since we have open carthouses at this time the request was approved.
Pro Wilson reported she has been in contact with KVH wellness program director and will provide golf programs to their employees and the program in general.  She has been reviewing employment applications and interviewing, she has a potential replacement for Brandy's position. Wilson has located the patio TV and will contact dish for a quote to receive the golf channel.
Marshall would like to evaluate Pro Wilson and review the employment agreement.  All board members are impressed with the excellent job she is doing and gave her high marks. Anderson made a motion the date of the agreement be extended through the 2021 season.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.  Thayer made a motion the profit sharing margin amount of $16,000 be reflected in the agreement and the profit sharing calculation.  Anderson seconded.  Motion carried.
Polices for Clubhouse use by Certificate Holders and Goldendale High School Team Events were reviewed.  Anderson made a motion these policies be adopted.  Thayer seconded.  Motion carried.
Kick-off breakfast scheduled for June 20th.  Work day scheduled in fall with date to be announced.
Mobile home tabled.
Marshall reported monies were available for the purchase of the new mower without incurring a penalty by cashing the CD, dedicated funds for equipment, early.  
A $10,000 anonymous donation for equipment fund was received.  Board discussed 501c-7 status which does not allow the donor to get a tax benefit.  Questions were raised concerning whether the charter should be changed.  Consensus was further information needed before discussion.  Tabled.
Tee box adoption referred to Wilson for recommendation.
Board approved the project for concrete sand bunkers.  Referred to Anderson and Miller.
Wilson reported the club and employees are in compliance with the Covid regulations some members are not.  She recommends if fines are incurred those members will be responsible for their fines.
The wrestling banquet was cancelled the monies will be refunded for the rental.
Miller reported with all the community events being cancelled this could be a good opportunity for promotion of the golf course.
Next scheduled meeting will be June 15 at 5:00.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30.

Sherrye Morrison